Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Unfit Author - The Journey Begins!

I used to keep in shape, able to eat anything I wanted. If I wasn't walking, I was riding my bike. In college, I worked in the scene shop. Nothing like set work to keep you healthy and strong! I also took a lot of dance classes.
After graduation and marriage, I worked out in aerobics and water aerobics. I was fit! Even after four children, I was slender and in good shape. Then a serious of health problems put me down and I haven't been the same since.
Thanksgiving of 2000, I broke my neck. I call it that for dramatic effect. What I actually did was rupture the C5-C6 disc in my neck. Excruciatingly painful, it curtailed my physical activities considerably. I had a fusion and replacement in the spring of 2001, but it left considerable nerve damage in its wake.
Afterward, it was difficult to walk or ride my bike. In fact, it was downright painful to do anything but normal daily activities. Once the neck brace came off, I had some therapy, but never regained full mobility of my neck. I have almost constant discomfort, if not pain, in my left shoulder. There are areas of hyper-sensitivity alternating with tingling, numb spots all down my left arm and leg. There isn't anything that can be done for this. I'm not incapacitated, but it does make exercising challenging.
After that, I started to gain weight and I couldn't keep ahead of it. In 2009, I weighed around 198 pounds. On my 5'5” frame, that's a fair amount of weight. I was thinking of how best to pursue weight loss when I found out I had breast cancer. Diagnosed in December of 2009, I started chemo in February of 2010. My year is a blur for the from January through August, between chemo and radiation treatments.
The steroids they gave me during the treatments started a spiral decline that I couldn't dig out of with a back hoe. I also developed more severe allergies, I think likely keyed to the chemo, and was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis two years ago. For that, I was prescribed more steroids in the form of an inhaler. The inhaler is $200 a pop, so I've had to wean myself off it. It wasn't as effective after two years, anyway, so I haven't noticed a huge difference either way.
It's hard for me to walk, due to a dodgy hip and knee, and it's not very interesting walking around our neighborhood. My bike was stolen, just as I was getting out to ride it every day, so there went that. Needless to say, I don't get much exercise. I need to and I need to get this weight off. Health issues aside, I don't like how I look. Having a negative body image isn't healthy emotionally, and I need a boost.
My self-esteem takes a nose dive whenever I try to work out. I was doing well with the P90X Stretch, then the disc got lost and I no longer had it as a workout resource. Shortly after that, my son and his girlfriend moved in with us. I don't like working out in front of others, particularly those who are fit. It's distressing and depressing, so I sit in my office and don't do anything. I can borrow my son's copy of the X Stretch, but I'm in such sorry shape now, I can't do it. I'm breathless and wheezing less than 10 minutes in—that's just the warmup!
So, I set myself a goal. Every hour, I do at least three minutes of exercise. This doesn't sound like much, but it's a manageable goal for me. Today is day one, Monday, February 16, 2015. I hope that by writing about it, I will be able to make myself do it. I will update every week. I took my weight and measurements today. Since I'm rather embarrassed by the numbers, I'll keep them to myself and give weekly updates on changes (if any).

Below are the songs I danced to 2/16/15

Duration Song & Artist Time
3:53 F**k You – CeeLo Green. 12:43
7:38 Whiskey Bar – Zak Deputy 1:29
3:31 Haven't Done Nothin – Stevie Wonder 2:36
4:03 Money for Nothin' – Dire Straits 3:40
4:39 Fire Like This – Hardknox 4:48
Dinner prep and eating 6:00 – 7:00 (approximately)
3:16 Into the Jungle – Jamie N Commons 7:03
3:13 Rumble and Sway – Jamie N Commons 8:18
30:13 Total

You'll notice that my times are a bit wonky, not exactly an hour apart. Part of this is due to the fact that I set the timer after I exercised. Part of it is due to the fact that I sometimes forgot to reset the timer. This is a work in progress, after all.
I decided that after dinner, I was going to relax and not push myself. The last couple songs, it was difficult to breathe. However, if I've added up correctly, I got just over 30 minutes of exercise today. Not bad, considering I rarely get any.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Today's workouts were a little more scattered, but I still got in over 30 minutes. My daily goal is 30 minutes for the first couple of weeks, then I'll try for more. I'm not worrying so much about diet at this time, rather activity levels. So far, so good, but it's only the second day.
I had to fight the impulse to skip a couple of sessions, but I made myself get up and do them. I chose shorter songs so I wouldn't feel as overwhelmed.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/17/15:

