Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Notable Narrative - Indian Summer Shark Attack!

Sometimes, it isn't just dialogue or a steamy love scene that captures the interest. This particular scene is one I wrote when I first started Indian Summer nearly 20 years ago. I began the novel, but couldn't capture Gabriella's voice. Discouraged, I put the notebook in a drawer and left it. One day, I was cleaning the drawer and found the notebook once more. I read through it, discarding most of it as crap, but this scene, I kept. I found Gabriella's voice in this scene and was able to begin again. This scene is almost word for word what I originally wrote.

The ocean felt blood warm and comforting. I hadn't realized how much my body ached from my new activities. The tension of the last few weeks washed from my body as the water closed over me. It buoyed me up, letting me float gently on the waves. I closed my eyes to the bright morning sun and rested. I didn't realize how far I drifted, for the tide was going out. I heard a noise, a shout from the beach and looked up. I was much further out than I intended and began to swim slowly back in.
Before I saw what was happening, a man dove into the water and swam rapidly past me. It was not until then I saw the fin on the water. Shark! I could formulate no other thoughts but the horror of that image, that word. I had seen people attacked by sharks, their bodies torn and bloody, bloated from the water they died in. I swam for my life as quickly as I could. The man met the shark not far from the shore. I scrambled out, running to my clothing. I had the ridiculous notion that it would somehow protect me. There was a battle going on in the waves, but I couldn't see it clearly. The man raised his knife, the sun glittering off the blade. He brought it down on the shark again and again with a dull, liquid thunk. Blood was everywhere, but whether it was his or the shark's I didn't know.
Forgetting my clothing for the moment, I grabbed my knife. Foolishly, I dashed back into the water as man and shark dove under! I couldn't see either of them, just blood on the waves. A small ripple where they went down was the only other thing visible. Suddenly, the water beside me erupted as a huge shark leapt out of the water not five feet from me! I screamed, frozen to the spot. I saw the knife in its ugly, brutish head, between its eyes. It was fighting fiercely, despite numerous stab wounds.
Clinging to it stubbornly was a man. Sailfish! He was covered in blood, slipping from the shark's hide. The vicious beast gave a last squirm as the life left it. It shivered once more and died. Sailfish drew his blade from it, racing toward me.
"Run!" He yelled.
I was stupefied, I couldn't make my legs work. I stood there naked and dripping, too terrified to move.
"Run!" He yelled again. "Gabriella, get out of the water!"
Before he finished speaking, I saw the fins racing toward all the blood, toward us! I turned and ran, splashing and flailing to get to shore. He caught up with me, righting me as I fell. Impatient at my lack of speed, he lifted me out of the water, carrying me to the sand. His long legs covered the distance in less time than it takes to tell of it. I stared in shock and horror as the dead shark danced crazily in the water, the others tearing its carcass to pieces in a horrific frenzy! A scream threatened to erupt from my throat. I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. Gradually, the furor died down and the sharks swam away. Nothing was left of the dead one. I sank to my knees, retching. I had not eaten yet that morning, so it was dry heaves. Sometimes that's worse than actually vomiting. I became aware of strong hands helping me sit up, of the same hands dressing me like a baby and the muscular arms around me, holding me while I cried.
All the sorrow, anger, and fear that had built in me since the night of my capture, came pouring out in a flood of tears. I felt so safe in his arms. I clung to him, weeping as if my heart were broken. He held me, rocked me, and stroked my hair, all the while speaking in low monotones. None of it made sense to me for he spoke in his own tongue, but the flow of the words and the tone were comforting. I cried a long time, finally coming to a stop. He continued to hold me, giving me his comfort.
Soon, however, the touch changed, I felt the comforting become a caress as a lover would touch his beloved. I don't know why, but I felt a tingling sensation for the first time since we met. He was so strong, virile, warm and so alive. He stopped rocking me, but continued to hold me, turning my tear-streaked face gently to his. I gazed into his jet black eyes, lost in their depths. His strong jaw was working, trying to hold the emotions in. I felt his manhood pressing against me and faltered in my resolve.
God help me, I loved Manuel! How could I dishonor him by kissing another man? Even as I thought this, Sailfish lowered his lips to mine and kissed me with a passion not even Manuel had equaled. I melted into his embrace, his lips locked with mine, his tongue probing my mouth. I burned inside, my heart fluttering like a trapped bird. I felt swept away as if the ocean waves had carried me off into the water once more. Wave after hot wave coursed through my body. He touched me all the places I knew he shouldn't, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to stop him. I was so tired of fighting desire, sick of saying no, weary of being proper.
I believe I would have allowed him to continue had we not heard shouts coming from on the mound. There was a ruckus on the river side of the island. Reluctantly, he let go of me, turning to the lookout. Sailfish called out to him, demanding to know what was wrong. I couldn't understand his answer, for they spoke in their native tongue. Sailfish all but dumped me on the sand as he rose and ran toward the camp, shouting as he went. I gathered myself up running after him, curious and afraid all at once.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Unfit Author Week of May 25 - 31, 2015

