Friday, October 28, 2022

Fly by Night ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 21

"I got to thinking, we were going about our search all backward. Why wait for the nurse, when we have the world at our fingertips?"

He typed a search into Google. "We know when the accident was. We know where. All we need is who."

The page filled with hits. He eliminated the ones that didn't apply, leaving five. Further checking brought it down to two. One was a newspaper article. Elam clicked the link.

Holding her breath, Blythe peered over his shoulder. His face was so close, she could feel his body heat, making her tingle. Smiling, he kissed her cheek. The page opened.

Front page, headline, huge picture of a mangled, shredded wreck wrapped around a tree in a deep canal off the side of a country road. The area was swampy, overhung with Spanish moss.

"Deadly Wreck on Maytown Road," the headline announced.

Elam pulled Blythe onto his knee so she could see the page better. He'd already read the article through several times, nearly memorizing it, though it was etched in his memory. The gristly scene still haunted his dreams.

Blythe's breath came in short bursts as she read. "Malachi Garafolo, 28, and his brother, Micah Garafolo, 26, were involved in a deadly accident when their car hit a deer on Maytown Road at three o'clock a.m., Thursday, November 1. Micha Garafolo was declared dead on scene. Malachi was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

"First responder, Elam Armitage, 27, is quoted as saying, I never saw anyone live through a wreck that devastating. That's you!" She kissed his cheek, excited to see his name in print.

The article followed with details of the crash, provided by the emergency team. A ten point buck had dashed in front of the vehicle. Skid marks on the pavement, and the dead buck, showed investigators what had happened. Malachi Garafolo was unconscious when emergency personnel arrived, though witnesses said he was awake when they found him. He regained consciousness briefly after surgery, but was unable to confirm any details.

"How sad. Does it say where he went after he left here?" Blythe asked.

Elam scrolled down a little. "It says he was taken to Rosemont."

"What's that?"

"Long term care facility for dementia and Alzheimer's patients, as well as—people in a coma."

"You think he's still in a coma?"

Elam shrugged. "I don't know. Dr. Waverly might be able to find out."

"I don't know how she would come up with a believable story. Things get so sticky with HIPPA codes." She sighed. "Do you think we could go visit him?"

"Where, at Rosemont?"

"We could call to see if he's there. You're one of the emergency team who saved him. Maybe you could say you were interested in his case."

"Honey, he's probably not there anymore. He could be dead, for all we know."

"Does it hurt to ask?"

Her dark eyes held sorrow and pain. Elam couldn't stand to see such raw emotion there.

"It wouldn't hurt a thing," he agreed. "Let me see if I can find a number. Maybe someone will talk to me."

He did a quick Google search and found the number for Rosemont Private Hospital near Ocala, Florida. It was described as a quiet, serene spot, nestling in the embrace of the Ocala National Forest. Elam found a number and called.

"Rosemont Hospital, how may I direct your call?"

"Hi, my name is Elam Armitage. I am calling regarding one of your patients, Malachi Garafolo. You see, I was a first responder on the accident scene, and I got to thinking about him and wondering how he is. Is he still a patient there?"

"Yes, Mr. Garafolo is still one of our clients. What did you say your name is?"

"Armitage. Elam Armitage."

"Mr. Armitage, are you a friend of Mr. Garafolo's?"

"Not exactly. I helped save his life, but he was unconscious at the time."

"This is extremely irregular...."

"I know that what I'm asking is weird. But—I can't get him off my mind. I know it sounds crazy, but I wondered if I could come see him."

"His mother is here. I'll ask her. May I get your name and number?"

"Sure." Elam told her his name, spelling it slowly for her. He gave her his number as well. He'd hardly hung up when his phone rang.

"Mr. Armitage, I just spoke with Mrs. Garafolo. She would be pleased if you'd come see her son. When do you want to come?"

"I'm about three hours away. When would it be convenient?"

There was a brief consultation. Elam could hear the receptionist speaking to another woman. "Could you be here by four?"

"Today?" Elam checked his watch. "Yes, I think we can manage that. I'd like to bring my girlfriend with me, if that's all right?"

"I don't think Mrs. Garafolo would mind. We'll see you at four. Check in at the front desk when you arrive. Do you know how to reach us?"

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Fly by Night ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 20

"Do you really believe all that?"

"Honestly, honey, you got so much better, yes. I may have been born and raised Catholic, but even they couldn't give me answers. She did. Katrinka was immeasurable help."


