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The Unfit Author - July 13 - 19, 2015

Below are the songs I danced to 7/13/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 5:43 Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple 12:12 PM 3:36 Washed by the Water – Need2Breathe 1:47 9:19
Below are the songs I danced to 7/14/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 4:00 Give Up – Claws 10:37 AM 7:16 The Balvenie – Josh Turner 11:25 5:48 Love of my Life – Santana 10:38 PM 17:04
Below are the songs I danced to 7/15/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time Writing Group today. I came home too tired to dance.
Below are the songs I danced to 7/16/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 3:32 Brother – Need2Breathe 10:54 AM 3:56 Love Me Again – John Neuman 10:58 4:13 Ballroom Thieves – Vampire 11:37 3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 1:15 PM 3:13 Rumble and Sway – Jamie N Commons 5:04 15:00 Stretched 10:46 32:52
Below are the songs I danced to 7/17/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 3:58 Freedom – Anthony Hamilton 11:06 PM 4:23 Don't You Forget – Simple Minds 12:01 8:21
Below a…

I Love Dialogue from How Far is Heaven?

Hal Garrow is a struggling musician. He meets Maeve Tierney quite by accident one day, and they hit it off. Their first date is coffee, followed by sandwiches. This is their second date, at a local restaurant where his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie, works. Stephanie is an unusual woman, very up front, boiserous and just shy of crazy.
Stephanie brought their food a few minutes later. The tray was full and she balanced it like a pro. Maeve couldn't help noticing and asked how long she'd been working as a waitress. "Oh, I've waited tables since I was a kid," she answered blithely. "My folks have a restaurant that caters to a very trendy crowd. I used to sing and wait tables, all of us did. I have six siblings," she explained to Maeve. "Hal met my nutty family last Christmas. Crazy as loons, all of them." "But fun," Hal added, cutting her off before she got too into her tale. "In a totally chaotic fashion." Her family was pretty nuts a…

The Unfit Author - July 6 - July 12, 2015

Below are the songs I danced to 7/6/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 4:50 Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars 4:08 3:57 Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band 5:28 3:40 Another One Bites the Dust – Queen 6:34 11:47
Below are the songs I danced to 7/7/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 6:33 Dug in Deep – Atomic Sherpas 12:57 PM 20:00 Stretched 9:07 26:33
Below are the songs I danced to 7/8/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 3:10 Don't Wanna Fight – Alabama Shakes 11:18 AM
Below are the songs I danced to 7/9/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 6:00 Sco's Cover – Atomic Sherpas 11:28 AM 3:30 Kiss – Tom Jones 3:52 PM 9:30
Below are the songs I danced to 7/10/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 4:55 Number Nine – Moon Hooch 11:12 AM 3:03 Clackin' Heels – He's My Brother, She's My Sister 12:35 PM 4:18 On Your Way down – Theresa Anderson 1:37 6:47 Library – Stop Light Observations 2:10 6:06 Every Minute – JJ Grey and Mofro 5:07 20:0…

I Love Dialogue! Call Me - excerpt 3

Rhys Fletcher is a police detective who finds himself in a fix. He's in charge of a simple case, the theft of a cell phone. Unfortunately, it blossoms into something more rather unexpectedly. He's no longer investigating a theft, now it's multiple homicide. The prime suspect? His girlfriend, Moira. This scene takes place before their lives go to hell. It is the night of their second date, the beachside festival lighting the city Christmas lights.
Finally ready, she went into the living room. Rhys had made himself comfortable on her couch, a book in his hands. He marked the place with his finger as he stood. "You look stunning. Red is decidedly your color." He pulled her close to kiss her. "You shrank." "Two inch heel rather than four." "Ooh. I knew I wasn't that blind. Like the shoes!" He knelt at her feet, touching the dark red suede. He ran his fingers up the side, fondling the bow at the back, moving slowly across the sole before …

Unfit Author - June 29 - July 5, 2015

I've missed posting this a week or so. I lost track of how many posts ahead I'd scheduled, and I was behind on my typing. No excuse, really, but you'll be glad to know that I forgot to type it up because I was writing. I finished a couple old books I had kicking around, and began and finished a new one as well!

Below are the songs I danced to 6/29/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 20:00 Stretched Didn't record time
Below are the songs I danced to 6/30/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 4:36 Corazon Espinado – Santana 11:39 AM 3:50 Fuck You – Cee Lo Green 12:49 PM 3:13 Rumble & Sway – Jamie N Commons 2:46 3:26 Batuka – Santana 3:48 3:09 Jungle – Jamie N Commons 10:46 17:34
Below are the songs I danced to 7/1/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time 20:00 Stretched 10:58 – 11:18 PM
Below are the songs I danced to 7/2/2015: Duration Song and Artist Time Felt like forever! Walked in the heat on DSC campus with my son. 4:26 Jingo – Sa…

I Love Dialogue! Call Me - Excerpt 2

Moira Crane is an English teacher at the high school. Shortly after her phone is stolen, she finds herself embroiled in a nightmarish reality. She's been accused of murdering her five close friends, other teachers with whom she worked. Unfortunately, the detective in charge of the case has been dating Moira.
His boss, Lieutenant Ritchie joined Rhys in the hallway. "My office." Rhys followed his lieutenant to the large, glassed in room. Ritchie closed the vertical blinds before rounding on his detective. "You'll recuse yourself immediately, Detective Fletcher." "I can do this, sir. This is my case." "Now it's someone else's. If you're in charge, the DA can kiss it goodbye. Chain of evidence is tainted. You don't want me to remove you. That would get ugly." "I didn't do anything wrong." "You're shtupping the prime suspect in this case." "We're not having sex, sir. And when I asked her out, she …

I Love Dialogue - Katie B.

This story hasn't got a proper title, but its working title is Katie B. after the main character (real name Kathleen Bonaparte) The following are the first 2 pages of the story. I not only like the dialogue, I like the narrative. Within the first 30 seconds of writing this book, I absolutely loved Katie. She totally nailed this scene.
Candlelight cast a flickering, golden glow over white table tops. China, crystal, real silverware, graced the tablecloth. Jon and I sat in blissful silence, listening to live chamber music as we waited for our meal. Closing my eyes, I let my senses catch up. This was far too much—overwhelming, but Jon had insisted. Our anniversary should be special. The commemoration of our first date was something he usually forgot. I was thrilled this year that he remembered. I always do, but for the last four years, he's treated it like no big thing. Of course, our circumstances were far different then. Both poor college students, living on a tight budget, we co…