Duration Song & Artist Time
3:39 Bottom of the River – Delta Rae 11:25
7:30 Whiskey Bar – Zach Deputy 12:24
7:12 Luz, Amor y Vida – Carlos Santana 1:36
4:01 I Don't Care – Patrick Stump 3:51
4:00 Tenderoni – Chromeo 8:47
3:26 Barbed Wire and Roses – Pinmonkey 9:57
38:11 Total

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Today is my writing group day. I volunteer at the local Council on Aging. It takes up a large portion of my day. With one thing and another, I didn't get much exercise in, but I did make myself do some so the say wouldn't be a total loss.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/18/15

Duration Song & Artist Time
4:20 Pretzel Logic – Warren Haynes 11:25 PM
5:25 Regulator – Clutch 11:31 PM
9:45 Total

Thursday, February 19, 2015
Today was better. I was home for the day and was able to keep up a fairly regular schedule. I took a break to fix lunch and supper (and watch a movie with my kids) I'm a little stiff from the last few days, but it's not painful. I'm simply using muscles that haven't been exercised this much for years. I take it easy, not dancing as hard if I feel something twinge.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/19/15

Duration Song & Artist Time
4:55 Number 9 – Moon Hooch 11:02
5:10 Concrete – Revivalists 12:09
4:47 Electric Worry – Clutch 1:16
Lunch and a break 1:35
3:59 Only One – Melissa Etheridge 2:38
3:56 Let Me Go – Melissa Etheridge 3:41
4:48 Luz, Amor y Vida – Carlos Santana 5:15
Dinner and a Movie 6:18
3:31 Haven't Done Nothing – Stevie Wonder 8:46
4:35 Hi De Ho – K7 10:04
34:43 Total

Friday, February 20, 2015
Today wasn't a very good exercise day. I did all right until midafternoon when I developed a migraine. It took hours for it to settle down and it never completely went away. I didn't get as much exercising in because dancing around made my head hurt worse.

Below are the songs I danced to 2/20/15

Duration Song & Artist Time
3:40 So Far from Your Weapon – Dead Weather 12:44
3:13 Rumble and Sway – Jamie N Commons 2:20
2:23 Jack the Ripper – Link Wray 3:32
Migraine kicked in
4:38 New Low – Middle Class Rut 10:31
13:54 Total

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Another bad day. I didn't get any exercise in at all. Went to bed with a headache, woke up with it and kept it most of the day. Even the idea of dancing made it hurt more. Okay, that's probably psychosomatic, but that's the truth of it.
Tomorrow is another day and I won't give up. I do notice that I feel a bit better since embarking on this—other than the migraine. Migraines suck.

Sunday, February 22, 2015
Didn't do as badly today, though I didn't reach my 30 minute goal. I got distracted and I was still feeling the after effects of the migraine. I also realized that I need to add stretching to my routine, which I will do starting on Monday, February 23, 2015

Below are the songs I danced to 2/22/15

Duration Song & Artist Time
3:00 Venus – Shocking Blue 12:08
3:30 Mercy – Duffy 1:20
3:44 Hem of Your Garment – Cake 2:26
4:28 Tenderoni – Chromeo 5:29
4:00 Pick Up the Pieces – Average White Band 7:48
5:08 Funk for Your Ass – Frank Wesley 9:01
2:46 Long Way to Go – C2C 10:08

After the first week, no change in the measurements, which is as I anticipated. However, almost a pound difference in weight. Keeping in mind time of day, fullness of stomach & bladder, I'm not calling it definitive yet, but it's a pound and I'm owning it!

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Undiscovered - Excerpt Chapter 11

Martha, Cadence's mother, is one of my favorite characters. She has a short part, but she's got some great dialogue. She's a good woman with a kind heart, who is concerned about her daughter's happiness.
On their way to the mysterious safe location, Cadence and Scott stop at her mother's house to drop off the cat. Martha, is cooking butter beans. The temptation is too much for a Southern boy like Scott. She invites him to have some while they talk.