The Unfit Author
Below are the songs I danced to 5/25/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:41 Superstitious – SRV 11:42 AM
3:35 Waiting for You – Chromeo 12:40 PM
3:21 Ain't No Grave – Crooked Still 3:11
4:08 Stepping Stone – Hendrix 4:56
4:48 You Did – Chuck Prophet 8:33
5:26 Like the Way I Do – Melissa Etheridge 10:03

Below are the songs I danced to 5/26/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
5:54 Send Me – the Dirty Heads 1:01 PM
8:00 Stretched until I pulled something in my back 8:52-9:00

I was lazy today. I had class followed by a show.

Below are the songs I danced to 5/28/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
6:54 Send me – Dirty Heads 10:44 AM
3:31 Brother – Needtobreathe 11:47
5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 12:51 PM
3:50 Fuck You – CeeLo Greene 2:19
3:07 Jungle – Jamie N Commons 8:58
3:04 Clackin' Heels – He's my Brother She's my Sister 11:16
4:07 Flower – Cody Simpson 12:36 AM

Below are the songs I danced to 5/29/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 10:38 AM
5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 11:34
3:18 If I Was a Fool – Josh Turner 11:40 (used as cool down)

Below are the songs I danced to 5/30/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:26 Why Don't You Love Me – Grace Potter 12:32 PM
4:48 You Did – Chuck Prophet 2:09
2:34 Sleep – Allen Stone 3:32
5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 8:28
3:55 Funk #49 – James Gang 11:24

Below are the songs I danced to 5/31/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:14 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 11:24 AM
5:06 Bubbly Toes – Jack Johnson 1:10 PM
4:09 Navigate Below – Revivalists 2:21
3:45 Do You Love Me – Daryl Hall 3:50
4:04 Teardrop – Hayley Richman 8:31
2:56 Midnight Rider – Gregg Allman 9:38

On a side note: I switched doctors recently due to insurance changes. I had blood work done and it came back absolutely perfect. In fact, the doctor said she'd never seen anyone with such good levels of everything! So, although I may not feel that great, due to allergies, etc, at least my blood work is the best she's seen in years.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Love Dialogue from Love, Death and Pizza 3

Brock finds himself in a pickle the day after Tack's death. The police seem to think that he's the perfect candidate for a murder suspect, and send the Evil Bobsey Twins to arrest him. As they escort him to the car, Brock collapses and is rushed to the hospital instead. When he wakes, he finds that Adrianna is there. She and his parents told the hospital she is Brock's wife so that she can stay there with him. There are police officers on his door as a precaution, though it's unneeded. They're on break, so Jake the orderly comes in to keep an eye on Brock. Adrianna heads downstairs for coffee. Brock and Jake watch her head to the elevator.

