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Sexy Without the Sex from A Study of Love

Evie felt tears gather in her eyes. One dropped to her cheek. Before she could wipe it away, Tim caught it on his thumb. Bringing it to his lips, he licked it with a flick of his tongue. Breath caught in Evie's throat, making her gasp. It was the singularly sweetest, and sexiest, thing a man had ever done. "I sure hope the divorce is final soon," Evie gasped. "Because I can't wait months." "Did you mean to say that aloud?" Tim leaned close, gazing into her eyes. "No. Kinda slipped out all on its own." Tim took her hand, brushing the palm with his thumb. "Believe me, I want it settled, too. Not just because I'm attracted to you. I want to see where this goes. I really like you, Evie." "Me too." "Since the second your hand caught in the door, I've wanted to—" he raised her hand to his lips, kissing it so gently, she almost didn't feel it. However, the thrill that ran down her spine was certainly convinci…

Authors are Sadists by Dellani Oakes

All authors are sadists. It's a fact, we have to be. It's really not our fault. Stories need action, they need conflict, how better to provide that than to hurl our characters into some difficult situation and watch them claw their way back out? Hardly seems sporting, does it? I suppose we could blame our readers, right? I mean, if the book hasn't got at least one good argument or a brawl, they feel cheated. If they feel cheated, they won't buy our books. If they don't buy, we don't make money – so, conflict, drama, hardship, pain, anguish, suffering – ensue. Yes, blame it on the readers. It seems really mean to create these characters only to watch them suffer. We make them fall in love with the wrong person who breaks their hearts. We kill off their loved ones and chase off their dogs. We leave them hanging from cliffs, flip over their cars and have them attacked by psycho killers, rabid dogs or murderous biker gangs. That's okay, I blame the readers for th…

Red River Radio Network Presents Mark David, Maria and Dan

Wednesday,August 24 at 4:00 PM EDT (3 CDT, 2 MDT, 1 PDT), Dellani and Christina welcome back two guests and greet a new one.
Distinguished as being one of Dellani's first guests, we are pleased to have Mark David Gerson on the show again. He is the author of Sara's Year, Moonquest Series, Acts of Surrender, Birthing Your Book and many more. Mark will join us from 4:00 – 5:00

Also returning is Maria DeVivo , author of Coal Elf and The Rise of Sturd. Maria will join us 5:00 – 6:00

New to the show is Dan O'Brien, author of Sixth Prime, Lauren Westlake Mystery series, Society of Dawn series and many more. Dan will talk with us and the others from 4:00 – 6:00.

Join us in chatting with these three amazing guests LIVE or via PODCAST at your convenience.

I Love Dialogue from Kara

Kara and Jason have known one another for years, but just started dating recently. For fun, they decide to go to the beach. While there, Kara sees her gay friend, Adam, who is a lifeguard. He insists on catching up, so they take a short stroll down the beach.

"Kara?" Jason called after her. She didn't realize they had walked quite so far from him, giggling like a couple little kids. "He's gonna murder me. Run to him, like the wind!" Adam pushed her away. Kara lost her balance, arms flailing, nearly falling down. Adam caught her, setting her on her feet as Jason ran up. "Sorry, sometimes I forget how strong I am and how delicate she is. I really wasn't going to hurt her. I swear." Jason gave Adam a funny look. "It's cool, dude. Kara, you want a drink?" "Yeah, I'd love one. Crap, that's the one thing we forgot." "It's okay, I'm going down to the vendor. Do you need help with your sunscreen?" "I'l…

The Author's Memory Bank by Dellani Oakes

Authors look at life from a unique angle. What seems like a regular day to anyone else, presents opportunities to an author. Each event stays in our memory banks, waiting to be used for a short story, novel or poem. We withdraw from the bank as needed, adding to the balance of our stories. I find myself going through my day, listening and watching, always thinking if something will eventually make it into a book. I don't consciously remember them, nor do I plan to add things, they just sort of show up. It amazes my husband that every time I go out, I come back with a story. Whether it be a conversation that took place in the store, a near-miss accident on the road, or crazy people in the parking lot at the mall, I always have something. Do these things happen to other people? Seriously. Does everyone have a crazy, drunk lady walk up to them in the mall parking lot and ask if her hair looks all right? She's obviously wearing a cheap wig, okay? It looks horrible. Do I say that? Oh,…

Sexy Without the Sex from Love Rocks

Putting his sunglasses on, Johnny settled in his chair, his arms behind his head. He closed his eyes, a half smile playing at his lips. I reached into the ice chest, taking out a handful of ice and water. Before I could toss it on him, he leaped forward and grabbed my hand, forcing me to drop the water. His kiss was electric, his strong body pressed against mine, gently pinning me to my chair. "I know you, Renabean. Don't even," he said changing his grip on my hand, "think of putting that cold hand down the back of my pants." "I hadn't planned to." I nibbled his nose, easing my wrist out of his grasp. Distracting him with a little tongue action, I slipped my hand down the front of his shorts, dropping the ice cubes. His howl echoed off the condos behind us as he jumped off my chair, dancing around as he tried to dislodge the ice. "Oh, ow! You wait, young lady! I'll get you for that!" He hopped to the water, grabbing at the front of his pan…

