Thursday, December 30, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 48

"You can't do that!"

"Sure, I can. Just like I can do that with you. But you'd probably like being near your boy toy."

"I'm not gay!"

"Yes, you are," he said in a patient, condescending tone, as he perp walked the boy to holding.

"Are we gonna have a day when you aren't shooting someone?" Griffith asked.

"Yeah, when the bitches stop shooting at me first. Is it a full moon, or something? Swear to God!"

The boy protested when he was frisked a third time at booking. "I already got felt-up twice!"

"Procedure," Griffith grabbed the wand and ran it over the boy. "Give it," he ordered when the machine beeped at the boy's fly.

"My dick, man. It's chrome plated."

"Makes it difficult to use," the cop replied. "I'm waiting, and I'm not as patient as Officer Newton."

The boy hurriedly got the metal from his zipper flap. Adding it to the evidence pile, Griffith continued with the booking process.

"Has the princess caused trouble?" Newton asked.

"No. Sitting on his bunk, like he's waiting. I'm guessing for these three."

An alarm sounded and the boy smiled.

"Dumb ass pigs."

"Rear and front door breach!" Canon yelled.

"Lock him in solitary and put a five minute watch on both of them. Stay with them!" Newton ordered as he headed out.

Technically, Griffith outranked him, but he didn't argue.

"How the hell did they get in the back, Eilene secured it!" Newton said as he raced to the back door with Bailey and Harvey.

"They got a card and a code," Harvey said. "We took one off the first guy. But they could have cloned it, easily."

Three more young men were coming in the back door. These were older, more experienced, better armed. The guy on point even had on body armor.

"That's SWAT issue!" Harvey said.

The hallway was long and featureless. There was nowhere for the intruders to hide. There was a T at the far end, and the officers took positions there.

"I'm sealing the door, changing the code," Cage said over coms.

"Why didn't you think of that before?" Canon asked.

Cage didn't reply until he was finished. "Done. I did change the code. They have a randomizer. I locked it out."

"Three trying to breach the front. They got through the outer door," Cage said. "But I locked them in the foyer. They can't get in or out."

"How about the backdoor boys?" Canon asked.

A shot rang out, two more followed the reports from the second weapons were louder. Canon knew one of his officers had returned fire. A confusion of shots followed for the space of 20 seconds. Silence followed. Complete. Eerie.

"Hello? Speak to me!"

"Clear," Newton said, his voice harsh.

"Do you need EMTs?" Canon asked.

"No, sir. Body bags."

"Dammit. What the f**k is going on?"

"Still got three out front," Cage reported.

"Let us out the back," Newton said. "We'll go around."

"I'll stay here and secure the backdoor," Harvey said.

"I'll meet you," Canon replied.

Canon and Prince advanced to the front door from the inside. Weapons drawn, they took positions outside the foyer. These men were even older, veterans of the gang. They were caught in a mantrap between the inner and outer doors. They were arguing with one another, and didn't notice the police entering the front door, until Bailey spoke.

"Drop 'em. Hands on your heads. On your knees."

They didn't respond immediately.

"I said down, dirt bags!"

Slowly, reluctantly, they did as they were told. Newton and Bailey moved in to cuff them as the inner doors opened. Canon and Prince covered the gunmen while the other two officers restrained them.

"Got anyone else out there?" Canon demanded. "Speak!" He aimed at the oldest looking one. "I will take your head off your shoulders, if you don't."

"No," he mumbled.

"Can't hear you, Sunshine."

"No, sir!" the young man said loudly.

"Better. Why are you here?"

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 47

"You think he killed that other boy," Canon said slowly.

"I know he did, whether directly, or by manipulating the situation, he's responsible."

"I hope you're right."

"You don't know how much I hope I'm wrong."

"I'll share your concerns with Griffith."

"With respect, I should be the one."

"With mutual respect, Newton, you sound crazy right now. If I didn't know and trust you, I wouldn't even talk to Griff."

Newton stepped backward. Taking a deep breath, he nodded. "Thank you."

"Take a lap, son. Calm down."

"Yeah. I just might."

Canon went inside and Newton started walking the parking lot. Before he'd gone ten yards, he was jogging. The jog became a run. He didn't run full out, but decidedly had some speed on him. Out of the parking lot proper, he spotted movement. Slowing to a trot, he found deep shadows by the building.

