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Please have a look at my story, "Oscar Friedman's Freakish Occurence" featured now at Secondwind Publishing. Dellani

Guest Blogger - Ann Stanmore

Iam pleased to host Ann Stanmore, one of the delightful writers from Red River Writers Blog Tour. I’ll let Ann tell you a little bit about herself, because she can tell it so much better than I.

I retired from my job as a buyer for smart cards two years ago after staying an extra two years. I am now 69. I am a fun loving person and my book reflects that. It was written with the hope of brightening someone’s day. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my first book and have in fact started on a second.

I am a firm believer that every cloud may not have a silver lining but certainly has a funny side.

I have always loved books and stories and used to make up my own stories to tell my children at bedtime, something my parents did for me and that inspired my love of reading and now writing.

I lead a busy life as apart from my writing, I am a Tree Warden for the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, I am also secretary of the Social Club where I live, and also help at a teenage group for youngs…

Ann Stanmore

My Dad he was a lovely man, he always made me smile
He would take me on his bike, and for a little while

I’d sit upon his crossbar and keep my legs out wide
We’d look out for the policeman, is he coming up the side

The policeman played a great big drum in the village band
He’d bang it really hard, the drumstick in his hand

If you went out Sunday morn, he always could be seen
Banging on his big old drum on the village green

Read on and you will not fail
To hear about this little tale…………….

If the weather was fine, Dad would take me out on his pushbike. This was a real delight for me, and I would be so excited when I knew we were going out. At first we didn’t have a seat for me, so I sat on the crossbar with instructions from Dad to stick my legs out so they were away from the spokes. I understood that we were being naughty because we really should have had a seat for me, but Dad explained that there were varying degrees of naughtiness and this wasn’t one of the bad ones. However, he did tell me …

Dellani's Quote for the Week

The following is a scene from one of my crime/ romance novels. It hasn't got a proper name yet, I just called it "Chase" after the main character. I liked this exchange and wanted to share it as a sample of dialog pacing.

Tracey was very subdued the rest of the drive. Standing in front of my house, she collapsed in my arms.

"Chase, why does Ted keep doing things to me? Why can't he leave me alone?" She wailed.

"Because assholes like Ted want to win at any cost. The more vulnerable their target, the better they like it. Comes from having low self-esteem and a tiny winky." I said that with the straightest face I could.

Tracey stopped crying, staring at me incredulously. "You're not serious?"

"Compensating." I held my fingers about three inches apart.

She giggled, tossing her long, red hair over her shoulder. "And you wouldn't know anything about compensating?" She patted the Jag's sleek fender.

"Me? Nope. Th…


There is a pesky vortex in my house that takes keys. It must have a really sick sense of humor, because they are always missing. It seems most fond of mens' keys because my husband and 2 older sons can never find theirs.

Generally, the key vortex leaves mine alone. Either it can't locate them in my purse, or it's afraid of me. On the rare occasion that it does take my keys, it's because one of the males has handled them. Since it has a healthy respect for my abilities, it usually gives them back without a fight.
The same cannot be said for the keys of my husband and sons. It always takes forever for them to locate their lost keys. Until I join the hunt, the keys stay missing.

Sometimes all it takes is for me to say, "Have you looked in the pocket of your dirty jeans? Did you check your uniform? Could you have left them in the bathroom?" Other times, I must also join the hunt. The vortex always gives them back right away when I start looking. That's why I sus…