Thursday, December 06, 2018

Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me Revisited with Shelton Williams April 25, 2018

Still waiting for Spring to Spring? Here in Florida, it has—mostly—and with it allergies, asthma and annoyance. Nothing like a stuffy head and watering eyes to keep you inside. Or, you can brave the crowds, and flock to the beach—where you battle traffic, rip tides and high tides. The choice is clear, at least to me. Home is where the heart is. (And the Benadryl)

Gosh, if only life could be perfect! You know what? It can, by reading a good book! Our author today has some great escapes for you, so kick back, sip your favorite cold (or hot) beverage, and enjoy a chat with us.

Shelton Williams author of murder mysteries Covey Jencks, Washed in the Blood and Summer of 66. Welcome to the show, Shelton! Hope you have fun.

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