Not far away, three youths stood. The tallest one was about 5'10". Their youth showed in their walks, full of the gangling insecurity of a boy in a man's body. Hadn't he moved the same way until he became used to his size?

By their casual stance, he was sure they didn't see him. He slid slowly into deeper shadow and sent a text to Canon.

We have company 3 kids out here looking for a way in They're on the move. He fixed his earbud in place and could hear Canon yelling. They're going around back. Going silent.

"Track him," he heard Canon say. "For gods sake, be careful, or Eilene won't give me any peace."

Newton didn't respond. Canon hadn't expected him to. A few minutes later, he heard Eilene's voice. "Coming up on your six with Harvey."

He tapped the microphone to acknowledge. They joined him seconds later. Using hand signals, they communicated.

"You see them yet?" Canon asked quietly over coms.

Newton tapped once for yes.

"We see you near the rear entrance They there?"

He tapped again.

"Three unfriendlies at the back door," Canon announced.

There was a click and buzz ahead of them. The back door opened. Caution abandoned, Newton, Eilene and Harvey ran after them.

"There's a breach," Eilene said. "Repeat. Three armed hostiles at the back door. They are inside."

Eilene opened the back door. Newton took point, Harvey behind him. Eilene secured the door. If anyone else tried to get in, she'd take care of them.

Gunfire sounded up the hall, behind her.

"Report!" Canon bellowed.

"Got one," Harvey said. "He's breathing and bloody."


"Hey, kids," they heard Newton's cheerful voice. "Drop the weapons. You don't wanna get shot like your buddy. Trust me. Hurts like a bitch."

Another shot rang out, followed by two more—with a scream of pain.

"Told ya. Drop it, son. I don't miss."

A gun clattered. Newton kept the boy covered as Harvey moved in to secure the guns and prisoners.

"Nice grouping," he complimented.


"And bleeding, need an ambulance built for two, Boss."

"On the way."

"Are you suicidal?" Eilene asked. "Are you nuts?" she asked the only boy who wasn't bleeding. "Frisk him, would you, Harvey?"

"Afraid you'll like it?" the youth sneered.

"No, afraid I'll be tempted to break your baby dick when you get a stiffy."

She squatted to check on the first teen down. He was bleeding from a thigh wound, but Newton had his belt on the boy's leg. The other had a shoulder and chest wound. She put pressure on these, binding them with strips of his shirt and hoody.

"Dude, you didn't have to shoot Playboy twice," the third teen whined.

"He clipped me with a ricochet. If you fire in a narrow, stone walled space, hit what you aim at." He squatted by the boy, who was coming around. "First shot was payback. Second was to teach you a lesson. I don't miss!" He stood once more and patted the third boy down again. "You three are pathetic. An embarrassment."

EMTs gathered the injured. Eilene rode with them to the hospital. Newton took number three to holding.

"If you think you're gonna see homeboy in lockup, sorry to disappoint. We slapped his ass in solitary."

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 46

Once the teenager was processed, Newton walked him to juvenile holding.

"I want a lawyer."

"So you said."

"I know my rights."

"You know who says that shit? Criminals. You're an accessory to murder. Even if you didn't off that guy, you were there. I strongly suggest you exercise your right to remain silent, in addition to the attorney."

"I didn't do it! You have to believe me!"

"That's the beauty of this arrangement. I don't." Newton made sure the door was firmly locked. "Watch him. Well. He pulls any shit, call me."

"Being kinda hard on the kid," Harvey said as they walked back to their office.

"Maybe he'll think twice before he does another stupid thing. He hangs out with the wrong crowd."

"You don't even know him."

Newton glared at Harvey. "Know him? I was him." Gathering his weapon, he strode rapidly to the parking lot. It annoyed him that no one believed him that the kid was dangerous. Also, not a soul had thanked him for capturing the kid, they were all mad about how he'd done it. Fuming, he lit a cigarette, inhaling angrily.

Canon found him a few minutes later, pacing and cursing. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Fine." He sounded anything but.


Newton turned, his body radiating anger. He took a deep drag of his cigarette, gesturing sharply. "So full of himself. So sure he'll be believed, because he's small, scrawny, a fast talker. Yeah, he's slick—like slime."