Cadence served him a plate of collard greens and butter beans. He thanked her with a contented grin. "My mama fixes these, but I never get any. I don't see her too often."
"For shame on you. My Caydee's a good cook. She fixed you anything?"
"We had lasagna a couple nights ago," he replied. "It was delicious."
"So, how long you two been dating?"
"Couple months," Cadence replied quickly. "Sorry I haven't told you about it."
"Sweetie, after that last man, I don't blame you for playing it close. And look what happened to Sammie when she brought that man of hers around?"
"He married her sister," Cadence filled in the blank.
"What a toad," Scott replied, his mouth full.
"Some men got no sense a'tall," Martha replied as she loaded bread pans with dough. "At least she hadn't bedded the critter yet."
"I'd have to shoot the fucker in the foot," Scott replied. He gulped, blushing. "Sorry."
"Sugar, I was married to a Marine. And I've got a son and a passel of nephews."
"Seventeen, isn't it?"
"Yep. Hell of a lot of nuisance they are too. But good men to have in a pinch. You got any brothers?"
"Just sisters. They could use a good man, maybe we can introduce 'em to your nephews."
She laughed loudly, washing her hands. "Well, I can't say they're the best men around, but they do know how to treat a lady. They got their gentleman manners, just if they decide to use them."
"That's true of all of us, Miss Martha. It's the nature of the man-beast."
"Yeah, men. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em."
"Oh, come on. We're good for something besides opening jars."
"Opening jars and making babies. That's about it." She poured them each a tall glass of tea and sat down. "So, you taking care of my daughter in that department?"
Scott nearly spewed his drink. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "You'd have to ask your daughter about that."
"We haven't progressed to that yet, Mama."
"That's the purpose of this long weekend? See if you're compatible?"
"Yeah. Something like that," Scott said diplomatically. "I promise to do my best. I won't ever hurt her on purpose, you have my word on that."
"Your word better be worthwhile. Lots of men, their word's not shit."
"Mama, he's a policeman."
"Makes no difference, baby girl. Men are men. They get that blood flowing south and they lose all sense."
"Martha," he said quietly, setting down his glass. "I know Cadence has a whole line of hurt behind her. Fact is, ma'am, so do I. Got my heart trampled so many times, I'd about given up on ever finding a good woman. But I think I found one now. So you can be sure I'm gonna treat her right. Lord knows, I'm gonna try my best. That's a firm and solid promise."
Martha held his gaze a long time, staring deep into his eyes. She finally nodded, decision in her face. "I believe you. I think the two of you found the one person who's not gonna stomp all over 'em. You take care of my baby girl, I'll fix you collards and beans anytime you like."
"That's a deal," he said, holding out his hand. "Cadence, your mom approves. Reckon you got to marry me now." He winked.
Cadence giggled, her blue eyes sparkling. "Guess I do."

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Undiscovered - Excerpt from Chapter 4

It occurs to Cadence that not only did she get a pretty good look at the man as he ran away from the scene, but he got an extremely good look at her. It wouldn't be hard, for someone who was motivated, to discover that she lived on the floor above the crime scene. Deeply concerned, she calls Detective Scott asking for someone to watch over her. Realizing that he's dropped the ball on protecting his witness, Scott agrees to spend the night on her couch, promising to find a more permanent solution the next morning.