"It wasn't really her name. It was something commonplace, like Katie. She went by Katrinka because her spirit guide was a Russian peasant."

"I thought they all had princesses as guides."

Her mother laughed. "The charlatans, perhaps. Katrinka, or Katie, was the real deal. You could feel it around her, this power. Comforting, consoling—just pouring out of her. I still have her number."

"Oh, Mom, be serious. I'm not going to go see some new age witch."

"She's not a witch, Blythe Anne. You should be more respectful. Katie said this could happen. A trauma of some sort could trigger it. I thought losing Alec might, so I called her. She did a long distance healing for you. For something this profound, I think you should go see her."

"I'll be fine, Mom."

"I'll find her number anyway. I know you think it's nonsense. I did too, until you had your first good night's sleep in four years. After that, I was a believer."

"I'll think about it, Mom."

"That's all I can ask," her mother replied as she gathered up her dishes.

Feeling at loose ends, Blythe had a shower, washing her hair three times to get the goop out. She wasn't sure she'd gotten it all, but didn't think her hair could handle another shampooing. Instead, she loaded up on conditioner, combing it through before rinsing it out.

Dressed in another new pair of pajamas, she went to find her mother. Instead, she found a note. "Honey, gone to my garden club meeting. There's plenty of food in the fridge for lunch. Just heat something up. Here's Katrinka's number." She had put both the note and a business card on the refrigerator door with a pair of magnets.

Blythe looked at the business card. It looked normal enough. She still couldn't bring herself to call. Maybe later. Right now, she wanted to read something, and escape from the weirdness her life had become. Grabbing a tawdry romance novel from her mother's book shelf, she curled up in the bay window in the den. The TV was on her favorite music station played softly in the background. Her phone rang, startling her from her reading. Setting the book aside, she saw the call was from Elam.

"Hi, there!" she greeted him.

"Hi to you, too. What are you doing right now?"

"Sitting here, bored out of my mind. Mom's at one of her many meetings. Why?"

"Can I come over? I had an idea how to find our mystery man."

"Sure. I should probably get dressed first."

"You're naked?"

Blythe couldn't tell if he was happy or shocked at the idea. "No, I'm in my pjs. How fast a man's mind dives into smut."

"Babe, I'm a guy. I live there."

Blythe hesitated. Alec used to say the same thing. In so many ways, this man was like Alec, but in so many others, he wasn't. She found that she enjoyed the differences more than the similarities.

"You still there?"

"Yeah. Sorry. Not quite awake yet, I guess."

"I'll see you in about twenty, will that give you time to get dressed?"

"Yes. I've showered, just sitting around in pink flannel. I'd like to be better attired."

"Not if it's going to make you uncomfortable."

"Jeans and a T-shirt—no bra." She had the satisfaction of hearing him groan as she hung up.

Elam arrived 22 minutes later with a laptop and a bag of muffins from a local bakery. She opened the door and greeted him with a welcoming kiss. He couldn't hold her properly with both hands full. He set the bag and laptop on the floor so he could embrace her. The clock striking the hour made them realize they'd been kissing nearly 15 minutes.

Blythe licked her lips as Elam bent to retrieve his things. She enjoyed kissing him. She and Alec used to kiss hours at a time, losing themselves in it. Their lovemaking was soft and gentle. No huge fireworks, but a warm, steady glow that was satisfying, fulfilling. She was nervous and anxious about eventually making love to Elam, but excited at the prospect. So different from Alec, but so similar. What would it be like?

"You didn't hear a thing I just said, did you?" Elam teased. "Lost in a drug induced haze?"

Blythe chuckled. "No. I haven't had any since yesterday. Lost in another haze entirely."

They stared at one another a long time. Elam finally snapped out of it, holding up the muffins. "Midday snack. Got coffee to go with?"

"Sure. Mom set up a pot before she left. Which is good, because I'm not as skillful at it as she is."

Elam followed her to the kitchen. Blythe started the coffee pot while he opened up the laptop. She set out cups, sugar and cream while it booted up.

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Fly by Night ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 19

The emergency vehicles arrived in a flash of lights and loud sirens. Men pounded up in full gear, examining the car, assessing the situation.

"Get these people out of here. We need to be careful here, there's a leak in the gas tank. Don't worry, miss. We'll get you out of there."

He was tall, with black hair and a big nose. Where had she seen him before? Why did he look so familiar?

"What's your name, honey?"