"He's a kid—wrong place, wrong time. This isn't like you, Newton. You always cut slack, sometimes too much."

"Not this time. Not that kid." He pointed at the building, trying not to yell in his boss' face. "I joined the Army at seventeen. Because I was that kid. I had a mouth on me, slick. Water sheeted off me. Fast. Smart. I had to be. I was smaller than him. A Japanese Jew in Chinatown. That was f**king fun. A beat cop caught me, set me straight, got me in the Army by talking to my folks. Here I am, SWAT. Twenty years ago—" He lifted his chin at the building.

"I'll give you this one. But lighten up."

"No. Not this time. Not this kid."

"Why? What makes him so special?"

"He reminds me of my son." He swallowed hard. No one knew about the son he'd left behind. "His mom and I weren't together long, but I kept in touch. She told me he was going the wrong way. I was deployed. I wasn't here to set him straight. He died in a gang fight." Tears threatened to fall. "He was twelve," he whispered.

"I didn't know," Canon said, swallowing his own emotions.

"Everyone has a secret."

"Have you told Eilene?"

"There hasn't really been a chance, Lou. It's not a conversation I want to have with my new girlfriend. I'll tell her when I tell her."

Canon nodded. He had no problem with Newton's choice.

"Why did she freak out so when we were given the address?"

"That's her secret."

Nodding, Newton conceded that point. "The dead guy on the roof, we have a name?"

"Local gang-banger. Went by the name Freddy the Fang," Canon replied.

"And this one?"

"Teddy the Toad." Canon raised an eyebrow.

Newton mirrored the expression. "Stupid name."

"But not a stupid guy, from what I'm told."

"He was on the roof with an assault rifle and a rocket launcher. He's guilty of something."

"Youthful foolishness?"

"Youthful foolishness is shoplifting on a dare." Newton lit another cigarette. "He smelled of chemicals. A lot."

"Gunpowder?" Canon lit his own smoke.

"And blow back. I had them swab his hands and take his jacket. I know he acts all scared and helpless, he's anything but. My money is on him being the mastermind. I don't know what they were doing, or why, but it was sloppy—probably on purpose. Have him watched very carefully."

"I'll pass along your concerns."

"In the strongest possible terms. That boy is a Class A manipulator."

"He seems nice."

"He seems great! So did I." Frustrated, Newton started pacing again. "I was funny, smart, the class clown. Fast. Agile. I could get in and out of unbelievably small places. To save my hide, and protect my family, I did terrible things. Always an excuse, an angle, a scapegoat. I didn't kill, but I came awfully damn close. That kid is me, only no one has stopped him. You ask his friend, if he can get over being terrified."

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 45

One of the men broke away and sprinted toward Newton's building. In this area of town, the buildings were close together. It was an easy jump for a man who knew what he was doing. This one did. Before the police could stop him, he leaped across, landing with professional agility. Rolling on his shoulder, he got to his feet, running along the graveled roof of Newton's perch. He was getting away from the other officers.

"Cover me," Newton said and took off, leaving his weapon with Prince.

"What are you doing, Newbie?" Harvey yelled over coms.

"Trust me."

Newton sprinted to intercept. The young man spotted him, changing course.

"Runs like a gazelle," Cage said. "Damn!"

Newton followed, his long legs eating up the distance. The criminal went over the side of the roof, hit the fire escape, and launched himself at the building opposite, bouncing across the narrow space as he fell. Without hesitating, Newton followed.

The yelling in his ear was distracting. When he landed, he yanked out the earpiece, letting it dangle from the cord. On the ground, he caught up easily. He'd worked on his stride over the years, and could cover nearly his own height with one leap. With a flying tackle, he caught the fleeing person in the small of the back, rolling to protect them both in the fall. The criminal lay still, panting.

"Not my fault," he gasped. "I want a lawyer."

"You ran."

"Well—yeah! Bunch of guys with guns show up?"

"Explain to my boss." He cuffed the runner, reading his rights as he frisked him. "You're fast, kid."

"You're faster. Jesus! Like your feet don't touch the ground!"

Newton refused to accept the compliment from a criminal.

A patrol car screeched to a halt. Canon leaped out, already yelling. "What were you doing?"

"Catching the runner, sir." Newton said, somewhat breathless.

