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Enter the Lone Wolf

Wil VanLipsig, AKA The Lone Wolf, is the hero in my new sci-fi novel, "Lone Wolf". We interviewed him awhile back and he graciously allowed us to post his replies. (In other words, he didn't threaten to kill us if we did.) Second Wind: We're here today to talk to Wilhelm VanLipsig captain of the ship the Loup Garou. Wil, what did you do before running freight for the Mining Guild? Wilhelm VanLipsig: I was a colonel in the Galactic Marine Corps. Then I did contract work. SW: Where does the handle, The Lone Wolf, come from? Wil: I got that name serving in the Marines. I like to work alone and I'm ruthless. SW: Are you the hero of your own story? Wil: I'm the hero of every story. SW: What is your problem in the story? Wil: Some psycho son-of-a-bitch wants me dead and then he wants to take over the universe. The usual. SW: Can you tell us something else about yourself? Wil: I'm 86 years old, look like I'm 26 and I've been changed so much by the Mar…

I Need Help!! I'm Not Above Begging!

This was originally posted on my publisher's site. I really need some feedback. HELP ME HELP ME! ~ Dellani
Some of you have been following my story, “Take a Bite Outta Crime”, for the past few months. I appreciate your comments and support, thank you! When I began posting “Bite”, it wasn’t quite finished, but I had every intention of finishing it before it got this close to the wire. Well, it’s not done yet. Why? I can’t find the perfect ending.
See, I set up this story, laid the groundwork for the characters, gave them a mystery to solve, only I couldn’t ever really decide who the bad guys were or how they were going to solve the crime. That being the case, I’ve got them poised on the verge of discovery—with nothing for them to discover.
Awkward, to say the least. So, here I am at the end of what I’ve got written, but not at the end of the story. For those who haven’t read it all, or who have forgotten, here’s a quick summary.
Previously in “Take a Bite Outta Crime”: Kirk & Drea o…

What's Write for Me August 24, 2011 at 1:00 PM Eastern

My next show is Wednesday August 24 at 1:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio. Guests will be James Edwin Branch & Karen Vaughan. Below are their short bios. Enjoy and join us! ~ Dellani

James Edwin Branch

I'm an old West Texas boy, grew up in Big Spring, Texas. I have three children,and one of them still lives in Big Spring. I now make my home in South Texas. I've written 19 Novels and Novellas and will continue to write as long as there is a story to tell.
I try to write things that young people can read. I'm a strong believer that you don't have to use descriptive sex or off color language to tell a story. I should caution you though that in an action story there is always some violence.
I am an avid musician and a United States Army Vietnam Veteran. I write several different genre and probably always will. My favorite is Action/Adventure or Westerns.
My work was published by another company and is now marketed by VGR. I also can be found at several web sites.
I never…

Keeping Organized

Honestly, I'm probably the last person to tell anyone how to organize their writing life. However, I have come up with a few tricks to make it look like I'm more organized than I really am.

Since I'm a project hopper, (I move from one story to another rapidly & at random), I have to keep track of characters, time line, chapters, etc. I keep 3 small notebooks on my desk for this purpose. One has finished projects, the second has unfinished projects & the third has notes & miscellaneous other stuff I need to put my hands on quickly.

For detailed information about  my characters, I have an index card file. On these cards, I list a variety of information. (Example below)

Name:                                                                Parents' Names:
Boyfriend or girlfriend name (or spouse)     Siblings: (If any)
Children: (If any)
Family: This is like cousins, aunts, uncles.   Age:

It's Show Time!

Tomorrow is my first August show. Join me for Dellani's Tea Time at 4:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio. My guests will be Dianna Graveman, Linda Nance and GR Holton. Below are short bios of the authors. Enjoy!
GR Holton On a warm summer morning in 1962, G. R. Holton was born in a little town in Massachusetts. I am the second eldest in a family of eight children. I am happily married and living in eastern Tennessee. I took an interest in computer games to pass the time, and then one day I made a friend, Marlene Milton, on one of those online games with chat. We became great friends and after a few weeks of talking, I met her husband, Derek Milton online and we hit it off quickly. Derek is a movie director and screenwriter from Canada. He gave me a couple of his screenplays to read and I was hooked. I knew at that point I wanted to try writing. Derek was right there to help me. One night I had a dream of three teens …