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Links to Bad Fall - by Dellani Oakes

Frank Atherton left the military, thinking that he had put the stress behind him. Little did he know that he's exchanged one danger for another. His main worry, at the moment, is Ralph Penwarren, an annoying pimple of a man. Has Frank met his match with Penwarren? The older man seems full of bluster. What could he be after in his mother’s room?

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The Befuddled Apostrophe

Before I became a writer, I was an English teacher. I taught Advanced Placement (A.P.) English to ninth and eleventh graders. I did my best to hone their writing skills and teach them about literature, but the reality of it was that they retained very little of what I taught. Let's be honest, most people ignore good grammar, not caring how they express themselves—especially now. These are dark days for the English language. Regardless of what teachers try to convey in school, on TV, in movies and at home, children hear people expressing themselves poorly. A well turned phrase is meaningless. If it's not typed in 140 characters or less, they won't read it. Something that takes more than 30 seconds to read, holds no interest. Don't get me started on texting. Good spelling? It's gone by the way, as evidenced by the complete misunderstanding of how to use an apostrophe. I want to shake people until their teeth rattle. I understand the occasional typo, but consistently ma…

It's Time to Decide!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you all who participated.

Yes, my friends, it’s that time of year again. It Takes a Thief is over and I need a new book to share with you. I’ve listed short synopses of several of my novels below. Please vote for the one you’re most interested in reading.
I have one that needs a title, so leave me your ideas below. If I choose your title, you get your pick of one of my e-books!
Bad Day – Reva Kelly is a wedding planner with the top firm in the city. On the worst day of her life, she falls & breaks her ankle while at work. In a way, it’s the best thing that could have happened because she meets Dr. Hal Perrine, nephew of her boss. His uncle asked him to look in on her while she was in the emergency room. She and Hal hit it off and start dating, only to have Hal’s alarming secret come between them.
Bad Fall – Frank Atherton was a military man, until his brother-in-law is killed in a mission gone horribly wrong. He leaves the Army & heads home to small tow…

Adventures in Writing

I write a lot about writing, but I rarely write about the skills involved in the writing process. How something is written is as important as what is said. Making the message clear is paramount. This in mind, I decided to write a short series of posts on grammar.
I suppose some would call me old fashioned. I like to hear people express themselves appropriately. I grew up in a household where my sentences were corrected as I spoke. Sometimes, I couldn't even complete a sentence, because of the corrections. I did the same to my children. Not saying that it's the best approach, but I learned early how to speak properly. I also learned how to write. My father was an English professor. My mother was a teacher. I didn't have a snowball's chance of growing up without a working knowledge of English. As my father told me once, “You may not know the names for what's wrong, but you recognize the error and know how to fix it.” Then he handed me a manuscript, written by a college…

Meet the Organized and Amazing Jo Linsdell

Jo Linsdell is an author, blog tour organizer and busy mum. How she manages to find the time to do all she does, I don't know. Probably because she is organized and amazing.

Many authors, myself included, struggle with self-promotion. Most of us have no background in marketing and often have little to no budget to pay someone else for help. Jo's new book, Book Tours: Effective Online Promotion from the Comfort of Your Own Home, addresses this very problem.

Tell us a bit about your latest book Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Virtual Book Tours are a great way to create a buzz for a new release or to put life back into an older publication. In this book I take you through everything you need to know to be able to set up and carry out a successful virtual book tour. The book is divided into 4 main sections for easy navigation: 1) What is a Virtual Book Tour? 2) How to organise your own tour 3) Promoting a tour 4) Useful resourc…

A Night Out With Friends - Fun in Writing September 14, 2008

The prompt here is used as the title. Here again, I couldn't use a memory. This was much more fun. 

Half a dozen people sat around a green, cloth covered table playing cards. Some were smoking, others drank light brown alcohol from short glasses tinkling with ice. One of the women squinted past the smoke spiraling ceiling ward from the stub of a cigarette dangling from red painted lips. "I'm thinking of killing her off," she tossed down a queen of hearts. A bearded man picked it up, discarding a one eyed jack. "Why? Did she piss you off?" The others chuckled lightly as the game progressed. "No, it just has to happen for lives to move onward. She's an obstacle, a nuisance. No one likes her." They nodded agreement, six heads bobbing in unison. "So, how did you figure to do it?" A well dressed, handsome man next to her said quietly. "Stabbing," the woman replied, grinding the cigarette out. "With and antique Scottish Dubh." &…