Damn, that woman had a sexy walk. I enjoyed watching her down the hall as she headed toward the elevator. My view got blocked as the door swung closed, but I watched long enough to get a good taste of what I was missing.
"Dammit." I bit my knuckle and tried not to cry. “Dammit!” I pounded on the bed with a clenched fist.
Jake the orderly walked in about that time, grinning. "You okay, Mr. P.?"
"Regretting the fact I'm laid up, Jake." I gazed down the hall where Adrianna was still waiting for the elevator.
Jake held the door open, also admiring the view. I couldn't fault the kid, she's a gorgeous woman. I had no claim on her, but I admit I was a little jealous. I mentally kicked myself for getting possessive when I hardly knew her.
"Yeah," I groaned. It hurt just looking at her.
"Oh, shit. You didn't have your episode when you two were gettin' busy, did you?"
I gave a caustic laugh and tried to gag down some toast. "No, thank God. I was being arrested for a murder I didn't commit," I told him. "Where are my bodyguards?"
"At breakfast. The nurse told 'em you weren't likely to go anyplace considering you can't even get up to take a piss by yourself. They sent me up to sit on you in case you feel like taking a stroll out of the hospital."
A barking laugh escaped me, but it made my chest hurt. "Fuck, Jake, do I look like I can even stand up?"
"Not so good. If you were healthy, you'd give me a run. Even if you're my dad's age, you look in pretty decent shape."
"The way of the Ninja, Jacob."
"Ah so," he bowed to me. "So who do they think you killed?"
"Tack Carmichael."
"No shit? My dad knows him. Real douche bag from what my old man tells me."
"Not a nice man, no."
"So, did you whack him?"
"I just told you I didn't. What are you, the secret weapon? We'll send in Jake the Orderly and wring a confession from him?"
Jake laughed, his white teeth flashing in the morning sun. "No, just curious. I get the impression from the news that he wasn't well liked."
"You got the right impression."
"So why do they think you did it?"
I picked at the rest of my food and shoved it around on the plate absently. "I had a thing with his wife awhile back. They think I killed him so I could have her."
"Is she hot?" His eyes widened excitedly. He picked up my unused fork and snagged a bite of the eggs.
"Almost as hot as my wife, in a brassy, artificial way."
"Damn! Why'd you have a thing with her when you have a lady that hot at home?"
"I wasn't with Adrianna yet. I was lonely and it seemed like a good idea at the time. When you're drunk and horny and a hot woman throws herself at you, are you gonna say no?"
Jake snorted derisively. "Doh!"
"I rest my case," I said, spreading my hands.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Unfit Author - Week of May 18 - 24, 2015

The Unfit Author

Below are the songs I danced to 5/18/15:
Not sure what happened today. I didn't make a note. I think I was just lazy.
I did a lot of cleaning and sorting today, so I didn't get as much dancing in.

Duration Song and Artist Time
5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 11:24 AM
4:48 You Did – Chuck Prophet 9:45 PM

Below are the songs I danced to 5/19/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:07 Happy – Pharrell Williams 12:13 PM
3:16 Jungle – Jamie N Commons 12:55
3:12 Use Me – Beans & Fatback 4:43
4:15 Give Me Strength – Over the Rhine 10:30
5:05 Harvest Moon – Neil Young 11:30

Below are the songs I danced to 5/20/15:
Had writing group today and didn't feel like doing much after being out in the heat.
Duration Song and Artist Time
3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 10:07 AM
4:02 Into the Ocean – Blue October 11:11

Below are the songs I danced to 5/21/15:
I didn't dance today, but I did stretch for 20 minutes 7:35 PM – 7:55 PM

Below are the songs I danced to 5/22/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
4:06 Happy – Pharrell Williams 3:36 PM
5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 5:00
3:00 Wash Away – Joe Purdy 10:17
3:13 Hands All Over – Maroon 5 11:28

Below are the songs I danced to 5/23/15:
Duration Song and Artist Time
5:50 Wake Up – Arcade Fire 11:37 AM
5:54 Criminal – Revivalists 9:12 PM
7:28 Sober – Pink 10:19
3:46 Murder of Crows – Lindi Ortega 11:12

I didn't do anything today. Honestly, it was our anniversary and we couldn't afford to do anything, so I was pretty depressed all day. I sat and watched Hawaii Five-O on Netflix and felt sorry for myself. Overall, a horrible day and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Love Dialogue from Love, Death and Pizza 2

Adrianna Hasselhoff, the beauty queen assistant district attorney, goes over to Brock's house for an informal interview the night after Tack's death. She asks him if he can think of anyone else who would make a better suspect for the police. Although he'd already been playing with that idea, Brock decides he doesn't like the idea of making his suspicions official.