They stopped by the guest bath on the second floor. "This is it. I'm sorry I don't have a bed in the guest room. Right now, it's the music room." Cadence opened the door.
Scott was greeted by wall to wall instruments. She had an electric drum set, guitars—electric and acoustic, a flute, an oboe, a trumpet and a baby grand.
"How did you get that up here?" He pointed to the piano.
"Seventeen male cousins all built like you," she replied.
Scott laughed loudly. "I can picture it. Crazy!"
"You hungry? I have some leftover lasagna I made the other night."
"Starving. That sounds amazing."
"Get your shower. I'll heat some up. I ate, but I'm hungry again. Oh, you aren't allergic to cats, are you?"
"No. My mom has some. I love cats."
"Oh, good. Porthos is hiding at the moment, but he'll be out to investigate you later. He's a feline detective. You guys should bond."
Scott chuckled, liking the irony of the cat investigating the cop.
"See you downstairs." Cadence smiled, turning away as he closed the bathroom door.
Her fragrance lingered in the air. Inhaling deeply, he had the same warming sensation. Fighting it, he shed his clothing and stuffed it in a plastic bag he'd brought with him. The water was hot and felt good on his aching muscles. He realized too late that he'd gotten a sunburn while on the beach. Not a bad one, but it stung when the hot water hit him. A little aloe lotion he found on the counter, after his shower, did the trick.
He pulled on his baggies and dug around looking for a T-shirt. Tossing that over his shoulder, he padded barefoot down the carpeted steps to the living room. He dropped his bag by the couch and followed his nose to the kitchen.
Cadence jumped, stifling a scream, when he appeared at the doorway. "Oh! You startled me!"
"I'm sorry. Years of training to move quietly. I apologize, Cadence."
She stood in the kitchen, a plate of lasagna on the floor. Porthos rapidly devoured it as she cried, her body trembling. Scott wasn't sure what to do first, but instinct kicked in. He didn't want a sick cat on top of her panic. Whisking the plate off the floor, he picked up the cat one handed, tossing him gently in the other room. He covered the mess with paper towels, dropping the ruined food into the trash. That accomplished, he put his arms around Cadence, enfolding her gently. Although a stranger, he was a comforting, reassuring male presence and something she badly needed.
"I'm so sorry I scared you," he whispered, stroking her hair. "Forgive me. I'm so sorry."
The hairs on his chest tickled her face making it tingle pleasantly. Her tears waned to a trickle and she pulled away, wiping her face with her fingers. Scott grabbed a paper towel, handing it to her. Nodding her thanks, Cadence wiped her face and blew her nose.
"I'm so sorry. I'm used to being alone," she said with a sniffle.
"No, it's okay. I am too."
Porthos was back, licking the spatters on the tile.
"No! Bad cat!" She snatched him up, holding him to her face as she shivered again.
"I'll get it. He didn't eat too much. He should be okay. Hey, Porthos. You'll puke out a lung if you eat too much tomato. Silly kitty." He stroked the cat's head, earning a purr and a swipe of one velvety paw. "Good looking cat. Calico?"
"He's a mutt. A stray I found in the woods. His mother was poisoned. I found the babies and bottle fed them until they were old enough to give away. He almost didn't make it. I couldn't give him up."

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Undiscovered - Excerpt Chapter 10

Cadence is happily ensconced at the police station with Scott and another officer, Van Driscole. She and Van are going through the photographs taken on the beach the day Connor Griswald was shot. They hope to find a picture of the shooter. They are more successful than they could have hoped, discovering a very good photograph of the shooter among the many.
Scott can see that Driscole is already interested in Cadence. It's hard to be around her and not be attracted. He can't help being a little jealous of the time that she's spending with another man. However, it isn't that which prompts him to speak to them about how closely they are sitting.

