Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me with John, KG & Ryanne on TODAY, December 26 from 4-6 PM Eastern

It's the last show of 2018, and it's fitting to see the New Year out with some wonderful guests! One is returning, the other two are brand new. Please help me welcome them.

First up is new guest, Ryanne Anthony, author of the Negative Ion Series, The M Series, The PlayNISE Series. This is her first visit on the show. Welcome to the show, Ryanne! 

Next, is John Clark, author of Finding God, Depression Blues, 30-day Optimism Solution, and more. John is also a new guest. Welcome to the show, John! 

Finally, is KG Bethlehem, the author of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Dystopian novels, including Avenging Knights, Astronomical, and The Forever Spring. This is KG's second visit to the show. Welcome back, KG! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me with Christina Giguere, Karen Vaughan, JD Holiday, Marta Moran Bishop Wednesday, November 28, 2018

This is where I would usually introduce Christina Giguere, my faithful sidekick, but today, she's on as a guest, too, here to impart her knowledge of marketing and writing. When she’s not saving the day as a virtual assistant, Christina Giguere likes to write. Her alter ego, Rachel Rueben has a blog called: Writing By The Seat Of My Pants for self-published authors where she discusses publishing news and tips for indie authors.

Second in line is author and illustrator J.D. Holiday. JD has five books. Four children's books: Janoose The Goose, Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair, The Spy Game, and The Great Snowball Escapade. She has also penned collections of short stories for adults in Stories & Imaginings For The Reading Spot. Welcome, JD. JD has been a host with Red River Radio. Welcome, JD.

Our third guest is author and radio show host, Karen Vaughan. Karen started her literary journey in 2005 when she got the idea for what would become Dead on Arrival. She went on to write a series of novels staring her characters Laura and Gerry, as well as stand alone book, Dead Comic Standing. Karen hosts Writers Round Table the second Tuesday of each month. She teamed up with Viv Drewa in Owl & Pussycat Promotions, promoting independent authors. Welcome, Karen.

Our fourth guest is Marta Moran Bishop, who has co-authored books with her mother and grandmother, such as Keeping the Upper Paw, and penned a variety of poetry books, children's books including Wee Three, and a series of dystopian novels, starting with The Between Times. She has also been a host on the Red River Radio network. Welcome, Marta.

Finally, me. I don't tell much about myself in my usual introductions, because I, like other authors, I love to talk about writing and books, but have trouble tooting my own horn. Unfortunately, in marketing, you have to. I'm an author, mostly of romantic suspense, though I have published two historical romances, a variety of contemporary romance, as well as a retro romance, set in Nebraska in 1976. I've written over 100 novels, as yet unpublished, and am working on about 50 more. To check out some of my unpublished works, visit my website, where I post many of my books in serial form.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Hebby Roman, John E Stith, TW Knight and Carra Copelin Monday, November 12, 2018

Even if we don't want them to, stores all over are putting up Christmas decorations, next to the Halloween markdowns. For those people who actually shop in advance, and want a jump on Black Friday, we've got four fantastic authors, with lots of books to share.

First up is returning guest, Hebby Roman. She's here to talk about an anthology she's part of, A Christmas Cowboy to Keep. She is the author of Cristabelle: A Christmas Bride, A Hard Candy Christmas, and Let It Be Christmas, among others. Welcome back, Hebby!
Another author from the Christmas Cowboy to Keep anthology, is Carra Copelin. She is also the author of Faith and the Texas Lawyer, Brides of Texas Code Series, The Legend of Bad Moon Rising, and more. Welcome, Carra. So happy to have you with us.

Our third guest is TW Knight. She writes about angels and demons in her books His Soul to Keep, His Soul to Hold and His Soul to Save. This is her first time on the show. Welcome, TW, so glad you could join us.

Last, but by no means least, is John E. Stith. Mostly an author of hard science fiction, he's now branched out into crime. His newest novel is Pushback, a fast paced suspense novel. This is John's first time on the show as well. Welcome, John, we're so pleased you're here. 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me with JS Burke and Mark Stevens Wednesday, October 24, 2018

According to my records, it was nine years ago, nearly to the day, that Christina became my co-host. It's been quite a fun journey, and given us a lot of great memories. She's put up with my same stories all this time, for which I'm grateful. I look forward to many more years of hosting shows together. I'm delighted that we have two wonderful guests to help us celebrate and commemorate this occasion!

First up is marine biologist, and author, JS Burke. She is the author of delightful tales, The Dragon Dreamer and Dragon Lightning, as well as the lovely Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book. This is her second visit, and we're so glad she could join us again. Welcome back, Jenny. Please tell our listeners a little bit about yourself.