"Brenda, I'm Malachi. I'm going to help you. You just hold tight, okay, baby?"

"I'm not going anywhere."

He grinned, his dark brown eyes crinkling at the corners. His lips twitched upward. His nose was too large for his face, but he had a strong jaw, a cleft in his chin, dimples and white teeth. It was the friendliest face she'd ever seen.

The rest was a blur. She had no idea how they freed her from the wreckage, but much later on, they had her out of the car and on a gurney. She was strapped to a backboard with a stiff collar around her neck. Malachi was nowhere to be seen. Moments later, he trotted to her side.

"Want to go for a ride with me?"

"Sure." Her eyes drooped shut. "Thank you."

She felt his hand on her shoulder. "You bet, Brenda. I'm gonna take good care of you."

Tears oozed out from under her closed lids. "Malachi. What's that mean?"

"My messenger," he replied quietly.

Her body convulsed. She could feel herself trembling, muscles fighting the restraints.

"Hang in there, Brenda. Just a little while until we're at the hospital. Don't make a liar of me, Brenda. Brenda!"

She heard the desperation in his voice as he did what he could to help her. His voice grew faint. The last thing she heard was, "Move this tub!"

Blythe woke with a gasp, her lungs feeling tight and constricted. She gulped air desperately, willing them to expand and contract. She sat up, forgetting about the leads. Feeling them in a tangle around her, she nearly pulled them off.

There was a tap at the door and her mother opened it. "You're awake. Are you okay? The technician is here to take things off."

"Okay. Just—I need to pee."

The young woman helped disconnect her from the box. Blythe used the bathroom and went to the sink to wash her hands. She hardly recognized the face that stared at her from the mirror. She had dark circles around her eyes, her cheeks were gaunt. What's happening to me? She touched her face, horrified by her appearance.

Her mother hovered while Tina took the wires off. Blythe sat quietly, but Charlotte asked a lot of questions that the technician couldn't, or wouldn't, answer. All she said was that the doctor would call with the test results.

"They may ask you to come in," she said, sounding a bit flustered. "We've never—I've not—" She snapped her lips shut. Tina forced a smile. "I'm so sorry. I really hope we can solve this for you soon."

"Thank you. I hope so. too."

"The doctor will call later today."

"I thought you said it would be several days," Charlotte interjected.

"I think they'll want to go over the results sooner than that." Impulsively, she hugged Blythe. "Take care."

Charlotte stayed quiet as she fixed Blythe breakfast. Finally, she sat down, opposite her daughter, at the table in the breakfast nook. Blythe nodded her thanks, saying a quick blessing before eating. Usually talkative, she sat in total silence, chewing slowly as she gazed out the window.

"What's on your mind, honey?"

Blythe told her about her dream. Her mother waited patiently for her to finish, a worried frown on her face.

"How horrible. Were you in pain? Did you suffer?"

"No. But I was so afraid. If it hadn't been for Malachi, I don't think I—Brenda—would have made it. He was so kind, so strong."

Charlotte blinked hard, turning her face away. "Do you remember the nightmares you had as a child?"

Blythe shook her head. "Not really. I can remember being afraid to go to bed. We went to a doctor, who hypnotized me or something. The bad dreams went away."

Her mother nodded, clasping her hands, laying them on the table, as she hunched forward in her chair. "You had night terrors that were so real, you sometimes couldn't remember where you were, when you woke. We tried everything—therapy, medication, hypnosis. We even took you to a psychic. She was actually the most helpful."

"A psychic? For real, Mom?"

"Not the right word. She called herself a spiritist. She did practiced reiki, reflexology and acupuncture, among other things. She was the one who helped the most. She did several treatments. She said that your problem was that you were an old spirit, who had become lost. You tried to find your lost soul, by visiting the souls of those who were dying. She found you a spirit guide who was supposed to help you through life."

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Fly by Night ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 18

A car turned into the driveway and a woman got out, carrying a pair of cases.

"That's my sleep study arriving," Blythe said. "Either she's early, or we've been out here longer than I thought."

"Both," Elam confirmed, after a glance at his watch. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I certainly hope so."

"Cool." He gave her a quick kiss before offering to carry the cases to the house.

The technician, Tina, gladly handed them to him. He took them to the guest room for her before saying good night once more.

"I'll call you tomorrow." Waving goodbye, he left.