"You jumped over the side of a building!"

"There was a fire escape."

"Which you didn't use! What was that crazy, ninja shit?"

"Parkour. Urban acrobatics. Also called free running."

"You Mirandized this—free runner?"

"Yes, sir. But watch him. He's slick and limber. And he can outrun a deer."

"Didn't outrun you," Canon said, sounding impressed.

"Cause he can run like Superman, dude," the kid said. "Like he didn't even hit the ground!"

"You have to show me that," Harvey said as the young man was loaded into the car.

"Happy to. I'm riding with this one, Boss. I don't trust him." He slid into the front passenger side. "The others like you?" he cast over his shoulder.

"No. You learn fast when you're the shortest kid around."

Newton nodded. "How old are you?" He settled back as the car started rolling.



"Okay, sixteen and a half."

"You'll grow. I was your height until I was almost seventeen. Then I grew six inches in the summer. Another two the first three months of school. Started swim team, filled out. U.S. Army did the rest."

"Army, huh? Think I could join?"

"Maybe. They love a punk ass. Sergeants would break you fast."

"How do you know?"

"I'm a Staff Sergeant, twelve years experience."

"Why'd you get out?"

"I was tired of getting shot at."

"You're a cop. You get shot at daily."

"You'd be surprised at how wrong you are. This, or a war zone? I'll take this."

"Cops call this the War Zone," the kid persisted.

Newton snorted. "This is a walk in the park."

At the station, Newton accompanied the teenage free runner while he was searched and booked.

"Run a wand over him," he told the officer conducting the search.

"He's clean."

"Humor me."

The wand beeped when it got near the boy's fly.

"That's his zipper," Sergeant Griffith said.

"Zippers are brass. Hand it over, kid." Newton held out his hand.

The boy fiddled with his fly and pulled out a slender piece of metal. Newton put the metal into an evidence bag, marked and pocketed it.

"Can I get that back?"

"Not on your life. A criminal with a lockpick?"

"I'm not—"

"Save it. Only thugs pull shit like that."

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 44

"You've had your fun. I'm done now."

"Fine." She fluffed his pillows. "If you hurt her—"

"Why would I? She's perfect."

Taken aback, Maddox stared at him a long time. Without another word, she left. He wasn't entirely sure, but he thought she might have been recording their conversation. He hadn't lied, though he'd skirted the truth, obfuscated, omitted details, but not lied. He'd lied the entire time he'd been with Clarise, but she had lied to him, too.

Newton and Eilene woke in one another's arms. She'd set the alarm early enough that they could make love before getting ready for work. He highly approved of her plan, and got right on task.

"We need groceries," he said as they got ready to go.

"Who has time to shop?"

"You can order them, they shop, for a fee, and you pick them up. My sister told me."

"Why don't you do it, then?"

He shrugged. "Just haven't."

"We'll make a list and order."

"Your place or mine? Lady's choice."

"Some for both. You at least need coffee."

"Good point. Would you like to come to my house after work?"

"I'd like that."

"Good. Let's be sure to pick up groceries on the way home."

With an overnight in mind, she packed a bag, which they put in the trunk. After a stop for a quick meal, they drove to work. Shortly after changing into their uniforms, a call came in.

"Shots fired, Marion and 171st," Trina announced.

"They need SWAT for that?" Canon asked.

"Automatic weapons, and some bozo set off a rocket launcher."

"F**k," Newton said.

Eilene froze. Canon's sharp eye saw her.

"You can sit this one out, kid," he said gently.

"You need me, sir."

"I need you in the moment, not the past, Sergeant. Can you be there fully?"


"You stay. Harvey, you're my two."

"Yes, sir." He put his hand on Eilene's shoulder. "No shame in this, baby girl." He kissed her forehead.

Newton didn't get a chance to say anything, though he smiled at her as he left. Eilene didn't notice, she was too deep in her own world.

They rushed out, gathering in the truck. Newton was driving, as that was usually Harvey's job.

"Stay sharp," Cannon bellowed when they arrived. "We're two down. Oats was dumb f**k, but he was another set of eyes. Newton, find a perch." He handed over a sniper's gear bag.

"Copy that, sir." He eyed the terrain, lots of tall buildings, most with muddled fields of vision. He spotted a good one, across the alley from the one where the shots were fired. "Going up there, sir," he told Harvey.