Much as I was attracted to Adrianna Hasselhoff, I wasn't in the mood for her questions anymore.
"I'm not prepared to be the town snitch," I said quietly.
She could tell from my tone that I was angry. Sadness filled her eyes and she shut off her recorder. Sighing heavily, she sat back on her stool, taking the clips out of her hair. She shook her head a little, letting the hair fall where it wanted. She looked even prettier with it down, kind of vulnerable and a lot younger than I first thought.
Closing my eyes against the tempting sight, I inhaled deeply. Which was really a mistake, because her perfume wrapped around me like a cloud. I was hooked and she probably knew it. I hoped she wasn't planning to use her beauty against me. That would be damn low.
"Look," she said softly. "Brock, I came here because my boss thinks that a pretty solid case could be built against you and Amy Carmichael as co-conspirators. You say she's not capable of doing this, that you don't want to be the town snitch. But the fact is, Brock, that everyone is pretty willing to turn and point fingers at you. Amy told us about your affair. She said you had reasons to kill Tack that no one else knew about. Amy mentioned your name in connection with Tack's death no less than four times in ten minutes." She sighed again, looking down at the counter all sorrowful.
"By your own admission, you think that everyone is better off without Tack Carmichael. The killer did a public service. You couldn't have killed him yourself, you have a restaurant full of witnesses. But that doesn't mean you couldn't have hired someone to do it for you."
"Jesus Christ!" I yelled, totally pissed off now. "Why the hell would I bother?"
"For Amy Carmichael."
"For Amy? Sure, she's a great lay, but I don't love the woman. I don't even particularly like her. She's a selfish, self-centered bimbo. Ms. Hasselhoff, I think you need to leave now."
"I'm sorry if I've upset you, Mr. Parnell."
"You're too nice a lady for me to say to you what I am thinking of saying. Let me calm down, get some more sleep."
"May I call you later?"
"Depends on what you want to say to me." I smiled a little, giving a sardonic laugh. "If you want to call and talk dirty, that's cool. If you want to talk about Tack Carmichael, then I don't know."
She smiled, her blue eyes going all soft and gooey. I wanted to dive into those eyes. They were like twin lakes and I wanted to drown in them. I wanted to wrap myself in her hair and stay tangled in it forever.
". . . .about Tack Carmichael." She said, but I missed part of it.
"What? I'm sorry." I blinked hard and fast, trying to focus on her.
"I said I don't want to talk about Tack Carmichael."
I grinned, winking at her. "I bet you don't want to talk dirty either."
Ms. Hasselhoff giggled, her blue eyes going wide. "Oh, I didn't say that, Brock."
She winked and walked toward the door, giving me a good view of her ass. She put a little twitch into her walk that wasn't there last night and I nearly slipped in the puddle of drool that gathered at my feet. She stopped with her hand on the doorknob.
"Get some sleep, Brock. You look like you could use it."
"I bet you could too," I smiled sympathetically. "You probably didn't sleep any more than I did."
"Not been to bed yet." She sighed. That did nice things to her chest.
"We could share," I suggested playfully.
She knew I was only half kidding. "Get some sleep, Brock. I'll call you later."
Her smile lit bonfires in me. I felt like a damn teenager again!
"You do that."
I stayed behind the counter because there was quite a happy dance going on in my pants that I didn't really want her to see. I pretended to be occupied with my coffee cake, acting all casual.
She flashed a five star smile, tossed her hair over her shoulder and opened the door. One last time, she glanced at me Lauren Bacall style before going out. My heart did flip-flops as the door closed behind her.
"That's it," I said to myself. "I've died and gone to hell. God is punishing me for being a bad boy."
© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Unfit Author - Week of May 11 - 17, 2015

The Unfit Author
Overall, did a little better this week. I really pushed myself. I have gotten where I miss the activity if I don't keep up with it. My body seems to sense when it's time to get up and dance.

Below are the songs I danced to 5/11/15:
I didn't feel very well today, as evidenced by the fact I only danced once.
Duration Song & Artist Time
6:54 Send Me – Dirty Heads 10:54 AM

Below are the songs I danced to 5/12/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
2:27 Hotel Song – Josh and Larkin 3:29 PM
4:24 Owner of a Lonely Heart – Yes 4:47
25:00 Stretched watching Netflix 8:27-8:52
4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 11:20

Below are the songs I danced to 5/13/15:
I have no excuse for today.
Duration Song & Artist Time
5:06 Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker 10:51 AM
21:00 Stretched watching Netflix 1:01-1:22

Below are the songs I danced to 5/14/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
9:34 300 Rise of an Empire 10:36 AM
(did a lot of leg work and damn near killed myself)
3:57 Pick up the Pieces – AWB 12:26 PM
7:36 Riverboat Queen – Dust Bowl Revival 4:33

Below are the songs I danced to 5/15/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:31 Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars 10:24 AM
3:38 Twitch and Tug – Hugo 11:11
5:19 Concrete – Revivalists 12:11 PM
3:07 Jungle – Jamie N Commons 2:19
2:27 Hotel Song – Josh and Larkin 4:14
4:32 We're All Gonna Die- Slash & Iggy Pop 5:21
25:00 Stretched watching Netflix 8:02-8:27

