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Announcing One Night in Daytona Beach by Dellani Oakes

It's finally here! The long anticipated (at least for me) One Night inDaytona Beach, #17 in the City Nights Series from TirgearrPublishing, is Available Now! Grab your copy while it's still only .99 cents!
When I first heard of the City Night Series, I was intrigued. The parameters of 24 hour time frame and erotic romance, were somewhat daunting as I usually extend my stories over longer periods of time. However, I saw it as a challenge. However, I couldn't think of a city, that I had knowledge of, which could be in any way interesting. I've lived a lot of places, and visited more, but somehow I didn't think that One Night in Lubbock, Texas sounded quite as enticing as I might like. And then Troy Lambert wrote about Boise, Idaho and I knew that I could do it. Thank you, Troy!
My own city, in the Daytona area, isn't very large or exciting, though it is in the story. In fact, a very important facet of the plot takes place here in sunny old Edgewater. And yes, we really do roll up the sidewalks early—what sidewalks there are. Mostly, we don't have them. We are right on the Indian River, a stone's throw from the beach, as the crow flies. As far as roads, I have to go to New Smyrna for a bridge.
Once I'd decided that, I tried to find a backdrop to the action. I couldn't make their action the only events in the story. A friend suggested NASCAR, but I've never been and don't intend to, so I passed on that. However, there are two other major events around here: Biketoberfest and Daytona Bike Week. Since The Ninja Tattootakes place during Biketoberfest, I decided to use Bike Week instead. With that decided, I was off like a shot. I wrote the story in less than a week.
I hope you enjoy One Night in Daytona Beach and will check out all the other fantastic books in the City Nights Series. Swing your leather clad leg over that Softail and rev up your engine. Then hang on tight, you're in for a hot, fast paced ride!

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I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 4

Matteo, the fourth of Fiona's co-stars, has caused some trouble. He vandalizes the apartment that he and Cole were sharing, so Cole is staying in Fiona's spare room.

Cole tapped on my door the next morning, right before my alarm went off. We had all planned to go do some sight seeing today. I really wanted to sleep in, but this was our first real opportunity to get to know the place which would be our home for the next six months or so. If we were lucky, it would be our home for years. I liked it here. It was a small city, picturesque, it bustled along at its own pace, not too fast, nor too slow. The beach was nicer than it was up in Daytona, and the people we'd met were friendly. They were excited to have movie people around, provided we didn't interrupt the ebb and flow of city life.
Cole knocked again, jiggling the doorknob. “You awake?”
Yeah. . . .” I groaned, rolling on my back with one hand over my eyes.
Wake up, Sunshine, Open up your sleepy eyes for me!” he sang happily.
Do not sing Chicago songs at me! God, I feel like I'd been drinking all night.”
Time to get up, baby doll. Breakfast is ready. Your man is waiting and you promised to go see the sights today.”
I hate you,” I called after him. “You're one of those damn perky people and I want you to stub your toe!”
I rolled out of bed and dragged my tired ass to the bathroom. Once I was ready, I went to the kitchen.
Dechlan poured me coffee, Hugo buttered a muffin and Cole shoveled eggs and grits onto my plate. They were all eating at least twice what I was. Despite the fact that I didn't want to be awake, the food was good and the company was better. I couldn't deny that these men were something really exceptional, especially Dechlan. He poured me more coffee and gave me a kiss when he served it.
Are you always this grumpy when you wake up?”
I don't know. I leave myself alone in the mornings. I am not an accurate barometer of my moods.”
He kissed me lingeringly, rubbing his lips over mine when he'd finished. “I guarantee, when you wake up with me, I'll put a smile on your face.”
Yeah? How do you plan to do that?”
He whispered in my ear, “I'll stroke you until you cum.” He nipped my earlobe and licked the little indentation below it.
How did he know that drove me insane? Because he had his tongue down your throat, his hands on your boobs and his cock on your hooch last night. And because, though we've done nothing specific yet, he's catalogued my hot spots to use later. I know he has, because I've done the same with him. Just like I know that if I run my index finger up the inside of his forearm, he'll wiggle—just like that. Smiling, I took a sip of my coffee.
You don't play fair, Miss Cartwright.”
Nor do you, Mr. Albright,” I said, shivering. He'd done the same thing to me and I found it excited me as much as it seemed to excite him.
Enough!” Hugo said. “I am suffocating on the pheromones! I'm happy you've finally admitted your love and all that happy shit, but my blue balls don't appreciate it.”
Dechlan kindly moved away from me and we apologized to our friends.
They are talking about the repairs on my room,” Cole said. “It's going to take a long time. I feel like a third wheel here, so if you don't mind, Fi, I'm going to switch with Dechlan. He can have this room—or share that one.” He pointed to either side of the apartment. “As you see fit. We can do that later today, if you like.”
Thanks, Cole. I didn't want to put you out.”
He took my hands. “I'm not put out and I'm not upset. A little disappointed, but you'll be with one of the two best guys I know. Now, we need to find Hugo a woman so his balls don't explode.”
Don't remind me,” Hugo groaned. “My arms are getting tired!” He lowered his head dramatically to the counter top, raising his arms with the wrists bent at odd angles. He had double jointed fingers and he contorted them they looked like broken twigs.
Zombie Predator Number Four,” Dechlan said, swatting Hugo's hands aside.
I was Number Five,” Hugo said. “But thanks for remembering.”
Dude, those hands haunted my dreams! That double jointed shit is freaky.”
Hugo bent his fingers, holding his arms ahead of him, waving them at Dechlan, mere inches from his nose. Dechlan yelped, jumping off the bar stool. He nearly fell on his ass, but Cole caught him.
I totally hate that,” he said, eyes wide. “Honest to God, hate that! My sister used to do that and back me into the corner or, worse yet, the cupboard below the stairs.”
Like Harry Potter?” I asked.
Oh bother Harry Potter! It was the creepiest place in the house. There was a ghost in there!”
Are you sure that it wasn't just another sister going after you in mime makeup?” Hugo asked.
Don't make fun. It was traumatizing.”
It's freakish and creepy, Hugo. Stop,” I said calmly, trying to get Dechlan to settle down.
He continued to wave his hands at Dechlan.
If you don't stop, I'll kiss him again,” I threatened. “And I'll fondle him.”
You wouldn't!”
I leaned closer to Dechlan, making a fish face. The men burst out laughing as I reached for him, with completely normal fingers. One hand dropped as if I were going to grab his dick. Hugo released his fingers and pouted.
You need a woman, mate,” Dechlan stated rather unnecessarily.
Thank you for pointing that out, Dechlan. I hadn't figured it out yet.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 3