"Good choice. Prince, with Newton."

"Copy that."

Soon, they were all in position. There were no more rockets in the sky, but there was still sporadic gunfire. This area of town was dark, as the streetlights got shot out on a regular basis. Newton scanned the area with his scope, switching to thermal to make another pass.

"Two people crouched on the roof of the building. Third prone, cooling."

"Dammit," Canon said.

"Movement, sir. Street level, entering the building," Harvey said.

"See them up top?" Prince asked.

"They look like they're fighting, sir," Newton reported.

"Get me inside," Canon said.

"Already got access," Cage, the tech guy announced. "Third floor and climbing. They look armed and aggressive."

"How many civilians inside?" Canon asked.

Cage switched screens. "One hundred and seven residents—including the super and his family. At this hour, probably mostly in bed." It was after midnight.

"Movement on the roof." Newton announced.


"Inside, sir. Ten seconds." There was a pause. "That's it, boys. Go-go-go!"

"Metro SWAT, freeze!" Bailey bellowed. He had a deep, commanding bass, the kind of voice everyone took seriously.

The officers fanned out, surrounding the figures on the roof. Bailey checked the body. As suspected the young man was dead.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 43

Anton could see she wasn't going to let it drop. "She calls me Anton, my middle name, because she thinks the name Donald is too common." Sounded plausible.... "We dated for a while, but once I unlocked the crazy—totally by accident—it ceased to be fun."

"After you had sex, you mean," she countered.

"Yes, with an explanation!" he hurried to add. "She came onto me. Seduced me."

"You went along!" she was getting a dangerous attitude.

"With respect, you don't have a dick. But you know how a man reacts to great tits and a tight ass?"

The women nodded in unison, frowning. All six of them had their arms crossed, leaning forward aggressively.

"She's got both—and a very strong grip. She cornered me in a club, flashed the T & A and gave me a very compelling argument for why we needed to have sex. Might have had something to do with her hand down my pants. It was a bad decision, but a great one at the same time. You know the song, Super Freak?"

They all nodded.

"Describes her perfectly. She did crazy hot things to me in bed—all over the apartment—in the club bathroom.... Then she tied me up when I was sleeping, and wouldn't set me free for twenty-four hours. Not as much fun as it sounds. I f**ked her so much, my dick hurt. So, if that makes me her boyfriend, whatever. I ran as fast as I could. Far, far away."

It wasn't entirely accurate on timeline, but the events were the truth. It had taken a few months for the worst levels of insanity showed up. When she came at him with a few toys, of a very personal, and dubious, nature, he'd cut her off. Part of the move to the country, had been to rid himself of Clarise.

"Please, keep her away. Lock her up, if you have to. She's deeply disturbed, and she scares the balls off me."

"You think she's dangerous?" the head nurse said.

"Yes, ma'am. She really needs help." He firmly believed that. Despite their conflicts, no one deserved to go untreated.

"I'll get on that. I'm sorry she upset you."

"Thanks. I'm sorry, too. Confused about how she found me."

"Your picture's been on the news, and in every paper in the tri-city area."


"...on a stick. I'll make that call." She hurried to the desk and he heard her talking urgently.

"You telling the truth?" Maya demanded.

"And nothing but. I don't want to see anyone hurt. She and I had our differences, but I truly believe she needs help."

"Okay. Just being sure."

Dr. Maddox came in a few minutes later. "They're evaluating your girlfriend."

He caught the hostile note in her voice. "Not my girlfriend. Even when we were having crazy-psycho sex, she wasn't. She was the woman I was f**king."

"Not dating?" the hostility hadn't diminished.

"Not unless sex in public bathrooms constitutes dating, no. She liked to f**k in weird places. I went along, because it was hot and I was horny. We never, ever went on an actual date."

"You're using the f-word an awful lot."

"How do you describe it when it's merely the act, with no emotional connection?"

"You always like that? Because Dr. Lister isn't like that—at all."

"No. And she's a lady through and through. No man in his right mind would treat her like that. She'd take him apart. I was like that with Clarise, because she initiated it. It was how she wanted it."

"Tabitha had a real bad breakup recently. And normally, I wouldn't say anything, but she's a good friend. And she's vulnerable."