Our second guest is new to the show, but not to talk shows. In fact, he hosts his own podcasts, and has so many irons in the fire, I don't know how he finds the time to write. Mark Stevens is the author of the Allison Coil Mystery Series which includes Antler Dust, Buried by the Road, Trapline, Lake of Fire and his newest release, The Melancholy Howl. Welcome, Mark. Please tell our listeners a little bit about yourself.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Addison Brae and Nancy Stohlman Monday, October 15, 2018

Addison Brae lives in Dallas, Texas on the edge of downtown. As a child, she was constantly in trouble for hiding under the bed to read when she was supposed to be napping. She has been writing since childhood starting with diaries, letters and short stories. She continues today with articles, video scripts and other content as an independent marketing consultant.

When she's not writing, Addison spends her time traveling the world, collecting interesting cocktail recipes and hosting parties. She's still addicted to reading and enjoys jogging in her neighborhood park, sipping red wine, binge-watching TV series, vintage clothing and hanging out with her artistic other half and their neurotic cat Lucy. Her book, Becker Circle, is available through Tirgearr Publishing.

Nancy Stohlman’s books include Madam Velvet’s Cabaret of Oddities, The Vixen Scream and Other Bible Stories, The Monster Opera, Searching for Suzi: a flash novel, and Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, a finalist for a 2011 Colorado Book Award. She is the creator and curator of The Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series, the creator of FlashNano in November, and the co-founder of Flash Fiction Retreats. Her work was recently anthologized in the WW Norton anthology New Micro: Very Short Stories. She teaches writing at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me with Kathleen Rowland, Susan Clayton-Goldner, Tegon Maus, September 26, 2018

I'm so excited about our next show. I've got three wonderful Tirgearr authors with me. Two, you've met, but one is newly with us. I know this is going to be a fund show

First up is Kathleen Rowland, author of One Night in Havana, Unholy Alliance, and Dealy Alliance. This is Kathleen's first time on the show, and we're delighted to have her with us.

Next is Susan Clayton-Goldner, author of murder mysteries and thrillers, A River of Shame, A Bend in the Willow, and Tormented, among others. This is Susan's third, or maybe fourth visit. Welcome back, Susan!

Last, but only because we're alphabetical, is Tegon Maus author of fantasy novels, Machines of the Little People, The Wishing Stone, Service Before Self, and Bob, among others. Tegon has also been a frequent visitor, so happy to have him here again.

With these three guests, it will prove to be a fun, entertaining and lively show, so be sure to tune in!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Kali Willows and Lisa Borm Monday, September 10, 2018

Dellani's Tea Time with Kali and Lisa

First, alphabetically speaking, is Kali Willows, author of Curse of the Dragon's Eye, Terminal Lust, and Romancing the Author, among many more. We're so looking forward to chatting with her. Welcome, Kali.

Second is Lisa Borm, author of When Lightning Strikes the Cottonwood and The Religion of Trees. Welcome, Lisa. We look forward to getting to know you better. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Red River Radio Revisited – What's Write for Me August 22, 2018 with Melissa MacFie and Steven Manchester

Enough with the change of seasons, and talk of the weather! Let's focus on what's really important in life—books, books and more books. Our authors today have some great ones to share with us, so let's talk books!

First up is Melissa Macfie author of Fate's Hand, Reliquary's Choice, and Oracle's Curse. This is Melissa's first time on the show, so let's give her a hearty welcome.

Second is Steven Manchester author of Three Shoe Boxes, The Rockin' Chair and The Changing Season, among others. This is his first visit too, so we'll settle back and have a good time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Red River Radio Revisited – Dellani's Tea Time August 13, 2018

Summer's coming to an end – at least in some parts of the world. Here in Florida, it's summer 99% of the year! However, officially, as far as the school system is concerned, it's winding to a close. Students are trotting off to the hallowed halls of education, leaving Mom & Dad with a little extra time on their hands. Yay! How better to spend that time, than reading a book? My two authors today have wonderful adventures to share with you.

First up is Mari Collier, author of the Twisted Tales Series, and the Chronicles of Maca Series. This is Mari's first time on the show, and we're so excited to have her with us. Welcome, Mari!

