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Emma, Dangerous by Dellani Oakes – Part 59

Vera and Emma tell Sam that men don't corner the market on lust. They also discuss his dimensions in graphic terms, that make him swear—as Molly walks in.

"Mind explaining?" Molly's glance moved from face to face.

Sam turned away, hands in his pockets. "Nothing to explain. Sorry I lost my temper, Molly."

"You lot," Molly turned to the women. "You tormenting him?"

"Little bit," Vera admitted, holding her fingers half an inch apart.

Molly handed the dollar back. "You watch it, or I'll nail you twice for the next one. And you two, leave the man alone."

"Yes, Molly," they intoned.

"Sam, would you play me a tune?" Molly pointed to the guitars.

Someone had brought them over and set them in the corner.

"I thought we might like them tonight, so Raleigh brought them in before dinner. I want music."

Sam picked up his favorite of the guitars, tuning quickly. He struck a chord, smiling. His fingers flew over the strings in a lovely ripple of sound. Molly smiled, nodding her head with approval.

Glenn picked up another guitar and joined him on rhythm. The two of them played Penny for Your Thoughts by Peter Frampton. Others joined in and soon they were all playing the melody and improvised harmony. They played the short song through twice before drawing to a close.

The concert continued for nearly an hour, finally breaking up when the baby woke and Molly had to tend to him. Rather than going to their rooms so early, they got out a game and started playing Cards Against Humanity. They played nearly two hours, with Sam and Carlos tying as definitive winners. Glenn was a close second and, surprisingly, Freddie coming in third.

"It's official," Sam announced, exchanging a fancy handshake with Carlos. "We're the most horrible people here."

Carlos chuckled. "Well, I already knew that about myself. I'm surprised you didn't." He winked and trotted up the stairs.

Emma walked with Sam, her arm around him, her head on his shoulder. "You're not horrible, but you had some really good responses."

"It's a fun game. I enjoy the shock and awe factor." He gestured broadly, making his voice sound like a movie trailer announcer.

Emma giggled. "You do it well."

"You coming in again?" Sam whispered.

"If that's okay. I'm so scared, I can't stand it."

"Dr. Abernathy said it was okay, as long as we don't do anything but sleep."

Emma nodded. "I know this isn't easy for you."

"It's not easy for you either, Em. But you're doing so well. I'm really proud of how far you've come."

She gave him a fleeting kiss and went to her room.

Sam took another long, satisfying shower. He was just reaching his peak when someone tapped on the bathroom door.

"Sam?" It was Emma.

"Coming!" he gasped as he came. He stifled a moan, but he thought she might have heard him. He dried off and dressed in his pajama bottoms before going out.

Emma sat on the end of the bed, her pillow on her lap. She had an odd expression on her face. "I'm so sorry," she whispered. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

He could have made a big deal of it, but chose not to. "With no locked doors, it was bound to happen at some point. At least it was you and not Vera."

She giggled, nodding. "What were you thinking of?"

"Did—f**k, were you watching me?"

She nodded again. "Just for a minute—or two. I'm sorry. You had such a blissful expression on your face. I've only seen that when we make love."

"I was thinking of you," he admitted shyly. "Wearing Doc's kinky red shoes."

Emma muffled a guffaw with her pillow. "Oh, my God! Really? I'd forgotten the shoe thing. I promise, when we get out of here, I'll buy some hot shoes and make sweet love to you."

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