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Meet T.L. Jones!

T.L. is going to be on my show Wednesday September 28th at 1:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio. She's going to read excerpts from her books, one of which she's never read in an interview before, so be sure to tune in!

T. L. Jones lives in South East Texas with her husband, Dave. They have three grown children. She is a former police officer and uses this experience to bring thrilling, believable mysteries to her readers. Along with a vivid imagination T. L. loves anything paranormal and participates when possible in paranormal investigations.
She has a passion for writing and developing intriguing characters for her books. When time and weather permits you will find her scuba diving with her husband.
T. L. is an avid reader and enjoys hearing from her readers.

Jaded Visions: Jade Hamilton is barely staying one step ahead of a ruthless killer. Paranormal visions have been a part of her life since the age of ten so she finds herself in off the wall predicaments. This time she must ke…

Meet the Authors!

I invite my author (and aspiring author) pals to post here in comments. Post a short blurb and "elevator pitch" about your books along with links on where to purchase.

I hope that those publications who are seeking submissions will also post. Maybe you can make a match with one of the authors here!

I'm going to indulge in some shameless self-promotion as well.

Dellani Oakes is a Florida author who loves to stay home and write. Her first published novel, "Indian Summer", is an historical romance set in St. Augustine, Florida in 1739. Full of spies, intrigue, unrequited love and passion, the novel is available at,, and

My second novel, "Lone Wolf" is a sci-fi adventure romance. Explore space with Wil VanLipsig and Matilda Dulac as they track down the villainous John Riley! Also available at,, and

Meet Billy Paul Craig!

I just met Billy Paul Craig on Facebook, but we seemed to click. I asked him for an interview of himself and one of his favorite characters. Welcome, Billy Paul Craig!

When did you start writing? I started writing my own stories at age six, having learned to read at four I felt I could tell better stories...
What gave you the idea for your first book? I wanted to write an adventure novel where the protagonist went up against an EVIL oil company. Who knew right?
What genre do you write?
I write pulp adventure and mystery mainly, but have made forays into sword and sorcery and horror and recently westerns as well.
What do you do to keep yourself focused? Focus? What is focus? My ex-wife swore I was ADHD because I am ALWAYS working on multiple projects.
What inspires you?
My son Jack is my greatest Inspiration.
Do you stay with one project or do you work on multiple projects? I am always working on at least a half a dozen projects at once.
What is your writing process?
I write a one or two paragrap…

"Lone Wolf" is HERE!

It’s finally here! “Lone Wolf” the long anticipated sci-fi novel by Dellani Oakes, is finally here! Join Second Wind as we welcome FOUR NEW NOVELS to our already amazing lineup!