Blythe waved goodbye and went in the house. Tina got her things set up while Blythe got ready for bed. She carefully put her engagement ring in an enamel box that Alec had used to present it to her. This went into the drawer of her dresser with her panties.

"Just sit here for me," Tina said, patting a low stool. "I apologize in advance for the stuff I have to use on your scalp. It's really gooey and never does completely dry. It will probably take extra shampooing to get it out of your hair." She showed it to Blythe.

"Gack! That's like super sticky snot."

The tech laughed, agreeing with her. She set about getting all the little sticky pads and goo on Blythe. It took about 30 minutes.

"If you have to go to the bathroom during the night, you unplug this and carry the pack with you to the bathroom. I'll be back about seven o'clock to disconnect you."

"So early? Ugh. I don't usually roll out of bed that early, on my days off."

"I'm sorry. That's the rule, I'm afraid. We should have the results in a couple of days."

"Thank you." Blythe climbed in bed and settled down for the night.

It took longer to go to sleep than usual. She wasn't in her own bed and she had a couple dozen sensors on her. Finally, she dropped off. Almost immediately, she was pulled into a nightmarish dream.

The world spun out of control. Glass flew toward her like bullets. Crunching, crashing, grinding noises filled the air. Above it all, someone screamed hysterically. It took several seconds to realize that the sound came from her in a constant, ceaseless screech. Her throat hurt from it, but she couldn't stop.

Finally, the vehicle shuddered to a halt, spinning rapidly on its roof. Blythe thought she was going to vomit. Instead, she passed out. When she came to, she was alone in the dark. She thought she might be in the woods, but couldn't be certain. It as too dark to see very much. There certainly were trees all around.

Blood trickled from her scalp, dripping onto the headliner of her car. It pounded in her ears and she was afraid she would pass out again. The distant sound of an engine greeted her ears, and she hoped the other driver would see her. She had no idea if she was on or off the road. Closing her eyes, she waited for impact. None came. Instead, she heard shouting, the pounding of footsteps and voices raised in warning.

"Don't get too close," a loud, masculine voice bellowed. "The gas is leaking out of it. For Christ sake, Bill! Put out the damn cigarette! You want to blow us all up?"

"Can you hear me?" she called.

"Yeah," a man crouched on the pavement. "How did you come out of that alive? Jesus, that was a hell of a wreck."

"I can't move my legs."

The man leaned in, gazing at the area behind the steering wheel where her legs were pinned. His eyes widened, but he said nothing.

"Yeah, we'll have to wait for the fire department. I don't think we can get you out of there easily. What's your name, honey?"

"Brenda," Blythe replied. Her mouth formed the unfamiliar name against her will.

"Hi, Brenda. You're gonna be okay. We'll get you out of there as soon as possible."

"Thank you. Thanks."

She closed her eyes and heard the man walk away. At a distance, she heard his voice.

"I don't know how she lived through that crash. I hate to tell her, doesn't look like she's gonna come out of this with both legs."

Tears oozed out of her eyes and dripped backward into her ears. Blood pounded in her head and she wondered how much longer she could stay like this. Then she heard the sirens. They were coming for her, she was safe.

Blythe couldn't make herself wake up. Until now, she'd always been able to check out of the dreams and find reality. This one dragged her deeper.

She dangled from her seat belt. The man reappeared in her line of vision.

"Hi, Brenda. We're going to get you out of there soon. I've got a couple friends who will be helping to get you out of the car.


"You're stuck in there pretty good, but these guys know what they're doing. You'll be fine."

"My legs?"

He closed his eyes, pressing his lips. "I'm sorry. You heard that?"

"What's wrong? What's happened?"

"Nothing. My bad. You're gonna be okay."

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Fly by Night ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 17

They pulled into the wide driveway of the two story Victorian house on the river. They had a view of the barrier island across the wide expanse of water. Carriage lights illuminated the front and sides of the yellow and white structure. The bright red door glittered invitingly.

There was an extra car in front of the house, Jason's. Blythe wasn't sure what to think when her father helped her to the door. Elam met them on the porch.

Blythe took his hand, squeezing tight. "You ready?"

He grinned. "I've met your family before. Don't worry."

Try as she might, Blythe couldn't conjure up as casual an attitude. She was worried what Jason might say or do. Surprisingly, her brother was on his best behavior. Perhaps their father had laid down the law. Or maybe he'd decided to let go. Whatever the case, she was glad. They walked into the brightly lit foyer. A diamond dust mirror graced the wall to the right. The hardwood floors shone with a silky, muted sheen.

