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Sexy Without the Sex - The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani Oakes

Grant you, this fourth excerpt is as close to sex as they get without actually going all the way. But it still falls into the Sexy Without the Sex category. Teague McMurtry has recently mustered out of the Army. He's glad to be home and pursuing his college degree and working his landscaping business. One day, completely by accident, his life takes a turn. He meets the beautiful and exciting Vivica Rambo and manages to mark himself for death--all in the same day! Boy, is he good or what? Their relationship progresses quickly, but is overshadowed by Vivica's brother Randy--the psychotic leader of a dangerous biker group. Teague doesn't realize quite how bad things are until he and Vivica are alone.
She clung to him desperately. He held her, stroking her hair, rubbing her back, talking softly. Soon, she raised her face, her lips tickling his chin. Always one to oblige a beautiful woman, he lowered his face to hers, teasing her lips with his. She opened her mouth, eating at his …

Sexy Without the Sex - Car Trouble by Dellani Oakes

The third installment in my Sexy Without the Sex. This is from Car Trouble. Kent Mason is an author who has just returned from a tri-state book tour when his car breaks down on the interstate outside Port Orange, Florida. Calliope Jacoby works for the tow truck company and comes to his rescue in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain.Kent gets home to find that his rental house has been sold in his absence. He needs a place to stay and Calliope needs a renter. He gathers his belongings and moves in with her. They can't deny the attraction they feel, even though both of them know that falling into bed so soon is risky. Calliope has just gone through a truly brutal divorce. Kent's wasn't much better, but longer ago that he has a little perspective that she doesn't.
"Not all men are bastards," I said calmly. "Some of us are actually house broken." She snuffled, that mixture of a laugh and sob again. "You would say that." "I'm bein…

Sexy Without the Sex - Fly by Night by Dellani Oakes

This is the next installment in my short series of erotic scenes that don't include sex. The romance and prelude to sex can be just as titillating as the actual act--sometimes more so. The following scene is from Fly by Night, my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel (not yet published). I think that this is, by far, one of my favorite scenes.

Elam Armitage is a paramedic as well as a hospital orderly. He meets Blythe Donovan when she's brought to the emergency room after a car accident. They feel an immediate attraction (naturally) and eventually, she invites him to her apartment. She's still mourning the death of Alec, who was killed in the war. However, she's finally coming to realize that she needs to get on with her life. Elam seems like a good man to build a future with.

They stood in Blythe's bedroom, a few feet from the bed. She wanted to tackle Elam and ravage his body, but restrained herself. She was afraid and not quite ready to commit to that next step. "Shower's …

Sexy Without the Sex - A Novel Romance

Recently, on my radio show, we were talking about scenes that are erotic without the characters actually having sex. I thought it would be fun to share some of those scenes. The following is from a story (as yet unfinished) called A Novel Romance. Lionel Pettigrew is an English professor who is a certified genius. He's got his quirks, but he's handsome, brilliant and virtually oblivious to his own appeal. He's the epitome of the absent minded professor until he meets Arista Lockhart. When his bullet train brain finally slows down enough, he realizes that she's the woman for him.
Lionel couldn't wait to get her back to his apartment. The door had barely closed when he found her in his arms and they were kissing. The urge to take her to bed was stronger, but still manageable. The main deterrent was knowing that in a few short hours, he would be facing his mother. He'd be in a more defensible position if he hadn't been to bed with Arista. His mother had a sixth s…

Sexy Without the Sex - Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

We were chatting on my radio show yesterday about how scenes that aren't full on sex can still be sexy. I thought first of this one, but then started mentally reviewing scenes from other books which also qualify. I decided to pull out my favorite Not Sex Scenes from my novels (both published and not published) to share with you. Indian Summer is my historical romance, set in Spanish controlled Florida in 1739. Gabriella Deza is the daughter of the Spanish governor. Manuel Enriques is her father's aide de campe. On her birthday, he admits to her that he's loved her a long time and wants to marry her. Gabriella is somewhat overwhelmed by this pronouncement. Like many young women of her era, she's completely ignorant of the ways between men and women. She has many questions and fears. Though they are closely chaperoned, Manuel and Gabriella finally get a few precious minutes alone.
Manuel could tell there was something on my mind, but he waited for me to bring it up in my o…