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I Love Dialogue from Analysis of Love by Dellani

Quaid Jennings is a psychologist. Along with his business partner, Boyd, he lives and works in a big city. Lonely and alone, he's happy when Boyd introduces him to Faydra, one of his many cousins. Faydra has applied to a program for psychiatric nurses and Quaid has taken her to the hospital to interview. There, he sees Clyde, one of his buddies who is a psychiatry resident.
“Who's the hot blonde in with Hagel?” Clyde asked. “My girlfriend.” Quaid bridled slightly, drawing himself up with his shoulders squared. “Chill, dude. You're a lucky man, but you know I don't step into another guy's action. She is to die for gorgeous, though.” “Thanks. I think so, too. She's also got a brilliant mind and a great personality.” “She got any sisters?” “All brothers—six of them.” “You're a brave man! My brothers and I vetted all our sister's dates until she was twenty. We still have a go when she brings a new man home.” “I haven't met them yet. They live on Alabama.” Clyde …

First Meeting from Beach Bum

Long, tan legs moved across my field of vision. Bright yellow board shorts came to the knee and a bold blue stripe circled the waistband. Above, rose a sculptured torso, Apollo's belt artfully delineated. The shorts rode low on his hips and powerful thighs bunched and stretched as he leaped to hit the ball. His calves bulged as he landed. Scattered with thick, black hair, they narrowed into firm ankles, ending with the sexiest man feet I've ever seen. Not that I have a foot fetish, just—wow. How can a guy have sexy feet? "Huuuhh!" I groaned as the volley ball slammed into my lap. Belly red, skin stinging, I took stock. Nothing broken or damaged, except my pride, which had taken worse than this before, and survived. Mr. Sexy Feet ran over, kneeling by my deck chair. "Are you okay?" His voice was sexy, too, like melted dark chocolate. Black hair that came to just below his ears, square jaw, and the deepest brown eyes I've ever seen, met my hungry gaze. &quo…

First Meeting from Bad Day by Dellani

Reva Kelly is having a Murphy's Law day. If something can go wrong, it does. To make it just absolutely perfect, she breaks the heel off her shoe during a client meeting. Though the shoe gets fixed, the heel breaks again when she's running for cover to escape the rain. This time, of course, she manages to break her leg. It turns out that the break was a lucky one after all, because the doctor is in—and he's hot!
There was some fumbling with the curtain and a young doctor poked his head in with a grin. "Am I in the right place? I'm looking for Reva Kelly?" I waved, smirking sardonically. "You've found what's left of me." I grinned shyly. He eyed me in a more than professional fashion, lingering on my broken ankle. Then his gaze drifted back up to my eyes, focusing there. "Red hair," he murmured. "And green eyes," I countered. "And you are?" A brown haired, sun bronzed love god, by the look of him. His eyes were a amber…

Red River Radio Presents the Tirgearr Birthday Bash!

Hard to believe that it's been almost five years since Tirgearr Publishing opened its doors. Brainchild of author Kemberlee Shortland, Tirgearr is an Irish press which produces predominantly e-books. I've been a happy member of Tirgearr since the fall of 2012 and am proud to still be part of this wonderful company. Guests on the show will be Author and Publisher Kemberlee Shortland, and authors Maya Tyler, Susan Clayton-Goldner and Jennie Marsland.
Join us TODAY at 4 PM EST (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST) for What's Write for Me Birthday Bash Edition.
Maya Tyler, author of A Vampire's Tale, coming in March, will be chatting with us from 4:15 – 4:35 Eastern time. 
SusanClayton-Goldner, author of A Bend in the Willow, which came out in January of 2017, will join us from 4:35 – 5:05
Jennie Marsland, author of Where the Heart Is, which came out in September or 2016, and Capture the Sky, which is due out in March, will join us from 5:05 – 5:25. 
Kemberlee Shortland is the publisher as we…