Charlotte Donovan greeted Elam like a long lost son. She hugged him tightly, kissing his cheeks, before enthusiastically introducing him to Lori.

"So, you're the hot orderly, huh?" Lori moved closer, inspecting every inch of him. Her eyes swept him from head to toe, lingering longer in the area of his belt buckle. "You'll do."

"Thanks?" Elam laughed nervously.

"You have your best friend's approval," Lori said in an imperious tone. "He's acceptable."

"Thanks, Lor-Lor. Good to know."

"If she hadn't approved me, would you still go out with me?"

"Probably," Blythe said, tossing her long, brown hair over her shoulder. "But I wouldn't have talked about it afterward."

"And that's a bad thing?" Elam asked Jason.

"I dunno, man. I don't understand it either. Want a beer?"

"You having one?"

Jason's eyes traveled around the circle of family members. "Oh, hell, yeah. You can crash in my room if you have to. Lori's my designated driver for the night." He led Elam into the kitchen.

The door dropped shut behind them. Jason turned sharply, confronting Elam. "You gonna hurt my baby sister?"

"Not intentionally."

"You gonna try to get in her pants?"

Elam frowned, shrugging. "Duh, I'm a guy." He spread his hands to show how obvious an assumption that was. "But I'm a patient man. I won't force it." He paused taking the beer. "She has to move on, Jason. If it's not with me, it's with someone else. I really like your sister. Whatever's going on with her, I'm cool with it."

Jason took a sip of his beer. "Not every guy would be. Hell, I'm not even sure I would."

"She's a very special woman. I could see that the second I met her. She's beautiful, funny—sexy as all—"

Jason glowered. Elam laughed at him.

"I'm just fucking with you, man. But seriously—"

Jason punched his arm, making Elam spill some beer. He licked his thumb as Jason got him a paper towel. By the time they'd wiped the beer off the floor, and Elam had washed his hands, they were getting along. Despite the fact he was intruding on a age old friendship, becoming part of a group that had spent their lives together, Jason liked Elam. He was a good man, in some ways better than Alec. He was quick witted, and had a lively sense of humor. He might even be quick enough to keep up with Lori, no small feat.

Since the sleep study technician was supposed to arrive at 10:00, Jason, Lori and Elam left at 9:30. Blythe walked Elam out to his car, waiting for her brother and friend to leave. They gave hugs and kisses before heading back to Lori's apartment.

"So, did I pass muster?" Elam asked playfully.

"You did great. I'm so sorry to put you through all that. We aren't even officially dating." She leaned against his car, gazing up into his blue eyes.

"Would you like to be?" Elam took a step closer, his hands barely touching her waist.

"Yes," she agreed quietly. "I would. But there's something I have to do first." She raised her left hand, the back of it to him. With a quick twist, she took off her ring and stowed it in her bra.

Elam watched the process with interest, his eyes drifting from her finger to her chest. A slow smile tugged at his full lips.

"Thank you. It means a lot to me."

Blythe tugged at his belt, pulling him close. "Show me," she replied.

Elam's hands circled her waist. Her chest pressed against his as he lowered his face to hers. A spark hopped between them. Lips stinging, Blythe intensified the kiss to rid herself of the discomfort. Elam was as careful as he could be, but he held her too tightly. His hand clenched her bruised ribs, making her gasp. Hopping back a step, he apologized.

"It's okay. That will go away soon," Blythe assured him.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Fly by Night ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 16

Her father had black coffee and sugar cookies. Plain and simple for him. They enjoyed their treat, talking quietly until a nurse tapped on the door. She seemed surprised to see Elam, but didn't make any comment. She was young, blonde and attractive. Her eyes lingered on Elam a moment before she handed a clipboard to Blythe.

"And here is the information about the sleep study. They will send someone over about ten o'clock tonight. You're very lucky. They can't usually push this through so fast."

"Special case," Elam said, forcing a smile.

"So I see." She almost snatched the clipboard back from Blythe. "Enjoy, honey. He's all yours." She turned on her heel and flounced out of the room.

Elam dropped his head. "That was embarrassing."

"An ex?" Don asked quietly, raising an eyebrow.

"Sort of. More like didn't really get off the ground."

"Did she think so, too?" Blythe asked, tight lipped. She was surprised to find herself siding with the woman.

"She broke up with me," Elam replied, tersely. "Before we had sex, in case that's your follow-up question."

