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Indian Summer Revisited

The following is from my, as yet unpublished, novel - Indian Summer Revisited. I wrote this as a contemporary companion to my historical novel Indian Summer. The main characters, Malin and Carina, plan to spend the weekend with Carina's parents. Their friends Dana and Clay are with them. Though Dana knows the family well, the men have found Rosie something of a surprise.
There was a light tapping on the door. Dana peeked in. "Hi, sorry. Look, Carina, your mom is trying to get Clay to do naked yoga for his back. I swear, he just pulled a muscle last night. We got a little crazy. She wants him to work out the kinks and offered to give him a massage." "Oh, God. I knew I shouldn't have left you two alone. Keep that thought," she told Malin. "Keeping the thought, ma'am." He reclined on the bed watching her rush out. He couldn't help laughing. This house was by far the most bizarre and chaotic he had ever been in and he felt right at home. Her mother…

If I Had the Chance to Do It Over - Fun in Writing July 7, 2010

Here's another one from my Fun in Writing class. The prompt is used as the title. Once again, it was more fun to make something up. 

If I had it to do over, I suppose I'd have done it differently. At the time, it seemed okay, but upon reflection, I guess it wasn't my best decision. However, you know how they say hindsight is 20/20? Yeah. That'd be me. Not that it's a bad thing – per se – not exactly.... But I could have done better. I suppose we all kick ourselves from time to time, ruminate on the whys and wherefores of a situation, but this one really doesn't bear thinking about. I should probably start at the beginning. I was standing on Molly Henderson's porch painting her trim. I do odd jobs around the neighborhood to make some extra cash. Anyway, she invited me in for iced tea and I graciously accepted. It was well over 90° in the shade and humid. Kind of like standing in a sauna – no air moving. The cool air in the house bathed my boiling ski…

. . . Repent in Leisure October 19, 2010

This is another one pulled from the files from Fun in Writing. The prompt here was A Hasty Decision. Most of our members talk about things from their past, but I find it more fun to make something up. 

“Marry in haste, repent in leisure,” my Aunt Martha said as she fluffed my veil. “I swear, you look a treat, Sammie!” “Thanks, Auntie M,” I said, hugging her. I adjusted the wreath of flowers on my head, gazing at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess, but the veil was gorgeous. Martha was making it for me from silk flowers and lace. It was lovely. My dress was still being made, so I stood there modeling it in jeans and a T-shirt. “Just gotta ask again, Sammie. Are you sure about this boy?” “Very sure, Auntie. RJ's fantastic. You'll love him. Mama loves him.” “Well, just cause my baby sister likes somebody, don't mean I will.” “He's the best. Honest!” “Didn't you say that about what's his name? The carpenter?” I couldn't look at myself anymore. “Yeah. But I…

Red River Radio Host Fran Lewis

I'm delighted to present author and reviewer Fran Lewis. When she's not reading or writing, she's talking to other authors on Blog Talk Radio. Fran has more energy than most people half her age (which we aren't telling). She amazes me with all that she's able to do. Welcome, Fran!
What prompted you to become a show host?
A very special person named April Robins asked me if I wanted to become a guest host on a show. Never thinking that I was the actual host I accept the challenge and the offer to be a guest host. As a believe or not quiet and very reserved young child I would never think to even get up in front of an audience and read a composition without my mom sitting in the front row and sister pacing me with her hands making sure that I did not speed read the piece I was reading. April’s own show on Red River allowed authors, such as myself, to read excerpts from the titles and then discuss them with the host. This was my gateway into what has turned out to be a …

