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I Love Dialogue Set for Love - Excerpt 1

Set for Love (not yet published) takes place in a city of my own imagination, somewhere up north. Bern Cortland is a South Mississippi boy in the harsh, frozen wastelands of the big city. He's taken a job as the technical director at an up and coming theatre there. Bern's had an on again/ off again relationship with one of the actresses in the show. The night before, they had a great time—until Paige got angry and threw him out. Today, she ripped into him when he was helping the director run lines. To calm down, he decides to go jogging in the park, only to get jumped by a mugger. One of the cops thinks Bern is the mugger and doesn't pay attention until his partner spots the fact that Bern is bleeding.
Bern looked down and realized for the first time that the palm of his hand was laid open nearly to the bone. There was a substantial puddle of blood by his shoe, dripping on his pants and work boots. Bern staggered, understanding why he was so tired. Cop Two took a first aid …

I Love Dialogue The Experiment - Excerpt 2

From The Experiment (Not yet published) Maggie Simmons is failing her freshman level psychology class (she put it off until her senior year). If she fails, she'll have to be in school and extra semester. So when her professor tells her she can earn a perfect score simply for participating in an experiment, she jumps at the chance. Little does she know that for this experiment, she'll be married for six weeks to a total stranger. When she meets Jaeger Jeffreys, the idea of being his wife isn't so bad. This is from their first date, sponsored by the people running the Experiment. All the couples are there.
"I'm glad to see you're not a vegan," he said as he cut into his steak. "I dated a girl for awhile, only to find out she didn't eat meat. Considering she didn't share that fact with me when I invited her to dinner at the steak house, it was somewhat. . . ." "Humiliating?" He winked, pointing his fork at her. "Bingo. I enjoyed…

Meet Miriam Pia

When did you start writing? Miriam Pia started writing an early age (but not "prematurely") and was strongly encouraged by her mother to write every day. She was an avid reader as a child. A one act play emerged in elementary school and she is one of those teens published in the school magazine the Senior year of high school. Due to her compliant, but friendly temperament, and having an education-oriented family, she flourished in academic settings throughout her childhood and well into her 20s. So much so, that she had thought her day job would be in education - but hoped to teach adults in universities rather than children. What’s the strangest thing that’s inspired one of your stories? That does not compute. That is not what happened. I read a lot as a child. Sometimes I did express my emotions in my fiction, but that is not even always what was going on. Have you ever based a character on someone you know? No. Not in anything published. No, but yes in that there have been cha…

Sexy Without the Sex - New at Love

Last week, I shared a short excerpt from this novel for I Love Dialogue. This picks up after that scene. Amanda and Derrick go out for dinner and have an encounter with Jason, the boy who threatened her at school. Jason and his friends jump Derrick, who takes care of it with casual grace and ease. After a romantic dinner, at a different restaurant, they end up back at her apartment, where her cat, Muse, greets them.
Derrick led her to the couch as she launched into a story about her cat. He waited patiently for her to finish, then put one finger on her lips as she started to say something else. "Mandy, love, much as I like cats, I don't really want to talk about them. Point of fact, I don't especially want to talk at all." His lips brushed hers once more. She had enjoyed his first kisses, soft and sultry as they were. This kiss took her breath away. He'd been holding something back before, that he suddenly released. Had she been standing, she'd have gone weak in…

The Unfit Author Week 4 Beginning March 9, 2015

This week has been somewhat patchy at best. I've had a lot of interruptions in my day, so I haven't done as well. I maintained my weight, though it did go down an ounce or two, it wasn't appreciable. At least it hasn't gone up, for which I'm grateful. I know that one can reach a plateau, so I'm really not sweating that. I'm going to be as consistent as I can.
Monday, March 9, 2015 Today was a show day, so my time was broken up and not at all consistent. I spent time preparing for the show and stressing over it, somewhat. Even after 6 years of doing them, I still get nervous. Most of that is because Blog Talk is schizo and isn't always cooperative. I did get a little time in midday and in the evening, but not as much as I wanted, or needed.
Below are the songs I danced to 3/9/15: Duration Song & Artist Time 4:40 Deeper Well – Wailin' Jennys 1:13 PM 3:16 Devil in Me – Jamie Commons 2:30 3:31 Rumble and Sway – Jamie Commons 2:34 (I did 2 in a …

I Love Dialogue! New at Love

Amanda Bitterson is a substitute teacher. In her early twenties, she sometimes finds it daunting to teach at the high school. Today made all her fears come true. She was challenged and groped by a large boy, but fortunately, someone intervened before it got serious. Derrick Butler is a guest teacher visiting from Australia. He helps Amanda by escorting the trouble maker to the office. Later, he invites her for coffee and after, dinner. They make a date for 6:00, but Amanda can't keep her mind on anything because she's thinking about Derrick.
Picking up the phone on an impulse, Amanda called Derrick. "I had an idea," she said right after he answered. "Have you seen much of the sights?" "Besides the beach? Not much, and very little of that. Too bloody cold to surf. Why?" "If you aren't busy at the moment, would you like to sight see a bit before dinner?" "You volunteering to be a tour guide, then?" "Absolutely." "I…