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Bob O'Connor Speaks!

Today we learn a little more about Bob O'Connor, author of The Return of Catesby, in this author interview. Bob is currently on tour with Walker Author Tours. Enjoy, and pick up your copy of the book at
Tell us about your book.
My book is the continuing story of Catesby – a real colored blacksmith who lived originally in Charlestown, VA as a slave to Colonel Lewis Washington, a descendant of George Washington.  In the first book Catesby struggles to find his freedom. He runs away from the operation of a blacksmith shop under a cruel owner who permanently cripples him. He flees on the Underground Railroad to Pennsylvania.

This book follows Catesby’s new adventures leading up to his teaching position at Storer College, a new school to teach newly freed blacks to become teachers. Ironically, the students’ first day in the classroom was Catesby’s first day too, because he had been taught at home by his mother. Catesby’s…

The Return of Catesby by Bob O'Connor - Excerpt

Today we have an excerpt from The Return of Catesby, by Bob O'Connor, currently on tour with Walker Author Tours. Enjoy, and pick up your copy of the book at

August 27, 1865
Today Marcia wanted to hear what happened in Washington City. She had known when I came in the house that I was disappointed. I am sure it showed on me because I was very disappointed.
I told her that I wanted to get to tell my story, but that Major General Lew Wallace had other ideas. “The government needed someone to convict. They chose Captain Wirz. He was no knight in shining armor, but my friend Allen said Captain Wirz repeatedly asked the Confederate government officials in Richmond to help him get more food and medicine. But they ignored him.”
“Catesby. I am proud that you were asked to go. It is out of your hands now. You did your best. You always do your best. That’s why I love you!”
Marcia, as usual, was right. There was nothing more I …

Rachel Rueben Rocks!

Recently, Rachel and I sat down for a chat on our monthly radio show. We never take the time to really talk about ourselves so Monday, May 13 was our day to shine. We had a wonderful time, and we even talked a little bit about our books! We didn't ask all the questions we had prepared, so we decided to share them on our blogs. These are the questions I had for Rachel. Enjoy!

When did you first realize you'd been bitten by the writing bug?

I was about 17 when I decided to take my first adult writing class. I did this because of boredom because I wasn’t learning anything interesting in school and out of sheer curiosity.

What made you decide to publish your own work?

After getting 40 rejections for my children’s book Escape of the Dodos, I got weary and decided I was through with rejections. At the time, I was writing my YA novel, Kindle, had just become wildly popular and Amazon was giving writers who published with them, a 60% royalty rate which is killer compared to the industr…

Karen Writes Murder and More!

Recently, I had Karen Vaughan on my show to talk about her work. Her newest book, Daytona Dead, just came out and is marvelous! Of course, she, Christina Giguere and I chatted about so much else, we didn't get a chance to ask one another all our important questions. We decided to turn it into a blog sharing opportunity instead! Below are her answers to my questions, as well as the excerpt she read on the air.

Karen writes murder.
Why? I always liked the C.S.I and police dramas on T.V and in books. I love the clue gathering and why is the guy dead in the first place.

What other genres might you consider?
Romantic suspense and contemporary romance are 2 areas that also interest me. I am working on a story that I want to send in to Tirrgear involving a girl a guy and a bucket list. It is a complicated relationship in that he loves her even though he is decidedly gay but really wants to fulfill one wish for her to get married as she is sick.

There is a lot of humor in your books. Shou…