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Meet Vella Day!

One of my guests on What's Write for Me on June 25, is Vella Day. I had the great good fortune to meet Vella at DitterCon in Orlando in January. She's a fun lady to know. Here's a little about Vella!

Not only do I love to read, write, and dream, I'm an extrovert. I enjoy being 
around people and am always trying to understand what makes them tick. Not 
only must my books have a happily ever after, I need characters I can relate to. 
My men are wonderful, dynamic, smart, strong, and the best lovers in the world 
(of course). You'll find me most days on my chaise lounge with my laptop and my iced  tea(unsweetened!) on the side table. I love to sleep in late and write into the wee  hours. I also love FB, so you'll find me on there, too! I believe I am the luckiest woman. I do what I love and I have a wonderful,  supportive husband, who happens to be hot! Fun facts about me (1) I'm a math nerd who loves spreadsheets. Give me numbers and I'll find a  pattern. (2) I'…

Sexy Without the Sex - Call Me by Dellani Oakes

This excerpt is from a story called Call Me (not yet published). Moira Crane teaches high school English. She has a strict no phone policy in her classroom and even makes the students put their phones in a special bin at the beginning of class. One day, her phone rings during class, so she adds her phone to the bin. When the students leave, she finds her phone is missing. Upset and frustrated, she goes to the police to report the theft. While she's there, she meets Detective Rhys Fletcher. Rhys and Moira hit it off and he asks her to dinner, which goes remarkably well. The next night, he invites her to a special Christmas event on beachside. After the Light Up Flagler event ends, they walk back to his car, which is parked a few blocks from the beach.
Police officers on bikes road up and down the street making sure that no one was too drunk to drive home. They all knew Rhys and everyone stopped to say hello. They were obviously curious to meet Moira. He proudly introduced her to them…

Monday Blog - Dellani Oakes

I was asked by the amazing and talented Marta Moran Bishop to participate in the My Writing Process Blog Tour. I have also shared this opportunity with a few friends. Their answers will appear on their blogs Monday, June 30th.

What are you working on?

Right now, I am concentrating on finishing up some older novels before moving on to something new. I have so many unfinished works that hover on the edge of being finished, I'd like to complete a few. So far, I've finished two and I feel pretty good about that.

How does your work differ from those in your genre?

I write predominantly romance. I have historical romance - Indian Summer, as well as futuristic (sci-fi) romance Lone Wolf and Shakazhan. I also write romantic suspense and have one contemporary - The Ninja Tattoo and one retro - Under the Western Sky.

That being said, how am I different? I don't write to a formula. You won't see my characters fight throughout the book, only to make up and declare their love mome…

Sexy Without the Sex - A Bride for Brodie (part 2) by Dellani Oakes

A Bride for Brodie has a lot of really fun, sexy scenes between Brodie and Cassandra, because they don't immediately hop into bed. She has a lot of issues, not the least of which is her ex-fiance was a total jerk. The first part took place the night they met. This scene takes place the following day. Brodie made kind of an ass of himself the night before. He didn't mean to, but Cassandra sent very mixed messages and he couldn't really be responsible for picking up on the more obvious, I want you ones, because that's what he wants too.

The next morning I was a little disappointed to find that the elevator not only arrived on time, but it didn't have Cassandra Tillerman in it. As angry as she'd made me the day before, she'd more than made up for it last night. I couldn't help wondering how I was going to look her in the eye the next time I saw her, because I was going to be really distracted by the warm, sensual memories of our encounter in my living room. M…

Sexy Without the Sex - A Bride for Brodie (part 1) by Dellani Oakes

A Bride for Brodie is one of my favorite books. I was going to share it on my site, but somehow, the ending disappeared. One day, I'll finish it--again--for now, I'll enjoy what there is of it. Malcolm Brodie (call him Brodie) is an up and coming architect in a big city. He's recently ended a very destructive relationship and trying to get his mojo back, but is finding it hard. He's a player to end all, in fact, a friend teases him that there's a club and the only requisite is having been to bed with Malcolm Brodie. Done with that aspect of his life, he's looking for something more, but doesn't find the right woman until Cassandra Tillerman storms into his life.
Their first meeting doesn't go well. In fact, she gives him a good ten minute rant, publicly eviscerating him. Although he's furious, Brodie can't stop looking at the way her breasts jiggle when she gestures at him, or the curve of her perfect lips as she rips him a new one. Later, realizi…

Sexy Without the Sex - Bad Day by Dellani Oakes

Reva Kelly is an up and coming wedding planner. She's the number one planner for Perrine Wedding Planners and a favorite of the owner, Jacob Perrine. When she falls and breaks her ankle one day, he has his "personal physician", his nephew, Hal, check on her at the hospital.

Hal Perrine and Reva are immediately attracted to one another and it's all they can do not to hop right into bed. The desire is there, but they both realize that it's a bad idea, for a variety of reasons. However, that doesn't stop them from getting cozy. Hal takes Reva to dinner with his friends, Morgan and Tanya, at his favorite restaurant, where she meets members of her favorite band. The frontman, Cullen, hits on her.

Hal came back from the restroom to see Cullen leap back on stage. "Was he making a pass at you?" he asked Reva. "Just a pass?" Morgan scoffed. "Cullen never makes a pass, he makes an entire offensive play looking to score. He doesn't know what a p…