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First Meeting from Best Medicine by Dellani

The room was empty except for another doctor dressed in surgical scrubs. He looked absorbed in the science-fiction book he was reading, so Tanya leaned back and closed her eyes. Before she knew it, she'd fallen asleep. A sound startled her and she jerked awake. She blushed as she realized the sound that had woken her was her own snoring. Mortified, she glanced at the doctor, but he hadn't raised his head from his book. She shifted in her chair, straightened her shirt and closed her eyes again. "You should head home if you're that tired," the man said without looking up from his book. "I know," she sighed. "I'm just too exhausted to drive. I'm afraid I'd have an accident and end up back here taking up bed space." He chuckled, setting his book aside. "You'd get some rest anyway." "No, I wouldn't, I'd have all you bloody doctors poking me to see what made me tick," she managed a soft chuckle and nestled fur…

I Love Dialogue from First Love by Dellani

Maddie and her friends are on a summer mission trip with their church youth group. They've driven hundreds of miles from Nebraska to New Mexico and are spending their first evening getting to know some of the local group members. Claire, the mean girl, has already started picking on Maddie and her friend Pati. Taking a liking to one of the local boys, who doesn't even know she's alive, Claire gets annoyed when they ignore her and her clique.
"Come on, girls," Claire said. "It's obvious this riffraff don't deserve to hang around us." She got up with forced bravado. Tossing her hair, she tried to hop gracefully from the back of the pickup, but lost her balance, tipping to one side as she landed. The others followed her reluctantly, not wanting to leave the boys behind. Claire insisted, walking into the fellowship hall as quickly as she could. "She's gonna pee in your shampoo," Clayton said as he watched them walk away. "Or whatever…

First Meeting from Bet on Love

Gina McCarthy is stuck like so many college graduates, unable to find a job in her field. She's taken a night gate guard job at a local golf course/ exclusive residential area in Daytona. One night, shortly after she starts there, someone arrives who will change her life forever.
Headlights illuminated the interior, momentarily blinding her. The driver realized the beams were on high and set them on low. The car wasn't one she knew. All of the residents' cars were high end imports. This was a vintage Cobra, dark blue with wide white stripes on the hood and roof. She couldn't see the driver clearly, but from the height, was pretty sure it was a man. The driver pulled up next to the booth, lowering the window. His face was in shadow. All she could see what the firm jawed profile with a five o'clock shadow, and dark, wavy hair that didn't quite touch his collar. Gina could see her own reflection in the car window. Light blonde hair was pulled back in a severe bun, d…

I Love Dialogue from A Brand New Day by Dellani

Brand New Day is a step in a slightly different direction for me. It's a story about young love, heartbreak and loss. Believe it or not, it does have a happy ending, but it takes awhile. It follows the journey of Janet and Diego, who fall in love as teenagers, but life takes them very different directions – not the least of which is the nature of Diego's job, covert ops for the military. He's just come back into Janet's life after being gone for almost a decade. Unfortunately, their reunion is short lived.
Slinging back the door, Diego got even angrier. Three people he hoped he'd never see again, stood on the porch. Diego was frowzy and disheveled from their love making. The three men knew they'd disturbed something, but they politely said nothing. The leader, a man who looked like he could break a tree in half with his pinky, walked past Diego and into the living room. "Don't mind me, Colonel," Diego growled. "But you're trespassing in the…

First Meeting from Bad Fall by Dellani

Frank Atherton works as the assistant director at a large retirement complex. He's staying in one of the guest rooms at the facility, to keep an eye on the son of one of the residents, who is causing trouble. Frank has just seen a short interview on the in-house TV station, with the new staff psychologist, Marka Ventimiglia and is somewhat surprised when she shows up at his door.
Someone knocked at his door. Thinking it might be someone about Mr. Penwarren, he groaned quietly as he stood up. "Be right there!" he called. He dropped his plate in the kitchen sink and went to the door. "What's he done now?" he asked automatically as he opened it. It wasn't Sue or one of the other staff members. An attractive brunette stood there. "I'm sorry? Who did what?" "Oh, no one you'd know. Frank Atherton, Assistant Director. I just saw you on TV." He held out his hand after wiping it on his T-shirt. She smiled. "Marka Ventimiglia. Nice to m…