Scott stopped by Driscole's desk before heading to his own. "I've got a mile of paperwork," he said to Van and Cadence. "You'll be okay with Van a little longer?"
"Yeah, we're good. She's helping me."
"It's fun. I'm fine. We're keeping busy." She leaned on Van's shoulder, head mere inches from his.
Van tipped his head, ear brushing her nose. Scott was jealous of the intimate gesture, but shoved that aside. He cleared his throat and they looked up at him.
"You did great today," he complimented. "Van, excellent job, dude. I wouldn't have gotten through this much so fast."
"Cadence is a huge help. She's got a quick eye."
"Thank you," Scott directed at her. "You've been more help than any witness I've ever had. I appreciate the hard work. If you two can find me a closer shot of the shooter. . . . I'll figure out something. I'm outta bribes." He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking nervous.
What's with these guys and their confidence? One second, they're oozing it, the next it's gone with the wind. Cadence thought.
Scott leaned over, murmuring. "Might wanna not be quite so close. People will talk. . . ."
"Jealous?" Cadence asked with a smirk.
Scott's face clouded and he looked sad. "Concerned."
Taking his warning, they moved slightly apart. Cadence took her hands off Van's shoulder and leaned on the desk instead. Happily ensconced, they sat at the computer as Driscole slipped the next disk into the machine. Forensics had made copies of the memory cards, now bagged and in the evidence room.
Cadence got up from the desk and padded barefoot over to Scott's, her shoes once more under Driscole's desk. "I'm getting us sodas. Want one?"
"Sure. Whatever you're having."
"We're working our way down the line. We've had Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. I think orange Fanta is next."
"Sounds good. Thanks."
She came back a few minutes, setting the can on his desk. He glanced up, busy with his form. Flashing a smile, he thanked her. Cadence perched on the edge of his desk.
"That was nice, what you said to Van."
"It's true." He frowned distractedly at his screen as he typed. "And what I told you is too. You've been a huge help, Cadence."
"Thanks. And thank you for taking care of me."
"Me? I haven't done that much."
"More than you realize. I feel safe with you and Van. Thank you."
His eyes left the screen, meeting hers. "You're very welcome. I'm just doing my job."
She smiled, swallowing hard. "Yeah." A quick smile flickered across her face, leaving sadness in her eyes. "Well, I need to get back to work."
His fingers trapped hers on top of the can for a second. "You know—if I could—it would be more than that, right?"
The smile returned, stronger and warmer. "Yeah."
Scott had so many things he wanted to say and do, but they were in his place of business. He was in no position to make good on any of the promises his eyes held. The fact he felt them, expressed them the only way he could, made a big difference to Cadence. Flashing another smile, she went back to Driscole's desk.
"There you are! I'm dying of thirst!" He took a swig of his drink.
Cadence glanced over her shoulder at Scott and sat back down. "What'd I miss?"
"Ass shots," he replied. "Not that any other day I'd appreciate the hell outta the guy's skill, but we've got work to do."
"He shoot any buff guys?"
"Not a one, sorry. Still got two more after this. Maybe the other guy's gay." He winked at her as she settled on her chair.
Across the room, Scott tried to concentrate on his report, but it was hard. All he could think about was how much time Van was spending with Cadence. It was making him crazy. He had no right to complain, nor could he act on the impulses that coursed through him. The only thing that kept him slightly more sane was knowing that Van couldn't act on his either. He could see his cousin was smitten and he had no one to blame but himself if one of them got his heart broken.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Gone But Not Forgotten

Before there was Lone Wolf, Shakazhan or The Maker, there was Gone But Not Forgotten. Below is an excerpt from this short story in the Lone Wolf Universe. For the entire story, for FREE check out the link.

gone but not forgotten cover Tortured winds ripped through the mining camp clinging to the inhospitable cliffs and crags of Saltulle. The hurricane force winds drove the blinding rain in horizontal sheets, stinging exposed skin. At times, the rain turned to sleet capable of sheering flesh from bone. When it wasn't raining, the wicked dessert heat baked a man dry in hours. Scorching sun, torrential rain and gales were everyday fare on Saltulle.

Synonymous with Purgatory in miners' vocabulary, Saltulle excelled in two things: providing the Mining Guild with ores and gems unavailable almost anywhere else and turning out the most experienced miners in the galaxy.

Edmund DuLac and his wife, Mary, had lived for nearly eighteen years. All three of their daughters were born on Saltulle. Matilda was fifteen, Brigette twelve and Amie eight.

Ed went through his morning routine automatically, fixing coffee and waking the girls. Mary hated rising early, but Ed's day began at 0500 each day. He usually had to drag Matilda up too, but the other girls were early risers like their father. Ed made breakfast while Brigette made lunches for three girls and one miner, who could eat as much as all of them combined.

Today was special though. The atmosphere of the small, sturdy house was charged with anticipation. Even Mary and Matilda were up for it was Matilda's first day of work. Ed had pulled a few strings and gotten her hired as a log runner. Her training was over, now she was a full fledged Miner One, lowest rank in the Galactic Mining Guild.

Log running was a relatively safe job for a teenager, for it merely involved going from one base camp to the next and logging their hourly dig rate. This job was done by comunit most places, but Saltulle's environment made communication virtually impossible. Special underground lines were in place for extreme emergencies such as a collapsed face or beast attack, but nothing short of life threatening condoned their use.

Matilda felt awkward in her stiff, new uniform. The khaki colored, ill fitting jump suit; heavy, steel tipped boots, safety goggles, hard hat and gloves were common to all miners.

