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Salt of the Earth -- And Then Some

There are a lot of hidden dangers in our foods. We've managed to identify some of the culprits: MSG, high fructose corn syrup and transfat. But do those same label reading consumers, who carefully check carbohydrates and fats in a cup of yogurt also look at the sodium? I'd venture to guess they don't. I never used to until it became necessary for me to avoid excess salt. Looking at my pantry, I never would have thought I had so much salt in my diet. I'm not a salt user. I rarely cook with it at all. About the only foods that get added salt are potatoes and eggs. Everything else, I cook as is. We don't even keep salt on the table. If someone needs it, they have to fetch it off the back of the stove. Since that requires a hike, my family doesn't usually bother. "I'm fine," I thought. "I don't consume a lot of sodium." Then I started looking at labels. store brand yogurt 6 oz cup = 110 mg        store brand bread 1 slice= 120 mg low so…

By Appointment

Based on a short story I wrote a few weeks ago, my daughter asked me to write something else, expanding it. She gave me some great ideas, which I hope to incorporate. It's handy having a psychology major on tap. My daughter suggested adding the original story so that readers could see where he came from and where he got to. The original story, Watching Me Watching, is a mini short story that I wrote for my weekly writing group. I began By Appointment in order to expand the story and the character. 

Watching Me Watching
I sat in the cafeteria watching the people go by. They don't know I'm watching. They think I'm reading the paper and sipping my coffee. The latter I'm doing, but not the former. I people-watch, it's what I do. Other people fascinate me. I can sit and watch them for hours. People accuse me of stalking them. Not me. I'm a people watcher – that's all.
I like to watch them and speculate about their lives. That man in the fancy overcoat. Let&#…

Love, Death or Pizza - excerpt

I've said it before, I'll say it again -- I love first meetings. This story, Love, Death or Pizza is set in a small town in Nebraska. Brock Parnell just heard that a man he's hated most of his life, is dead. Tack Carmichael is the kind of man that no one particularly liked. In fact, he was so unlikable, Brock wonders who finally took the initiative to kill him.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think Brock had a pretty good motive, so they drag him in for questioning shortly after the 11:00 news. He gets grilled by two detectives, but they get nowhere. Of course not, he's innocent. So they send in the big guns -- assistant district attorney, Adrianna Hasselhoff. 

 It wasn't Bartolli and Simpson who stood across from me now. It was a really sexy brunette with a curvaceous figure and short red dress. She looked like she'd been pulled in from a night out at the country club. She also looked totally pissed at having to be there.
Did I mention she was stunningly gorgeous…

Promo Day May 19, 2012

I'm proud and excited to be participating in Promo Day this year! I hope you'll join me and all the other presenters for this amazing and FREE EVENT!!

The Workshops
The workshops all take place in the forums on the Promo Day website and are completely free to attend. In order to take part you just need to register via the website
The workshops for the 2012 event are:
How to make LinkedIn work for you with Jo Linsdell Creating Your Own Online Newspaper with Terri Main Radio interviews with Denise Turney 365 days of promotion with Sandy Lender How to create online events that help generate a Marketing Domino Effect with Karl Staib Blogging with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Book reviews with Dana Lynn Smith Time management with Anne Nordhaus-Bike Facebook with Dellani Oakes Powerful Pinterest: how to use it market yourbook with Penny Sansevieri SEO with Angela England Social media marketing with Jan Verhoeff How to sell more books with John Kremer Virtual T…