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Announcing One Night in Daytona Beach by Dellani Oakes

It's finally here! The long anticipated (at least for me) One Night inDaytona Beach, #17 in the City Nights Series from TirgearrPublishing, is Available Now! Grab your copy while it's still only .99 cents! When I first heard of the City Night Series, I was intrigued. The parameters of 24 hour time frame and erotic romance, were somewhat daunting as I usually extend my stories over longer periods of time. However, I saw it as a challenge. However, I couldn't think of a city, that I had knowledge of, which could be in any way interesting. I've lived a lot of places, and visited more, but somehow I didn't think that One Night in Lubbock, Texas sounded quite as enticing as I might like. And then Troy Lambert wrote about Boise, Idaho and I knew that I could do it. Thank you, Troy! My own city, in the Daytona area, isn't very large or exciting, though it is in the story. In fact, a very important facet of the plot takes place here in sunny old Edgewater. And yes, we re…

I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 4

Matteo, the fourth of Fiona's co-stars, has caused some trouble. He vandalizes the apartment that he and Cole were sharing, so Cole is staying in Fiona's spare room.
Cole tapped on my door the next morning, right before my alarm went off. We had all planned to go do some sight seeing today. I really wanted to sleep in, but this was our first real opportunity to get to know the place which would be our home for the next six months or so. If we were lucky, it would be our home for years. I liked it here. It was a small city, picturesque, it bustled along at its own pace, not too fast, nor too slow. The beach was nicer than it was up in Daytona, and the people we'd met were friendly. They were excited to have movie people around, provided we didn't interrupt the ebb and flow of city life. Cole knocked again, jiggling the doorknob. “You awake?” “Yeah. . . .” I groaned, rolling on my back with one hand over my eyes. “Wake up, Sunshine, Open up your sleepy eyes for me!” he san…

I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 3

Although they've been filming on the beach all week, Fiona and her three friends decide to spend time at the beach for fun. Growing up on the coast of North Carolina, Fiona needs the beach, just as Dechlan does. It's not easy on a girl when she's surrounded by the three sexiest men on the beach!
I watched the men with hungry eyes. They were all so handsome and well built, I couldn't keep my eyes off them. And what is there about hot, sexy, wet men that just drops a girl's defenses to absolutely nothing? I was eye humping the hell out of all of them, remembering details about seeing two of them naked. I could only imagine with Hugo, but based on what his wet, clinging board shorts revealed, it was equally as luscious as the other two. I made myself stop looking, but it was so hard. They'd taken their skim boards to the water and were riding the shallows. Hugo wasn't very good, so Dechlan was giving him pointers. Cole wasn't bad, but Dechlan, who'd gro…

I Love Dialogue - Extra! From Conduct Unbecoming

I've mentioned these scenes a couple times recently, and I thought I'd share them. They aren't something I want to share over the air, but these are fun scenes. 
Caution: Contains Guy Humor. If you are easily offended, do us both a favor, and don't read it.
From Page 36
"Did you miss the part where we were shot at?" Teague asked. "Wasn't cops did that," Joel countered. "Look, I know we're small town, but she's safer with us than here, isn't she?" "No one knows she's here," Teague countered. "But she's known to be with you and Jasper. 'Cause I know he rode in like Fucking Tonto to save the day, flashing his badge." "The shooter was long gone," Jasper said. "Maybe, maybe not. Point is anyone with a laptop and the right access codes could find you. Your homes have been compromised." "I hate to say he's right," Jasper grunted. "So, where do we go? Your place?" &q…

I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 2

Fiona's character, Lexi, is a bit of a slut. Within the first four episodes, Lexi has sex with all four of her co-stars. Her scene with Dechlan goes well, then she has her scene with Cole. It doesn't go quite as smoothly, leaving him in a rather disturbed state. Fiona isn't much better. It wouldn't have been so difficult if she weren't interested in her co-stars romantically.
By some miracle, we got a satisfactory scene shot and Don decided to call it a day. Cole escaped as soon as possible and I wished I could. I could tell the Mongoose was going to get a workout tonight! Once I was changed and ready to go home, the guys met me by the car. We piled in and the driver headed to our condo. “I promised to take you out drinking and dancing,” Dechlan said. “It's Friday, we can cut loose.” “I don't want to go out-out,” I said, confusing them all. “Downstairs to the lounge, so no one has to drive. We all going?” Dechlan looked at the other men, nodding somewhat resi…

I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe

Fiona Cartwright is an actress with her first TV series. From North Carolina, she is getting used to Florida, where the show is filming. She has four handsome male co-stars, and has a bit of a crush on three of them—most especially Australian actor, Dechlan Albright. She and the guys are out for the night and she's taking turns dancing with them.
The band had switched to a mellower, bluesy sound and they were playing a favorite song of mine. All three men stood up, but Dechlan was the least drunk and the best dancer, so I dragged him back out. Hugo and Cole didn't seem to mind. They continued to discuss their production companies. “Good tune,” Dechlan said, pulling me close. “Midnight in Harlem. I love this song.” He hummed along with the keyboards before the vocals started. As the frontman began to sing, Dechlan crooned along with him. Dechlan is an old style actor. By that, I mean he can sing, dance and act—sort of like Fred Astaire, if Fred were six foot three and a half inch…

J.P. Lane: I've got my marching orders

J.P. Lane: I've got my marching orders: I love animals, I always have and it saddens me that three of my four favorite animals in the wild are under threat of extinction because of...