"I know about her divorce," he stated calmly. "And I would never mistreat her. Did she send you to talk to me?"

Maddox looked slightly embarrassed.

"She did! Tell her she can talk to me about it. Ask me anything. I don't want lies between us."

"Why?" that question came from Maddox. "Men lie."

"So do women. Don't make it a gender based issued. Everyone lies. I won't lie to her. But she has to realize, there are some things I can't tell her right now." Like his real name. How he grew up. What his job was. Later, when they were alone, he'd explain.

There were other questions bubbling near the surface. Maddox wanted so much to ask him, he could feel it in her.

"Ask," he commanded. "Get it out of your system. My friends can ask anything. I reserve the right not to answer."

"Fair enough." She sat on the stool by the bed.

He waited while she put her thoughts in order. She'd been sure he'd refuse, he could see it in her face.

"Are you a thief?"

"No." At least, not anymore. He'd decided he was done. "I test security systems, find weaknesses." True.

"Like at jewelry shows?"

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Thursday, December 09, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 42

"I'll time."

"Like hell. I can count to seven."

"You said nine. Girls, get ready," she said as she raised the blind.

"I get pants as soon as this is over."

She showed him the scrub pants.

"Ready in five, four, three, two, one," he counted. Opening his gown, he struck a pose, balls discretely covered, ass flexed. There was a flurry of camera shutters clicking. He counted off the seconds. Covering up again, he reached for the pants.

Maddox backed up and his gown gaped as he lunged for them. More cameras clicked. Grinning, she handed him the pants. Back still to the window, he put them on, giving another tasty view.

"Happy now?" he laughed, turning around, spreading his arms.

"Oh, yeah," they chorused.

"All over Instagram," he muttered. "Oh, well."

Maddox was eyeing his rear, clad in the baggy scrubs. "I didn't think it was possible, but you make that shit look good." She snapped another picture.

They walked for, what seemed like, hours. Finally back at CV's room, they went in for a break. CV looked much better and smiled at Anton.

"Look at you! Rocking the walker."

"He doesn't need it, but hospital rules. Your turn is after lunch."

"Oh, Jesus, really?"

"I'll go with you," Anton offered.

"That okay?" CV asked Maddox.

"I'll ask. Dr. Bennett may not approve."

The door opened and Tabitha walked in with her entourage. Her face lit up when she saw Anton. She stood near Anton as her intern presented.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"You're welcome. I hear you have accommodations. That's great!"

"Needs a few tweaks, and I have to call the neighbors, give them a heads up."

"Great! I'm so happy for you both."

"I hope you'll stop by for a visit. If it's not too far out of your way."

"It's not too far."


She squeezed his fingers before he left. Once back in his room, and alone, he called the Roeder Sisters.

"We'll be happy to do that for you, Tony, dear!" Lydia said. "Just give our names to the nice doctor."

"Thank you, Ladies. You take such good care of me."

"Where have you been all this time, dear? We've been so worried."

"I had to go out of town suddenly, and didn't have a chance to call you. Then I got hurt. I'm at Metro General Hospital."

She gasped. "Are you all right?"

"I am now. I've had excellent care. If you don't mind, I'm going to order groceries later this week."

"We'll be happy to let them in and put things away."

"You're angels and I don't know what I'd do without you."

She tittered happily and they hung up. He was a little concerned about them calling him Tony, when CV and the rest knew him as Don, but he'd come up with a believable tale soon enough. CV knew he had secrets, he wouldn't be terribly surprised. Anton thought he'd better tell CV the truth. He still wasn't sure about Tabitha, though. He wished for uninterrupted time with CV, but Maddox was always there. It was her job, of course, and he wasn't willing to get her in trouble over it.

He surprised himself with that decision. There was a time in his life when he wouldn't have cared who he inconvenienced, to get what he wanted. He was anticipating dinner when there was a commotion at the nurses' desk. A very loud, strident female voice spoke in an imperious tone that he recognized.

Christ, what's Clarise doing here? He'd hoped to slide out of her life quietly, without fanfare.

"You can't go in there, Miss," the nurse said. She was the one who had given Eilene a hard time.

"But he's my boyfriend!"

"He hasn't mentioned you. His visitor list is restricted, and your name's not on it. Leave. Now. Call Security," she ordered.

