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Salty - A New Novel by K.S. Thomas

Synopsis:  Tritonia ‘Salty’ Casavant has spent her entire life out at sea on her parents' sailboat. Raised by a marine biologist and her mother’s extended family of modern day pirates, her perception of the world isn’t exactly normal. Now a single mother herself and living alone on the boat her parents left her, she enjoys her private paradise as she cruises back and forth between the Islands of Hawaii. Everything changes when a local gang begins using her strip of ocean as a dumping ground for smuggled drugs and firearms. Soon Salty is in the middle of an all-out turf war she inadvertently started and the only way out is through Detective Finn Murphy.

Excerpt As the challenger approached, it became apparent that Chick was bringing visitors. Salty frowned as she spotted two haoles standing at the helm. Even from where she was positioned she could tell that they were cops. Given her life experience, she knew the type inside and out. Then, having written those characters a hundred t…

Sorry, Wrong Number - Fun in Writing.

I gave out the prompt for our Fun in Writing group a couple weeks ago. We were talking about being on the phone and how rude some people are, so I decided Wrong Numbers was a good one. This is what I wrote.
I've gotten a lot of wrong numbers over there years. A few of them stick out in my mind. Back when I was in college, I often slept in. My classes were later in the day – on purpose – because I often had to work late on crews for the various plays we were staging. We had only one phone and it was in the living room. I can't stand to hear a phone ring. Since it was back in the days before voice mail, some people would let the damn thing ring 10 or 15 times before hanging up. My room was in at the other end of the house, so I'd have to walk all the way out there to answer it. If one of my parents was excepting a call, they would bring the phone into my room when they left, plugging it in by my bed. I got several unwanted calls, some of them wrong numbers. One day, I was sleep…

Can I Get This Right? or The Real Deal or False Lead? by Lynette Willows

You are sitting in the light of your computer monitor, a huge stack of books, most of them recently acquired from a scoured library propped next to the desk, drinking endless cups of coffee or bottles of soda (for us Canadians, pop). How on earth was something coherent going to wind up on the page, especially after finding many of the history volumes have conflicting information? After wrestling with material for days, the pressure of getting it right and the level of caffeine in the body high enough, pen is figuratively put to paper. On the contrary, I sometimes wonder that students' bad experiences writing papers for high school doesn’t drive some them away from historical writing.

Writing history constitutes a broad set of skills which may be difficult to master but are so rewarding when your unique draft is ultimately finished. Having developed a historical timeline, writers must find a set of primary historical sources which can address the idea they have formulated. Once ag…