Also joining us is Sue Coletta, author of spine tingling mysteries, Scathed, Cleaved and Marred, and many more. This is Sue's second (or maybe third) visit to our show. Welcome back, Sue!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Red River Radio Presents Dellani's Tea Time with Author God-Son, KA Lugo and Karen Vaughan

TODAY Join Us Live, Or At Your Leisure

red river radio logo
The year is almost over, and the holiday season has already begun! Of course, it started in October, as far as stores were concerned. Officially, is a different matter. In celebration of all things celebratory, we have three great authors to chat with.
Author Godson
First up is Author God-Son, owner of God-Son Publishing and author of The J Wilkenson Story: Thirteen Going on Thirty Five. We're delighted to have him on the show. Welcome God-Son!
karen vaughan scarf
Next is no stranger to the show. Karen Vaughan is the author of comic mysteries, predominantly her lively Laura and Gerry books, as well as Holmes in America and Dead Comic Standing. She also helps promotes other authors, not only with her Writer's Roundtable show, but with Owl & Pussycat Productions. Welcome back, Karen!
We round out our trio with author KA Lugo, author of Slaughtered: A Jack Slaughter Thriller. Though this is her debut novel under this name, KA is a seasoned author in another genre. She's also a seasoned guest on the show. We're delighted to have her back. Welcome, KA!

Be Sure to Join Us Live, Or Later

Red River Radio Revisited – What's Write for Me July 25, 2018 with Karen Vaughan and Scott Moses

It's summertime and it's HOT! In order to take our minds off how sweaty we are, I've got two really cool authors lined up to chat with us today.

First up, alphabetically speaking, is Karen Vaughan is the author of the Laura and Gerry Mysteries, as well as Holmes in America and Dead Comic Standing. She is also a PA for authors, and a talk show host here on the Red River Radio Network. Welcome back, Karen. You've been here so often, I've lost track. It's like a second home for you.

Second is Scott Moses, author of the futuristic thriller Between Truth and Eternity and the hilariously thought provoking Fools of Parody. Welcome back, Scott! We're so delighted to have you here for a second visit.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Red River Radio Revisited – Dellani's Tea Time with CD Gorri, Amanda Kimberly & JM Robison June 11, 2018

It's officially summer and time to kick back and relax by the pool, on the beach, or wherever the mood takes you! Not hot enough for you? Well, our two authors can certainly turn up the heat. All our ladies are known for spinning a great yarn, whether it be werewolves, dragons, witches, or warrior queens these ladies have it all.

First, please welcome CD Gorri. She is a fantasy author whose books include Wolf Moon, Charley's Christmas Wolf, and The Dragon's Valentine.

Second, please welcome Amanda Kimberley, author of Forever Bound, Salem’s Trial by Judge, and a non-fiction title Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy.

Both CD and Amanda are in an anthology: Wicket Nights of Summer.

Our final guest is JM Robison, author of historical romances, The War Queen and The Foes Between us. This is JM's second visit to our show, and we're delighted to have her back!

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me Revisited May 23, 2018 with E Kay Sims, Eliot Parker & Freya LeCrow

Need some excitement in your life? Some flavor, if you will.... Well, these three authors have plenty! Whether you want a sports themed murder mystery, a cyborg soldier, or some spooky paranormal mystery/ romance, they have all that and more!

All three authors are new to the show, and I know we'll show them a really good time.

First up, alphabetically speaking, is E. Kay Sims, author of military/ sci-fi romances Eve of Destruction, Knights of Destruction, and the brand new novel, Operation: Stripped & Stranded. Welcome E. Kay, and good luck with your launch!

Second, we have Eliot Parker, author of sports themed mystery Breakdown at Clear River, and Fragile Brilliance, as well as murder mystery Code for Murder. Welcome, Eliot!

Third, is Freya LeCrow, author of paranormal mystery/ romance novels Rembrandt Ripper, Marked by Fate and The Bloody Detective. Welcome, Freya!

Friday, December 07, 2018

Red River Presents Dellani's Tea Time Revisited May 14, 2018 with KM, Kim and Kevin!

It's officially summer here in Florida. We've already had several days with temperatures in the 80s, and we've had more than one thunderstorm. Beaches are crawling with tourists who want to spend the day in the sun. Surely, a good book would make the time pass pleasantly?

Our first guest is K.M. Ecke author of Moral Panic. Not only does he have a good book to entertain you, he's also a musician, with an album called Change of Mind. You can hear his music on Spotify, or his YouTube channel, The Dream Flow. This is his first time on the show, and we're delighted to have him here. Welcome, KM!

Our next guest is Kim Terry, author of From Her Mother's Arms. We're so happy to have her on the show for the first time. Welcome, Kim!

Our final guest is KG Bethlehem, the author of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Dystopian novels, including Avenging Knights, Astronomical, and The Forever Spring. This is also KG's first time on the show, and we're so pleased to have him here. Welcome, KG!

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