Below are the songs I danced to 5/16/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 10:46 AM
4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 11:55
4:00 Give it Up – Claws 2:26 PM
4:13 Uptown Funk 3:46
4:06 Happy – Pharrell Williams 4:43

Below are the songs I danced to 5/17/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:10 River of Dreams – Billy Joel 12:13 PM
4:41 Cold Hearted Snake – Paul Abdul 12:24
3:21 Concrete – Revivalists 4:02
5:19 Concrete – Revivalists (longer version) 6:25
(For some reason, this song was stuck in my head)
2:39 Working in a Coalmine – Devo 8:15
6:44 Smooth – Santana 10:41


Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I Love Dialogue from Love, Death and Pizza

Brock Parnell's life seems pretty mundane, except for the presence of Tack Carmichael. Since eighth grade, Tack has managed to make Brock's life a living hell. On the 11:00 News that night, Brock hears the announcement that Tack Carmichael is dead. He's pretty happy about that, until the cops knock on his door and take him in for questioning. Apparently, whoever shot Tack, used Brock's gun. He's been grilled by several people, including a beautiful assistant district attorney, but has nothing much to say, since he's not guilty. It's late at night and Brock is tired. He puts his head down on the table between rounds.

Someone pulled a chair up next to me and sat down. Whoever it was smelled like stale cigarettes and old coffee.
"Hey, Brock."
It was my friend Sam. I grunted, tipping my head to the side so I could see him with one eye.
"They wanted me to come talk to you."
"Sam, I swear to you, I didn't kill Tack. I didn't like the guy. Nobody liked the guy. But I didn't kill him."
"They think maybe you and Amy did it together, Brock."
"Fuck me bald," I mumbled. "I haven't been with Amy for nearly a year. We had a short thing for awhile, but it's over. I saw her a couple days ago up at the club, after the first round of the tournament. That's the first day in six months."
"They figure maybe you've been keeping a low profile to throw everyone off the scent. They figure maybe you planned this over a year ago when the gun got supposedly stolen. That you set this up so it wouldn't look so suspicious now."
"Dammit, Sam! I was frantic over that gun and you know it! We tore the house apart looking for it. I even called Bonnie and begged for her to give it back. What did she tell me?"
"She told you she hadn't taken your stupid gun and to stop calling her."
"Exactly! I'm not that devious, Sam."
"That's pretty well true, Brock."
"And I'm not that smart."
"No, I'd have to say you're not."
"And Amy Carmichael sure as shit isn't worth that kind of trouble!"
Sam looked up at the mirror helplessly and shrugged. I was pissed now. Even my best friend thought I'd killed the guy. Did they check alibis? Did they even know when Tack died? I had a rock, solid alibi from seven in the morning until ten o'clock at night. The only time I wasn't with someone was on my drive to and from work and the short time I was home before the police showed up. I'd had it. I was tired of pretending there was no one behind that glass. I got up, walked over and rapped on it.
"Can I ask something? When did Tack get himself killed? Because if you've bothered to check, I was at work. I've been around people all day long. I didn't even go take a piss without there being someone else in the bathroom. So when am I supposed to have killed him? Hmm?" I rapped loudly on the glass. "Someone want to tell me that? Huh?"
I pounded on the glass, making it shake. Sam came up behind me, taking me by the shoulders. I almost hit him, but I stopped myself in time. My hand was in a fist, but I didn't raise it against him.
"Sam, dammit, I just want to go home. I can't help you with this. If I had killed him, would I be stupid enough to do it with my great-great grandfather's gun and leave it where it could be found? Do you really think I'm that big an idiot?"
"You just said you weren't smart enough to plot his death."
"But a stunt like that falls into the Moron Category! You people are harassing me and the real killer could be long gone. Why don't you stop wasting my time and yours and let me go home?"
The door opened and in walked the Evil Bobbsey Twins again. I'd already forgotten their names and didn't care. They'd switched positions on me. Mr. Right was now Mr. Left.
"You're one cool customer, Mr. Parnell. I'll give you credit for that," Mr. Right (formerly Mr. Left) said.
"Look." I sighed patiently, trying hard to keep my temper. "I told you everything I know. I don't have a clue who killed him, but it wasn't me. It could have been anyone from the mailman to the guy who sells shoes at the mall. I don't know and I really don't give a shit. I didn't like Tack Carmichael, but I'm sure as hell sorry he's dead now."
"You said earlier you didn't care if he was dead," Mr. Left (formerly Mr. Right) said.
"That was before I got blamed for it. I'm sorry he's dead now, because it's inconvenient as hell."
"A man's dead, Mr. Parnell," the current Mr. Right said. "And all you have to say is that it's inconvenient?"
"Yeah. So?" I held out my hands and tossed my head like I gave a damn. "Even beyond the grave, Tack's figured out a way to make my life miserable. If the stupid prick was still alive, I'd kick his ass. I've said everything I'm going to say. Get me a damn lawyer, lock me up, or let me go home. Your choice. But if you keep this shit up any longer, I'll slap you with harassment charges and make damn sure someone gets raked over the coals with a false arrest charge. I don't start shit, gentlemen, but I sure as hell will finish it."
"Is that what you did with Tack Carmichael?" The Mr. Left said. "Did he start something and you finished it?"
I sat down, crossing my arms and glaring at them. "You people are morons," I said grumpily. "Inbred, mother licking morons. I want my lawyer. I'm not saying another word."
"You're no longer willing to cooperate, Mr. Parnell?"
I gave Mr. Right a patient look and smiled pleasantly, but I didn't say anything. That would be interpreted as a big no. The door opened again and in walked the beauty queen.
"Cut him loose, boys."

