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Interview with Marta Moran-Bishop

I recently was asked by my friend, Marta Moran-Bishop, author of "Wee Three", to talk about myself on her blog. I was very pleased to have her do that for me. I decided to return the favor. Marta is a marvelously talented woman and I'm proud to call her my friend.

Dellani Oakes: When did you start writing?

Marta Moran-Bishop: I began writing when I was six. I wrote, what was probably the worst stage play ever written. It was so bad that about 10 minutes into it my mother called a halt to the performance.

D: What gave you the idea for your first book?

M: Well my first book is still sitting waiting to finish the rewrite it is called “Keeping the Upper Paw: A Cat’s Guide to Training Your Human.”

Wee Three; began after my mother had passed. I felt compelled to put everything else down, take out the verses that my grandmother had written for her children. A few of these are in Wee Three without change. I took these verses, the stories my mother had shared with me of her childh…

An Interview with Me!

Every month, I interview other authors. I decided to start a short series where I interview myself. Why, you may ask. Why not? I spoke recently to a writer's group in Holly Hill. To get the ball rolling, I typed out some interview questions that they could ask me, hoping to spark other questions. It was a lot of fun. Here are the first three questions & answers....

1. When did you start writing?

I started writing when I was very young with song lyrics and poems, moved on to short stories and eventually to plays. I continued writing plays and short stories through college. It wasn't until after I was married that I attempted my first novel. I got the idea from a game my husband & I developed for my gifted class. That was in 1988. It's still unfinished....

I didn't really have a chance to take up writing again until my youngest son started school in 2002. Since then, I've finished 6 books in the Lone Wolf series, 18 mystery/ romance, 10 romance an…

Links to My Shows

I recently was asked for links to some of my past shows on Blog Talk Radio. I was able to track down links to a lot of them, though there are more I know I'm missing. I used to not keep as good records as I do now, so the earliest ones are missing. I may be able to track them down by checking my old scripts. I'll see what I can find. Anyway, here are the ones I was able to track down. I've listed the names of the guests beside them. Dellani

Dellani's Tea Time Links: Tracy Searight-Dibert, Penny Ehrenkranz & R Jeffreys Jon Magee, Barbara Becker-Holstein & Jay Fitter Lisa Cottrell-Bentley, Marsha Diane Arnold, Crystalee Calderwood, Deb Lund, Virginia S. Grenier, Michelle Buchman.…

Something to Laugh About

Laughter truly is the best medicine. We all need something to laugh about because life is always throwing things our way. Sometimes, finding the laughter is hard, but it's so necessary. When I was going through cancer treatments last year, I made it a point to find something to laugh about every day. Even if I was only laughing at myself, I did it. It's a small goal, but not always easy to attain when you don't feel well or you're stressed. Below, I've listed a few things that make me laugh. Feel free to add your own, write a short essay, copy an excerpt from something you've written or tell about your day - finding the humor, of course.

I have several comedians that make me laugh very hard. They aren't to everyone's taste. Some are down right raunchy. Their language may not be the nicest, but they are wonderful at finding the humor in everything. Ron White, Lewis Black, Dennis Leary, George Carlin, Russell Brand, Kevin Hart. There are others…

Chance Encounter

I may have posted this short once before, I honestly can't remember. This story was inspired by my days playing Ultima Online. Wow, seems like forever ago. My youngest child was a toddler at the time.

A chance meeting, that’s all it was. A glance in passing, a look - that’s all it had taken. One penetrating flicker of her astonishingly green eyes in his direction - and he’d fallen into her. The auburn hair fell around her shoulders like flames, cascading down the back of her sapphire dress. It was fire burning in his head. Electra, his best friend’s younger sister.

He’d known her for years and watched her grow from a child to a young woman. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and he was irrevocably smitten. He was a fool, he chided himself. Nearly ten years younger, why he had shoes older than she was! But he was hopelessly, helplessly hooked.

"You’re done for, Shadow, old man." He muttered to himself. "If Augustine doesn’t kill you, Electra will do i…