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The Ninja Tattoo Makes Its Debut!

My newest novel, The Ninja Tattoo, makes its debut from Tirgearr Publishing

Teague McMurtry thinks that the most dangerous time in his life was serving in the Army in Afghanistan. Little does he know that something far worse awaits him at home. Teague's been targeted for death by a deadly gang. The man who kills him will earn the coveted Ninja Tattoo, showing that he's attained the gang's hierarchy.
Teague must put all his training and ingenuity to the test to protect himself and the woman he loves.
  Teague sat up in bed, listening, trying to decide what had woken him. His door opened quietly, and he had his gun out, pointed at the door as his cousin stepped in, closing it behind him. "What the f***?" Teague whispered. "Are you insane?" "I knew you wouldn't shoot until you saw me," Jed said, putting a finger to his lips. "That wasn't you, was it?" "What?" The sound repeated, faint but distinct—glass tink…

The Ninja Tattoo – Dellani Oakes

The Ninja Tattoo – Dellani Oakes Look for it Sept 29, 2012 at B&N, Amazon and Tirgearr Publishing!


Speaking of cancer....I've got this on my mind today because I went for my mammogram yesterday. They tell you “Everything looks good”, but you don't get the official results for several days. The waiting sucks. Needless to say, I woke up in a bad mood today and I'm trying to shake it. THINK POSITIVE! Not easy to do after you've had cancer.

I was talking to the technician yesterday and she asked me how I discovered my lump. So I told her. I had been part of a drug study the year before and was preparing to participate in another. As part of the preliminary work-up, they did a screening mammogram. They found something. That's a very ominous sound on the phone. “It's probably nothing,” the nurse in charge of the project said. “But you need further tests to be sure.” So we had further tests.
I had cancer.
On the plus side, if there is such a thing with that diagnosis, it was a very small tumor and it was stage one. On the negative side, it was a very aggressive type o…