Ed gazed at his tall, athletic daughter and grinned approvingly. Her sisters giggled at her and her mother smiled her support. Matilda tried to smile, but her nervousness prevented it.

"My baby girl, a miner like her old man. I can't tell you how proud I am, Tilda." Her father clapped her on the shoulder as he would have a son. "Following in her daddy's footsteps."

Breakfast was cleared away and the two younger girls left for school, still giggling. Matilda took her lunch in its insulated thermal box and followed her father to work. She had to check in with the supervisor before starting her day.

The mining supervisor was a man who had known Matilda her entire life. His name was Ivan MacHale, but the girls always called him Uncle Mac. Her father warned her repeatedly to call him Supervisor MacHale and not to slip if she knew what was good for her.

Knees shaking, hat and goggles in her hand, she was given her first assignment. Her lunch and portable computer logs packed securely in a heavy floater cycle, she followed a flashing yellow arrow on her console to Mine Base One, about twenty clix away.

The floater cycle handled like a lumbering elephant. However, it remained stable in all but the most severe weather. Each cycle was equipped with state of the art weather gear so she should have plenty of advance warning before a storm hit.

She was about two clix from Mine Base One when her spine tingled unpleasantly. The hair on her neck rose and her nerves jangled, making her very alert. Curious, she checked her weather report, but saw nothing unusual. It was a calm, clear day on Saltulle. Absently, she noted her relative position on her map and continued to Mine Base One.
It took about thirty minutes to complete her survey and log the numbers. The base was below quota by about twenty percent. Part of her duty was to interview the superintendent and mine leader to determine cause.

"To be honest, Log Runner DuLac, the site is damn near played out." The superintendent, a man named Murdock Pickford, handed her a hand held scanner, showing the most recent scans of the mining site.
Part of Matilda's training over the last six weeks had been familiarizing her with site scans. Even to her meagerly trained eye, something was out of place.

"What's this?" She pointed to an erratic peak in the scan. It was dark purple, jagged and taller than all the rest. Murdock leaned over her shoulder, looking at the scan.

"I don't know, never saw anything like it before."

"Mind if I have a copy of this? Might help out at main base so you don't get hammered on the low productivity."

Superintendent Pickford smiled and copied the files to her log. It wasn't her job to condemn or judge his people. All she did was record the information and take it back for some bureaucrat to peruse, categorize and file. The twenty percent drop could hurt. Miners had lost their ranks for less. Since he didn't particularly want to be busted down to Miner One, he was grateful to Matilda for taking the initiative to add his file to her log, as he was not in a position to ask her.

She left soon after and headed for the next mine base. Her path took her past the same spot where she had her odd feeling, but it didn't return.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I Love Dialogue! The Great Mandrake #2

Drake Mann, comic magician, goes to his cousin's Christmas party, where he drinks too many Margaritas and is feeling the effects. He goes outside to visit with his cousin Patrick and Patrick's girlfriend, Sherri.

"Hey, blood!" Patrick pounded Drake on the back, nearly knocking him down. "You look like hell."
"Never let me drink Margaritas again. Please. Jose Cuervo is not my friend."
"Mine either," Sherri admitted. "He makes me do dumb things."
"He makes me forget my moral and ethical standards and boff anything with tits," Patrick said in his disconcertingly blunt way.
"He is why I have a daughter," Drake admitted. "So we have a similar problem."
"What is this, true confessions?" Jed had joined them.
"Talking about the evils of Jose Cuervo."
Jed waved it away, weaving slightly. "It should be made illegal."
The rest of them agreed.
One of Vivica's cousins brought Drake another Margarita.
"No," he mumbled. "I can't. I'll barf up a kidney."
"Oh, come on," she begged. "Just one more?"
"Seriously, I can't. I've got kids to drive home. No more alcohol."
"Okay," she said, waving her tits practically in front of his face. "Your loss."
"I know," he mumbled as she walked back inside. "Damn! Why couldn't I have met her a week ago?" He watched her strut around the kitchen with hunger.
"She wants you, dude. Go for it," Jed encouraged.
"Dating someone."
"So? She's not here."
Drake gave him a hard look. "Sherri, woman's perspective. Little game of let's pretend."
"Okay." She snuggled close to Patrick, her head on his shoulder.
"Say you and I were newly dating—three days."
"Have we been to bed yet?"
"No. Came close, but got interrupted. Family emergency."
She nodded, dark eyes focusing on him intently. "Go on. We've been nearly naked, no sex. . . ."
"Okay, so you go out of town to visit your mom for a few days. If, in that time, I slept with another woman. . . ."
"I would gouge out your eyeballs and replace them with your severed testicles. Next scenario, please?" She folded her arms across her chest, chin jutting out aggressively.
Drake held out his hands to Jed. "You see my conundrum."
"Dude, I don't even know what a conundrum is," Jed whined.
"Difficulty," Patrick supplied.
"No conundrums here," Jed said. "You'd die happy."
Sherri punched him.
"Hey, assaulting a police officer! I outrank you, missy!" He swatted at her hands as she continued to jab him.
"That's okay, your brother outranks you and he likes me better. Who do you think he'd arrest?"
"Not the hot chick," Patrick said, putting his arm around Sherri's neck possessively.
"Patrick, you are one lucky man," Drake said with a heavy, alcohol induced sigh. "Sherri, God, you look pretty."
"That's the Cuervo talking, D. Eyes up here," she said, raising his chin so he wasn't staring at her tits.
"Sorry. Normally, I don't gaze intently at the breasts of another man's girlfriend. I apologize."
"Totally understand," Patrick said. "If you did that sober, I'd have to let her kill you."