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Friday, June 05, 2015

The Unfit Author - Week of May 4 - 10, 2015

The Unfit Author
I have been lax in posting, but I have been trying to do something each day. You'll see that some days I am far more successful than others. I've been really bad lately, allowing myself get roped into Netflix marathons. I do try to get up and do something, or stretch, but I'm pretty bad about it for the most part.

Below are the songs I danced to 5/4/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
5:34 Wake Up – Arcade Fire 11:50 AM
3:59 Food Chain – Eric Huntchinson 1:31 PM
3:38 Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathenson 6:21
5:30 Haus – Oberhoffer 7:09
7:35 The End – Gov't Mule 10:00
3:07 Jungle – Jamie N Commons 11:28

I had a lot of trouble breathing today. I've been fighting off a sinus infection since March, but it finally caught up with me. I did some stretching, even if I didn't dance.
9:24 – 9:35 AM
9:41 – 9:58 PM
Total = 28 minutes

Below are the songs I danced to 5/6/15:
Today, I had writing group and came home feeling pretty rotten. The sinus thing really knocked me out. I did a tiny bit of dancing, but not as much as I should.
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:21 Triumphant – Royskopp 4:58 PM
4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 9:01

Below are the songs I danced to 5/7/15:
Felt a little better today, so I was able to do a lot more dancing. Also, was editing rather than writing, so it was easier to take breaks.
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:04 Ooh La La – Josh Turner 11:54 AM
3:12 Waking Up Drowning – Josh Turner 1:12 PM
3:42 Long Train Runnin' – Doobie Brothers 2:53
5:56 Criminal – Revivalists 3:55
3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 9:00
5:18 Concrete – Revivalists 10:16
3:03 Batman Beyond (OST) – Kenny Wayne Shepherd 11:27

Below are the songs I danced to 5/8/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
4:39 ML – North Mississippi Allstars 12:07 PM
5:25 This River – JJ Grey & Mofro 12:42
4:10 Navigate Below – Revivalists 10:19
30:00 Stretch watching Netflix 12:19-12:49

Below are the songs I danced to 5/9/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
3:51 It's All Over – Don Skinner 11:08 AM
3:51 Fuck You – CeeLo Greene 12:48 PM
3:31 Haven't Done Nothin' – Stevie Wonder 1:46
4:55 #9 – Moon Hooch 6:35
3:53 I'm So Sorry – Imagine Dragons 8:53

Below are the songs I danced to 5/10/15:
Duration Song & Artist Time
3:04 Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep 12:11 PM
5:15 Electric Worry – Clutch 12:55
5:04 Sing Sing Sing with a Swing – Benny Goodman 2:51
4:13 Vampires – Ballroom Thieves 5:13
3:38 Flower – Cody Simpson 8:22


You'll notice, as usual, certain songs I tend to favor for a few days. I have been hooked on Flower by Cody Simpson. You will see it fairly often. It's a sweet song, very pretty, with a good beat, but the lyrics are (to me, anyway) intensely sad. 
I am also listening to a lot of songs by the Revivalists, like Criminal and Concrete which will feature a great deal in the next week or two. If you haven't heard this band, they are absolutely amazing.

Old Time Religion ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 5

"This is Ms. Whitley. Her mother's a parishioner at St. Blase. I'm filling in for Father Charlie today." "Yeah, I h...