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I Love Dialogue - Car Trouble

Kent Mason is an author of some modest fame. He was on his way home from a three state book signing tour when his new car broke down on the side of the road and he had to be rescued by Calliope Jacoby, who co-owns a towing company with her brother. They become involved and go out of town for a weekend, only to rush home because her home has been vandalized. At the police station, Kent has to use the restroom
I've long wondered why men's restrooms are set up the way they are. Women have privacy, but we're expected to yank it out and take a whiz no matter who's around. It's always made me nervous. There's always this sick impulse to check the other guy's junk, but you look like a perv if you do that. Not that I'm embarrassed about what I'm packing, far from it. I just don't particularly like to be stared at, especially with my fly down. Then there's the problem of where to look. Do I look down at myself? That looks like I'm not sure I can ta…

Unfit Author Week of June 22 - 28, 2015

Below are the songs I danced to 6/22/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 3:23 Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band 1:18 PM 20:00 Stretched 3:33 – 3:53 23:23
Below are the songs I danced to 6/23/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 4:23 Upright – Revivalists 6:56 PM 3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 9:32 8:01
Below are the songs I danced to 6/24/2015: I guess I didn't dance today, nor do I have any notes. Not sure what happened?
Below are the songs I danced to 6/25/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 3:11 Lay Em Down – NeedtoBreathe 11:58 AM 3:18 String of Pearls – Glenn Miller 1:20 PM 4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 10:12 PM 10:42
Below are the songs I danced to 6/26/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 5:55 Criminal – Revivalists 11:13 AM 3:52 It's All Over – Dan Skinner 12:24 PM 4:33 Zion – Fluke 1:30 3:32 Brother – NeedtoBreathe 2:42 3:47 Save Yourself – Stabbing Westward 3:58
Below are the songs I danced to 6/27/2015: Duration Song…

I Love Dialogue Full Measure - Again

Ralan and Daphne finally meet and are immediately attracted. So much so, they give in to their passions without thinking. Ralan realizes, too late, that being with her could compromise his case, but he finds it hard to care. He also realizes he must tell his Captain, Jeff Givens, what's happened.
Givens and Ralan went to the Captain's office. One of the office assistants brought in coffee and a platter of bagels, donuts and pastries. Ralan thanked her, Givens more or less ignored her, though he nodded slightly in her direction as she served him. "So, who do you think these schmucks are?" "No idea. I'm not even sure who all the players are, Jeff." "Then we need to find out asap. I can't have my best agent looking over his shoulder." "I always look over my shoulder." He sipped his coffee and took a cherry danish. "I meant more than usual. Being paranoid's kept you alive a long time. You sure no one followed you to Ian's?&quo…

Unfit Author June 15 - 21, 2015

I did great at the beginning of the week, but as of Wednesday, sort of lost momentum. It's been very hot and I haven't been feeling all that well. Though it is cooler in my office with the furniture change (I moved my tower out of the corner) it still gets very hot back here. I don't feel quite so bad about myself if I get some stretching in.
Below are the songs I danced to 6/15/15: I did a lot better today. I really blew the last week to hell, so I started with more enthusiasm. Duration Song and Artist Time 3:13 How You Like Me Now – The Heavy 11:32 AM 2:48 Breaking Down the Borders – Miracle of Sound 12:11 PM 3:56 Deep Inside – Incubus 1:36 2:47 Smiling Face – James Taylor 5:24 6:14 Most People Never Hear Real Music – Zach Deputy 7:50 3:00 White Rabbit – Grace Potter 9:02 3:28 Highway to Hell – AC/DC 10:19 3:55 Jordan – Buckethead 11:25 20:00 Stretch 1:00 – 1:20 AM 48:01
Below are the songs I danced to 6/16/15: Duration Song and Artist Time 5…

I Love Dialogue Set for Love - Excerpt 2

Set for Love (not yet published) takes place in a city of my own imagination, somewhere up north. Bern Cortland is a South Mississippi boy in the harsh, frozen wastelands of the big city. He's taken a job as the technical director at an up and coming theatre there. Bern's had an on again/ off again relationship with one of the actresses in the show. The night before, they had a great time—until Paige got angry and threw him out. Today, she ripped into him when he was helping the director run lines. To calm down, he decides to go jogging in the park, only to get jumped by a mugger. One of the cops thinks Bern is the mugger and doesn't pay attention until his partner spots the fact that Bern is bleeding. At the hospital, Bern hits on the nurse, Norah, and talks to his buddy Colt, who is there to pick him up
"Girlfriend trouble?" Norah asked as she moved around the cubicle. "Cutie, I need you to leave for a few. Got to take out the IV." Colt nodded and left. …

The Unfit Author June 8 - 14, 2015

Below are the songs I danced to 6/8/15: Duration Song and Artist Time 9:52 # 41 Dave Matthews Band 11;55 AM 5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 1:00 PM 5:10 Roll the Bones – Shaky Groves 2:19 5:35 Wake Up – Arcade Fire 10:50 25:51
Below are the songs I danced to 6/9/15: Honestly not sure what was up with today. I'm really not sure why there is such a big gap in time. I had a doctor's appointment, but that didn't take up the entire day. Really not sure. As you'll see, I did some of my dancing after midnight. As before, if I dance before I sleep, it counts on that day, regardless of the time. I see that I did two songs in a row, that's because I like them both so much and they are back to back on my playlist.
Duration Song and Artist Time 3:51 Fuck You – Cee Lo Green 11:04 AM 4:30 Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars 12:00 PM 3:51 It's All Over – Dan Skinner 12:oo AM 5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 12:18 17:36
Below are the songs I danced to 6/10/15: Well, I…