"I'm not scared of Security."

"Maybe not, but you better be scared of me. Get your bony butt off my floor, or I'll kick your lily white ass all the way down."

Security came up moments later, escorting Clarise, kicking, biting and screaming, from the hall. The nurses came in, en masse, after she'd left.

"You wanna tell me about that? Why's she calling you Anton, and insisting you're her man?" Maya demanded.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 41

"Donnie? What's wrong, sugar?"

With trembling hands, he gave her the letter.

"But why are you crying? This is such good news!" She got a washcloth and bathed his face.

Harsh sobs choked him and he clung to her.

"Oh, my precious angel. Of course, you've been so worried over this. So terribly alone and afraid. The nightmare is over, Donnie. All over. You're a free man!"

She wiped his face, planting a strawberry colored kiss on his forehead. Rubbing that off, she kept talking calmly to him, congratulating him on his victory. When he'd calmed, she swung the table across the bed.

"You eat now, and we'll see what we can do to celebrate. I'm so happy for you, sugar!"

As he ate, the intern brigade, led by Dr. Smithers, entered. She spotted his puffy cheeks and red eyes.

"Are you all right?" She went into doctor mode, flashing a light in his eyes.

Anton put a hand on hers, smiling. "I've had good news." He handed her the letter, asking her to read it aloud.

"I'll have Maddox do the honors," she said after glancing at it.

Maddox took the letter and skimmed it, grinning. "It is the decision of this office that all charges against Donald Winthrop be dropped," she concluded. "That's so great!" She gave Anton a gentle, but happy hug.

All the others congratulated him. That over, Maddox presented and they took his vitals. Dr. Bennett came in next, with his entourage. They also congratulated Anton's win.

"More good news. I'm going to remove the dressings. And we'll see if I'm as good as I say I am." He winked at Anton.

Working quickly, Bennett uncovered the surgical site. Smiling, he handed Anton a mirror. "It's healing beautifully. Damn, I do good work," he bragged, laughing.

Anton stared at his face in the mirror. The face of a free man, he amended. It was still puffy and bruised, but that was fading. His ear looked just like the other, though slightly swollen and covered with sutures. He wouldn't have any scaring once this was healed. He handed back the mirror, thanking the doctor.

"How soon can I go home, Doc? Not that I don't love y'all."

"I'm concerned about living arrangements, Mr. Winthrop. A trailer...."

Anton held up a hand. "I have a friend who owns a big house near Franklin. It's unoccupied at the moment, and he offered to let me and CV use it. It's all one level, a ramp could be added easily for CV to go up and down. We could park our trailers there. It sits on five acres."

"That's great! When did this happen?"

"He called last night. He just heard the news. He's been on the road for a few weeks."

"Great! Can he pick you up?"

"Only drawback, no. He's got to go out of town again. He'll leave keys with the neighbor. I'll need my truck. Can I drive yet?"

"Once the swelling goes down a little more. Your vision wasn't compromised. Let me make arrangements for a ramp."

Anton gave him the address of his house. "He's going to authorize the neighbors, the Roeder Sisters, to oversee that, so your guy can call them."

"Excellent. This will take a few days, but we can get it done. Is the house otherwise wheelchair ready? CV's going to need one."

"They can go in and look. The master bath has bars, put in by the former owner. He can stay in there."

"Okay, Don. We'll get the ball rolling. Call your friend."

"I'm to call the sisters. We've met a time or two."

"Excellent. Get me their contact numbers, and we'll be ready to rock."

"Thank you, sir. I appreciate that."

"I'm happy to. And congratulations on your ruling."

All his residents and interns shook Anton's hand as they filed out. An hour or so later, Maddox was back with a walker.

"You get to upgrade today. We're gonna walk your ass off."

He peeped around at his backside. "Could I have pants? It's not my lower bits in stitches."

"Oh...gee, I dunno. The girls were looking forward to a show." She nodded at the door and window. All the female residents, interns and nurses were huddled outside, whispering.

"Bloody hell. Okay. One look, and that's it. Five seconds."




"Nine. And that's my final offer."

"Okay. How you want to do this?"

"I don't want to do it at all," he muttered, getting carefully out of bed, so he didn't show anything. "Scroll up the blinds. I'll present."

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