Highly Suspicious - Fun in Writing July 30, 2008

As I've said before, I attend a small writing group once a week. I'm revisiting those files and finding them just as fun as they were the first time around. This one was written from the prompt Suspicious. I'm told I have a suspicious mind. I prefer to say I have a healthy dose of cynicism with a spot of paranoia. Though it is true, I am suspicious. Crime is all around us. Every day someone gets robbed or killed and the police can't find a clue. That's why a guy like me is necessary. Bill Sussman, Private Eye. My career started in the second grade when little Myron Golden lost his marbles, twelve of them, plus an Aggy. Someone stole them from his coat pocket at recess. I found those marbles. Who but me would have thought that Vera Teigler was capable of such a heinous crime? And at such a tender age. From there, I progressed to bigger things, each case more impressive than the last. In middle school, I uncovered the gang responsible for the graffiti on the bathroom …

Meet Linda Kozar - Red River Radio Host

I would like to welcome one of Red River Radio's hosts, inspirational author, Linda Kozar. She and her co-hosts present Gate Beautiful on Blog Talk Radio.
What prompted you to become a show host?
April (Robins) contacted me out of the blue one day. Though I’m an author now, I worked for community newspapers before and was used to the interview process. I was excited at the prospect of interviewing live on air. And as it turned out, doing it on air was a whole lot more fun.
How did you decide on the subject matter for your show?
Interviewing fellow inspirational authors seemed a natural fit since I had access to them and wanted to focus on readers, fans and writers who aspire to become published authors.
How do you balance being a show host, author, artist, etc?
I’m still working on that part! Promoting the show, organizing the other hosts and putting together our script takes a lot more time than I thought it would. And yes, working off of a script gives us a reference, but we have lice…

Bad Language in Writing

So, you wanna write a book and the characters aren't all from pristine backgrounds where cursing is forbidden. Some of them are gritty, earthy, down right nasty in their way of speaking. What do you do? I have some characters who come from less than stellar backgrounds. Many are members of the military. Some are just average people who use the norm for their vocabulary. Listen to the voices around you – not all of them are “G” rated. It's not unusual for the occasional obscenity to enter their dialogue. If you're going to “keep it real”, your manuscript will need to reflect this language.
I don't mean that every other word must be the F Bomb, or some other overly colorful word. An author should be able to get the point across without that much realism. However, if a character – say, an ex-soldier in his 20s has something untoward happen, he's gonna say the F Word. Pretty much unavoidable – AND IN CHARACTER!
Don't curse just to curse. Keep the profanity for the …

Pet Peeves - Written June 11, 2008

I belong to a small, informal writing group that meets once a week. The prompt for this particular story was Pet Peeves. I could have listed all the things I find annoying, but this was more fun.The characters reflect my pet peeves in an exaggerated way.
 The therapist looked around the group steepling his fingers. Smiling ponderously he turned to the newest member. "Everyone, this is Letitia. She's joining us for the first time. Letitia, why don't you share with the group some of the things that make you angry." Letitia smiled sweetly at him. "You mean like other than smarmy psychologists with ingratiating voices and sissy mannerisms?" His smile faded slightly as he brought his hands to his lap. "Yes, other than that." "Stupid people," she said tersely. "Define stupid," a short, wiry, Hispanic youth across from her said. Letitia thought for a moment. "Stupid people, hm. Can't walk, can't talk, shouldn't breath…

Red River Radio Has a New Look!

A few months ago, I took over the Red River Radio network from founder, April Robins. I decided that we needed a bold, new look. I asked the folks who host The Art of Red River if they could help me out. The talented Mike Dubisch came up with a great new logo. Thank you, Mike!

Be sure to check out all the shows on Red River Radio. Look for Dellani's Tea Time and What's Write for Me - my shows.

We also have Speak Out America Now - political talk show by Peter J. Dawson.

The Art of Red River with hosts Mike & Carolyn Dubisch with additional support of Wade Zahares.

Another popular show is Gate Beautiful hosted by Linda Kozar, Sharon Leaf, Lynette Sewell and Lena Nelson Dooley.

Barbara Hodges has a wonderful show every third Tuesday at 7:00 PM Eastern time.

Fran Lewis pulls out all the stops when she speaks to authors every third Wednesday from 3:00 - 5:00 PM Eastern time.

We will be adding more new programs this year, including a wonderful new show with murder author, Karen …