I Love Dialogue from Call Me by Dellani

Moira Crane teaches high school English, lives a quiet life and is enjoying her new home. At least she is until her phone is stolen. It doesn't seem like a big deal on the surface, but the pictures on it are priceless. She goes to the police to report it and meets Detective Rhys Fletcher. To say the spark between them takes them both by surprise, would be an understatement.
"Ooh. I like the shoes!" He knelt at her feet, touching the dark red suede. He ran his fingers up the side, fondling the bow at the back, moving slowly across the sole before caressing the top of her foot. "Are you one of those weird foot fetish people?" Moira didn't know whether to be disgusted for flattered. "Will you get mad if I say yes?" "Depends on what you like to do to feet." Rhys grinned, dusting his hands on his jeans. "Can I wash?" She pointed to a half bath under the stairs. "You didn't answer me." "Trying to come up with a reply that…

First Meeting from Author of Love by Dellani

Blake is on his way to Key West, when he witnesses and accident on I-95 just south of Daytona. Worried about the passenger found in the wreck, he heads to the hospital and is waiting at the emergency room for the doctor's report. Little does he know that he's about to find the love of his life.
The doors behind and to my left, opened. A doctor stood there, her scrub top mussed and sweaty. Light brown hair escaped under the edge of her surgical cap. "Are you the guy waiting for news on the truck wreck girl?" "Yes. Blake Arbuthnot." I smiled, holding out my hand. "Dr. Grace Healey." She held out her hand, taking mine. She was a pretty, little thing. Let me clarify, before anyone jumps on me for that sexist sounding remark. I'm a big guy, about six two. To me, anyone under five foot eight is a little thing. This girl was probably five four, tops. My hand circled hers, looking more like a bear paw than a hand. Tanned and well muscled, it was a stark co…

I Love Dialogue from Alton and Velda

Alton and Velda is my first, and so far only, attempt at medieval fantasy. I have some modern fantasy novels, but I never tried one with naiads, wood sprites and sorcerers before. It was fun and I might try it again. Revanth is an ensorclled man, turned into a horse by an evil swamp naiad. He and his fiancee, Astrid, have been traveling with Alton and Velda. They stop for the night at a tavern only to have something untoward happen during the night.
While the women packed, Alton went out to the stable to saddle Revanth. He checked the stall where the black stallion had bedded down the night before. Saddle and bridle were where he'd left them, but Revanth was gone. "Where's my horse?" Alton demanded. "I left him here, in your care, last night. Where is he?" "What sort of horse, good sir?" The groom appeared somewhat touched in the head. His speech was slow and deliberate. Alton wasn't sure the man understood him, but he described Revanth in detail. T…

I Love Dialogue from Best Medicine by Dellani

Tanya and Morgan are both doctors and they work at the same hospital. They meet by accident one evening when Tanya collapses in the doctor's lounge. Hitting it off, they soon are dating. Morgan introduces her to his large, noisy and somewhat eccentric family.
"I'm working this afternoon," Tanya said. "But before I do that, I'd better go to the grocery store. In fact, we both should. Morgan hasn't a thing in his house to eat and I'm out of just about everything." "Oh, what excitement," Molly said dryly. "And here I thought you had something fun planned, like rock climbing or hang gliding." "No, that's next week," Morgan said, keeping his face completely straight. "I thought we'd try joining the Mile High Club tomorrow, that is if I can borrow the family jet." Tanya glanced around the room trying to figure out if Morgan was teasing. No one smiled. They all looked as if his remark was completely normal. J…

First Meeting from Among the Shine Clan by Dellani

Fiddlestix is in an untenable position. A group of rogue cyber-soldiers has disappeared, along with their handler. They are tracked to a remote area of Tennessee mountains, owned by a militaristic organization which calls itself the Shine Clan. Ordered to retrieve the soldiers, she and her team are sent into hostile Shine Clan territory. Shortly after they're dropped in the zone, her people start to disappear. Deciding to take matters head on, Fiddlestix goes looking for the leader of the Shine Clan.
Spinning in a low, continuous circle, she bellowed for all she was worth. Hurling insults, she castigated the landscape. Harmony and Kaz looked more and more concerned. Kaz gasped suddenly, pointing over Fiddlestix' left shoulder. She felt a tingling. Moving around so she faced the opposite direction, she kept her hands carefully away from her weapons, motioning her men to do the same. Taking a step forward, she focused on the bracken to the west, waiting. A moment later, the bushes…