"It's not my business. I'm sorry, I overreacted." Blythe blushed, dropping her eyes.

Elam took her hand, twining his fingers with hers. "Maybe not, but I wanted to tell you." He smiled, kissing her fingertips.

Paul arrived a few moments later. There was a flurry of activity as they loaded Blythe in her father's car.

"You can follow us over," Don said to Elam as he opened his car door.

"I can find it. Thanks, Don. I'll see you in a few."

"He's coming over?" Blythe asked when her father pulled into traffic.

"Yes. He's a nice boy. Very polite. He seems to like you a lot. He didn't have to tell you about that girl, you know." He cocked his head, smiling.

"I know. I didn't deserve an explanation, the way I acted. I have absolutely no claim on him."

"Maybe he'd like you to."

Her father drove home in silence. The sun was low in the sky. Blythe had no idea they had been at the hospital most of the day. Her stomach growled. She realized that other than the cookies, she hadn't eaten since breakfast.

"I hope Mom has a feast planned. I'm starving."

"Ham with all the trimmings," he assured her.

"Special occasion?"

"Our daughter is alive," he explained. "And she's found a young man—someone to get to know. No pressure," he added. "But you make an attractive couple. You'd make very pretty babies."

"Daddy!" Blythe was shocked at her father's comment. That was the closest they'd ever come to talking about sex.

"There is no greater joy than holding your newborn child in your arms," he said softly. "It's a joy I want for both my children. Mom and I want you happy, darling. You haven't been happy in so long. And this young man seems like he might be the fellow to do that."

Blythe blinked back tears. "I barely know him."

"True, but how many men would come to the hospital, on their day off, to make sure you were all right? I can tell you—one. And I don't mean Alec."

"Of course not, he's—gone."

"He's dead," he said firmly. "Dead and buried. I'm not trying to be harsh or cruel, sweetheart. I am being matter of fact. It's time for the ring to come off. Put it in a special place in Mom's jewelry armoire, or save it in your jewelry box, but it needs to come off your finger—tonight."

"I don't know...."

"You won't ever feel ready," her father stated simply. "So, I'm telling you. It's time."

"Maybe you're right, Daddy."

"I dated a girl before I met your mother." He stopped at a stop sign, waiting for Elam to catch up. "We were pretty serious. We were one another's first love. I didn't think there was anyone I could possibly love more than Sallie." He glanced in his rear view mirror, checked the intersection and continued. "But she died. Killed in a stupid accident, when she was sixteen."

"I'm so sorry."

"I was seventeen, and I just knew my life was over. I couldn't even look at, or think of, another girl for nearly a year. Finally, my old man told me I had to snap out of it. It wasn't normal for a kid my age to mope around like that. My grades were failing. I was flunking my senior year. Dad forced me to go to Homecoming—by myself, I might add."

"You met Mom at a Homecoming dance."

"I did. Her date dumped her, and left with another girl. I happened across her in the courtyard, bawling her eyes out. I drove her home and we sat outside her house until two o'clock in the morning—talking."

"Just talking, Daddy?"

"Mostly talking." He winked. "Your mom wasn't a pushover, but I was a pretty good looking guy."

"You're still a good looking guy. She was smart to hook up with you."

"There's something to be said for gallantry. What Elam did today, that was gallant. He's a good man."

"I think so too."

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Sunday, October 09, 2022

Books & Entertainment Presents Dellani's Tea Time with KG & Esmy


It's been a minute since we had a show. Christina & I needed a break for real life, but we're back stronger than ever! To celebrate, we've got two great authors joining us.

First is returning guest, author K.G. Bethlehem specializes in the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Dystopia genres where he combines well-thought storylines with a vivid imagination to comprise to ultimate reading experience. He is the author of The Forever Spring and Avenging Knights, as well as co-authoring Shadow Within a City. Welcome back, KG. We're so glad to have you here.

New to the show is author Esmeralda Oropeza. Esmy currently lives in Utah but was born in Southern California. She has a four book series call Crossroad Wings. Three of the four books have been translated into Spanish. She is working on a rom-com where a girl impersonates a guy to get back at the ex for breaking up with her. Welcome to the show, Esmy. We're so glad to have you here.

Join us Monday, October 10, 2022 on Blog Talk Radio!

Old Time Religion ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 25

Obi took a moment to compare the sisters. Frankie had dark brown hair, and blue eyes. Though their coloring was different, they clearly were...