I Love Dialogue from Shakazhan by Dellani

Wil and Matilda lead an expedition to Iyundo, a remote and nearly forgotten planet far from known space. To their surprise, the Galactic Marine ship, Hannibal, also arrives with Aisulov, head of the Galactic Committee on board. Knowing that they have to follow John Riley, to stop his diabolical scheming, they realize they will need the help of the Marines. This necessitates talking to Chairman Asilov, who isn't known for his affability. In fact, the Vandaran tends to play political games in order to gain advantage over his opponents. He hasn't counted on Wil.

Aisulov liked long, uncomfortable silences. He wanted to see how people handled them. Some grew very agitated. He noted his observations without betraying any emotion in his face. Slatterly looked annoyed. The woman was harder to read, but she was mildly uncomfortable in his presence. VanLipsig was an enigma—his face and eyes showing nothing except what he wanted Aisulov to see. Slatterly was an open book, with all his emoti…

Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Livy, Maureen and Savannah

Be sure to join the fun on Dellani's Tea Time - Monday, March 13 at 4:00 PM EDT when Dellani and Christina welcome Livy Broussard, Mauareen Larter and Savannah Verte to the show. All these ladies are new to the show, so let's welcome them and show them a good time! If you can't join us live, the link will take you to the podcast recording later! Livy Broussard has a website, The Fire Breathing Bunny, devoted to surviving eating disorders, as well as being the author of creative non-fiction. MaureenLarter joins us from New South Wales. She is the author of several children's books like Candy Cow and the Caterpillar or Broken Wing; Book 1 of the Fairies of Aurora. She also has a variety of Simple Gardening Guides.

SavannahVerte is a paranormal and fanstasy author whose books include Sultry & Sinful, Book of Time, CASE Revelations and more!
Tune in Monday, March 13 at 4:00 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio!

Meet Cullen Fellowes

Have you ever met a person who has boundless energy, is full of joy, compassion and talks non-stop? Meet Cullen Fellowes. I introduced him in a book called The Best Medicine (not yet published). He was meant to be a minor character who comes in, meets his brother's girlfriend and then takes a back seat. There is only one thing Cullen likes to do in the back seat, and that's—sing. You thought I was going to say something else, didn't you? Well, he probably does that too. He's handsome, charming, disarming—and a rock star. He will hit on every woman he meets, because that's just the way he is. He'd probably be shocked if they all said yes, though enough of them do that he's always got companionship. I can't really describe Cullen effectively. He's like no other character I've ever met. The non-authors out there will think I'm crazy, I know my husband does. I tell him that characters introduce themselves, start talking, develop personalities and …

I Love Dialogue from We Are the Champions

Asher Wilkinson is an actor in an improvisation group that performs at a local club. He's not been having a very good night and, in a fit of anger, admits he'd fantasized about a three-way with one of the actresses, Katie and his then girlfriend, Sallie. Katie is now engaged to his friend, Riker. Misunderstandings ensue. CAUTION – STRONG LANGUAGE
Alone, Asher headed out to the parking lot. Riker met him there, leaning against Asher's car, smoking. Sensing trouble, he stopped a yard away, readjusting his bag to get it out of his way. "So, you're lusting after for my fiancĂ©e." "One time, that's it. Before you two were even together." "I was with Katie the whole time you and Sallie were together." Raising an eyebrow, Asher spread his hands, sauntering closer. Pent up sexual tension, an argument with the women and another with Hansel, he was spoiling for a fight. "Didn't say that," he replied. "Before you got with Kate, I had h…