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Letter of Complaint - Fun in Writing August 17, 2011

I'm not sure what the prompt was for this one, but I chose to do this. I had fun with it.

Dear Sir or Ma'am: I bought this thingummy a fortnight ago and the dumb thing don't work right! You're s'posed to put the whatsit into the doomaflachy thingy but it ain't going. I wiggled and jiggled it some, but that's a no go. Mum kicked it and still nuffin. I wants me money back pronto! How dare ya sell crap which don't work right? Buggers—all of ya.
Walt Simmons
Dear Mr. Simmons, We're very sorry that you had problems with our product. Could you, perhaps, be more specific as to which product you refer? This would greatly expedite our refund to you. Neville McNee Customer Complaints
Mr. McNee, Wot kind of name is Neville anyway? Don't know how much more specific I can be. It's that thingummy wot was on sale last week downtown. It sits on your desk and you're s'posed to be able to access that intranet whatchacallit wiff it. I want a proper thi…

Jo Ramsey's Back and This Time She's Brought Nail Polish and Feathers!

YA author, Jo Ramsey, has some wonderfully, insightful books on the market. Today, we're here to discuss her newest offering, Nail Polish and Feathers is about a boy who finds an affinity for the forbidden accouterments of the world of women.

Sixteen-year-old Evan Granger has no problems with being gay. Despite his mother’s objections, he wears nail polish and makeup to school and pursues his goal of becoming a professional drag queen. TV drag star Taffy Sweet gives encouragement and Evan’s cousin Holly tries to protect him, but school bullies abuse him so badly because of his sexuality and the girly way he dresses that he ends up at the hospital emergency room. After that, even his new crush, a closeted football jock named Moe Garcia, is unhappy about Evan's choice to live his life openly gay. But even in girly clothes and nail polish, Evan is a force to be reckoned with, and he soon shows the bullies—and everyone else—that beating a drag queen up does not mean the queen is bea…

The Hop Is Over!

The Fantastic Blog Hop is officially over, but we’ll be back this fall, with lots of suggestions for holiday gifts — buy books! We’ll be adding a few new faces and new books, so be sure to be looking for us.
Meanwhile, please visit our blogs, get to know our authors and follow us all. We’re always adding new things to our published work and want you to be the first to know.
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Have You Met Jessie Tyson?

Have you met author Jessie Tyson? If not, you're missing out. She's an amazing lady! She's dropped by for a short chat, so settle back in a comfy chair, sip a cup of tea and enjoy her interview. ~ Dellani

What genre do you write in?
I write fiction, with paranormal elements. Not the scary kind or the fangs for the memory romance type, just stories with a paranormal touch. 

Would you consider writing something else?
Yes, I’m leaning toward writing funny stories to help people laugh in this world quickly losing cheer.  I already know I’d add a strange colored ghost or two.

Are you a pen and paper author or do you use a computer to write?
Computer wins hands down.

The house is on fire, which do you save, your laptop or your book collection?
Neither. In any emergency, if push came to shove I’d save my cats then my lap-top.

Do you feel an affinity to any particular period of history? And do you ever use elements of it in your writing? Yes. It’s strange. I begin writing about modern…

Rachel Rueben - Fantastic Blog Hop

Our final stop for the Fantastic Blog Hop bus is Cleveland, Ohio where we bounce up and down the block in search of Rachel Rueben.

What genre do you write? Would you consider writing anything else? I generally write a bit of everything now, fiction, nonfiction, children’s, and adult books. Honestly, there’s almost nothing I won’t write!
Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold? I do both, I begin the story au natural then I begin to outline so I know when the story ends.
What do you like most about writing? I like that I can change the world and not get into trouble for it.
What do you find most difficult? I find sticking with a schedule difficult because things happen. Just this week, I discovered I needed dental surgery and that’s not going to be good. So I won’t be writing for a day or two, well, nothing coherent LOL!
What makes a good plot? Interesting characters make or break a plot. If you’re characters can’t pull it off, and move the story along, then you’ve done so…

Stephanie Hussey - Fantastic Blog Hop

Our bus has yet another stop to make - at the home of Stephanie Hussey, north of Boston.

What genre do you write? Would you consider writing anything else?
Is there a genre that has everything but the kitchen sink in it? Lol I would put my books in the paranormal/fantasy with romance section. I also have a couple of half-finished stories that are horror/thrillers.
Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold?
Both. I like to have some sort of rough outline to keep me somewhat in line but at the same time I do like to let the story unfold. The outline is there in case I hit the blank wall and need to regroup. I’d say 75% unfold and 25% outline (sorta like my laundry pile-hmmmm).
What do you like most about writing?
When I’m writing I am in that world with my characters. We have coffee and chocolate and they tell me their story and I see their world. I love telling their stories to others. It’s great fun.
What do you find most difficult?
EDITING!!! There are those who say they love …

Karina Gioertz - Fantastic Blog Hop

The Fantastic Blog Bus has crossed the border once more and zipped, zoomed and swerved its way south to Port Orange, Florida, where it stops at the home of Karina Gioertz.

What genre do you write? Women's Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, YA Romance, Thriller/Suspense, YA Fantasy, Children's Literature.
Would you consider writing anything else? Absolutely!
Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold? I usually do some initial brainstorming and write down a few notes about the general direction I want the story to go in, things I want to include, characters etc...but no, I wouldn't say that I actually outline anything. I prefer to just write and see where the story goes on it's own.
What do you like most about writing? That it gives me an excuse to daydream all I want.

What do you find most difficult? Writing the blurb. I think it's the most challenging part of writing a book.
What makes a good plot? That's a good question...not sure I know how to answer it. …

Karen Vaughan - Fantastic Blog Hop

The Fantastic Blog Hop bus magically transports itself to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where it screeches to a halt in front of Karen Vaughan's home.

What genre do you write? Would you consider writing anything else? Generally I write light mysteries known as cozies but I would consider romance or romantic suspense.
Do you outline and plan or do you let the plot unfold? I am one of those people known as a pantser—I just take the ball and run with it and let the characters tell me what’s happening.
What do you like most about writing? Knowing that it’s going to entertain someone somewhere.
What do you find most difficult? I hate editing with a passion.
What makes a good plot? Something that has a bit of grit to it but not too heavy. An exciting plot that is believable and has a lot of suspense (makes reader wonder what will happen) Strong characters help.
What is a question you'd like to be asked and never are? Answer it. What would I do for a Klondike Bar? No seriously. What wo…