An Author's Crutch by Dellani Oakes

Hello, my name is Dellani and I'm an author. I'm here today because I have a writing crutch. Admit it. Be honest with yourself – we all have them. They differ from one to the next, but we all have our little things that we do. It's our safety net. I don't know about the rest of you, but mine is the hospital. Just when things seem to be going well, someone breaks a leg, has an asthma attack, gives birth, has a heart attack, gets beaten up, nearly drowns or has a car accident. Looking through my finished (and unfinished) books, I took a count of how many of my stories involve someone being in the hospital or receiving medical attention. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I counted them up. Of the 137 novels and novellas (finished and unfinished) polled: 90 involved someone receiving medical attention. 52 do not. These numbers are slightly mutable. If I couldn't remember specifically if there were medical issues, I counted them in the not medical attention category. That&…

I Love Dialogue from Alton and Velda

Alton and Velda is a fantasy I've been working on. Revanth is a man who's been enchanted into a horse by a swamp naiad named Eleion. He and his Wood Sprite friend, Alton, go to see her to get her to break the spell, so they can rescue their lady loves.
“You seem quite certain you can defeat me, Wood Sprite. Here in the heart of my swamp, I am queen. You might harm me, but my swamp will swallow you alive before you can enjoy it.” “Will you help us?” She eyed them critically. “I don't know.” “I give you one last chance to say yes,” Alton said. “Will you, Eleion the Witch, help us?” “Not today.” Suddenly, she was off her feet, hanging in mid air. Screeching, she flailed around, trying to work her magic. An unseen force kept her airborne. Alton smiled up at her. “You're sure, are you? That's your final answer? I can keep you up there indefinitely, Witch. A Wood Sprite has a few skills, you know.” “Not this, not an air spell! How can you? You're of the Earth and Wood.…

Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Two Barbaras and an Eric

On Monday, August 8, Christina and Dellani welcome three super authors.Two have been here before, and one is brand new! We can't wait totalk to them.

Our first guest today is not only an incredible author, she's another of our Red River Radio hosts and a dear friend. Please welcome BarbaraEhrentreu, author of After and If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor. Welcome, Barbara!

Our next guest is author Eric Williams. His book is Edric the Hatchling Gryphon and Edric the Gryphon Prince. Welcome back, Eric.

Our third guest is new to Tea Time and we are thrilled to have her here. We met during a Facebook Christmas in July event. Please help me welcome Barb Caffrey, author of Elfy on the Loose and A Little Elfy in Big Trouble, as well as Survive the Maelstrom, A Dark and Stormy Night and Joey Maverick which she co-wrote with her late husband, Michael. Welcome, Barb.
Join us live or listen at your leisure!

Adventures in Writing by Dellani Oakes

I suppose some would call me old fashioned. I like to hear people express themselves appropriately. I grew up in a household where my sentences were corrected as I spoke. Sometimes, I couldn't even complete a sentence, because of the corrections. I did the same to my children. Not saying that it's the best approach, but I learned early how to speak properly. I also learned how to write. My father was an English professor. My mother was a teacher. I didn't have a snowball's chance of growing up without a working knowledge of English. As my father told me once, “You may not know the names for what's wrong, but you recognize the error and know how to fix it.” Then he handed me a manuscript, written by a college professor, that he was editing for publication. Pressing a blue editor's pencil in my hand, he told me to have at it. And I did. We rewrote 95% of that book because it was so poorly written, it was indecipherable. That was my maiden voyage into the world of e…

I Love Dialogue from Love on a Catwalk

Miranda Karev has lived across the hall from Jeffry Stanton for just over a year. For nine months of that time, they were a couple—until Jeff said he loved her. Haunted by fears of abandonment, she breaks it off. Lucky for her, Jeff decides he wants another chance and Miranda does too. Unfortunately, her therapist has suggested she give celibacy a try, so they are spending the weekend snowed in and getting to know each other—without sex. Her co-worker calls to make sure she's all right.

My phone rang. I thought it might be Dr. Meyers. "Hiya, Randi. It's Dave. You okay?" "Yes. Got our power and water. You?" "Not bad. We're partying over here." I could hear talking and music in the background. Dave, his younger brother and many of the other tech people and actors lived in apartments over the theater. Brent and Shaine let them live there rent free. They did help with utility bills, but the lack of city rent was nice. Brent offered me one, but I alread…