© 2014 Dellani Oakes

Monday, February 02, 2015

J Q Rose, Author: YA Author Barbara Ehrentreu on Writing About Your ...

J Q Rose, Author: YA Author Barbara Ehrentreu on Writing About Your ...: Hello and welcome to the J.Q. Rose blog.  My collection of pens and writing instruments, but I use a keyboard!! My friend and YA aut...

Undiscovered - Excerpt from Chapter 6

Scott decides the best way to protect Cadence is to take her somewhere unexpected. He won't tell her his plans, nor does he share that information with Weinstein. The only hold up is having a place for Cadence to keep her cat, Porthos. She makes a quick call to her mother telling her she's going off for a romantic weekend with a new man.

"Wow, you lie better than I do."
"I didn't exactly lie. The only thing I lied about was how long we've known one another. We're going away for a long weekend and—you are special."
"Cadence," he turned to her, taking her hands once the elevator door closed. "I really like you—more than any other woman I've ever known."
"But? Cause I know there's one hiding in there."
"This can't be a romantic weekend. I'm doing my job."
Her mouth worked and her chin jutted defiantly. "I know that. Just because your mind's in the gutter doesn't mean mine is."
"I wanted to you know. . . ." He stopped talking, letting go of her hands when the doors opened on her floor.
They walked to her apartment, entering quickly. He locked and bolted the door behind them. Before she went upstairs to pack, he took her hands again.
"I wanted you to know—you're very special to me. I know we just met, but. . . . Dammit, I wish I wasn't on assignment. You're beautiful and intelligent and you don't mind my tacky innuendoes. I don't think that I'm the only one attracted here. Am I right?"
She nodded, leaning toward him. "You're right."
He leaned in, wanting desperately to kiss her. "Promise me something."
"When this is over, when we've caught these guys—"
She waited, knowing he was struggling with something. She had a feeling she knew what his conflict was. She hadn't missed the longing gazes, the swelling in his pants when she was near—and the kisses.
"When this is over, if you don't take me to bed and make love to me for a week, I'm gonna shoot you in the foot," she said huskily.
He closed his eyes, smiling. "Yes!"
Taking advantage of his eyes being closed, she kissed him. At first, he tried to pull away, but she was persistent. Her arms went around his waist, holding him close. She opened her mouth, inviting him to kiss her deeply. They stood that way a long time, letting the world pass them by. Porthos wrapping around their ankles, mewing, got their attention.
"I shouldn't let you do that," Scott whispered, licking his lips. "It would be so easy to take you to bed. I could lose my job just for the thoughts I'm having."
"I know. I had to have one last kiss before we get all serious."
"You'd better get your things. Do you have a carrier for Porthos?"
"In the laundry room over the drier."
"Okay." He didn't move away from her. Laying his forehead against hers, he held her close. "Okay. This is me. . . going to get the cat. . ." He kissed her again, desperate for her.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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