Although they've been filming on the beach all week, Fiona and her three friends decide to spend time at the beach for fun. Growing up on the coast of North Carolina, Fiona needs the beach, just as Dechlan does. It's not easy on a girl when she's surrounded by the three sexiest men on the beach!

I watched the men with hungry eyes. They were all so handsome and well built, I couldn't keep my eyes off them. And what is there about hot, sexy, wet men that just drops a girl's defenses to absolutely nothing? I was eye humping the hell out of all of them, remembering details about seeing two of them naked. I could only imagine with Hugo, but based on what his wet, clinging board shorts revealed, it was equally as luscious as the other two.
I made myself stop looking, but it was so hard. They'd taken their skim boards to the water and were riding the shallows. Hugo wasn't very good, so Dechlan was giving him pointers. Cole wasn't bad, but Dechlan, who'd grown up around the water like I had, was exceptional. Wiggling and wriggling on my lounger, I watched with mounting heat in my loins. God, he's gorgeous! If I needed an eliminating factor, the reason to choose one man over the others this was it. Dechlan was a water child, just like me.
Cole and Hugo jogged up the beach, their approach followed by desirous female eyes. They probably had no idea that these men were actors, they just knew they were ridiculously handsome and jacked. Every woman on the beach stared as they wandered over and picked up towels, revealing their superb anatomy to all eyes. Admittedly, I did my share of looking, until Dechlan wandered out of the waves.
The ocean rippled around him, his slow strides like that of a sun-drenched water god. His blond hair clung to his head, dripping with crystalline drops of water. A scattering of hair covered his chin, catching the water and sunbeams, making his face appear to glow. Those rock hard abs went on what seemed forever, with an enticing treasure trail of curly, caramel colored hair. His board shorts rode low on his hips, clinging to his sinuous thighs and taut ass. He smiled, waving slowly at me, and I melted, my insides turning into liquid need. How could he do that to me with a smile and a wave? Because I had seen that Adonis-like physique naked. I had clung to him in very real lust, without any fulfillment. Lexi got her Oh, God moment, but I didn't! It was pure torture watching him.
My eyes weren't the only ones that drifted over to Dechlan. Every woman, who moments before had been ogling Hugo and Cole, snapped their heads around. Jaws dropped, sunglasses slipped down so that a better view could be had. Hands shaded eyes and phones snapped pictures as he headed up the beach. I don't think he even noticed. He was too intent on me.
The lustful eyes grew angry as he dropped down on my lounger with me, lying on his side. He smiled as he raised closed eyes to the sky. His handsome face relaxed into lines of pure bliss.
They all watching?” he mumbled without opening his eyes.
Oh, yeah! You bastard, you did that on purpose.”
Every sit up I do, every weight I curl, ever lap I swim, it's for that moment when I can use this hot, jacked body to make every woman drool and wish I were in her bed, aroused, taking her hard,” he said in a smug tone.
I shoved him off the lounger. He landed on the sand, laughing loudly as he picked himself up. He ran back to the water, did a shallow dive and rinsed the sand off himself. He didn't do a repeat performance, but there were still plenty of eyes and cameras on him.
Wait until he's famous,” Cole said. “All those women be like, I saw his ass at the beach!” He laughed loudly, taking a sip of his water.
It doesn't bother you that he did that?”
What? No. We all do it, but we take turns. If we all did that little act it would do one of two things—make every woman die from heart attacks, or completely lose its impact. It's hot when one of us does it, it's boring with all three. Two of us get 'em interested, then the third guy brings it in for the win.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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I Love Dialogue - Extra! From Conduct Unbecoming

I've mentioned these scenes a couple times recently, and I thought I'd share them. They aren't something I want to share over the air, but these are fun scenes. 

Caution: Contains Guy Humor. If you are easily offended, do us both a favor, and don't read it.

From Page 36

"Did you miss the part where we were shot at?" Teague asked.
"Wasn't cops did that," Joel countered. "Look, I know we're small town, but she's safer with us than here, isn't she?"
"No one knows she's here," Teague countered.
"But she's known to be with you and Jasper. 'Cause I know he rode in like Fucking Tonto to save the day, flashing his badge."
"The shooter was long gone," Jasper said.
"Maybe, maybe not. Point is anyone with a laptop and the right access codes could find you. Your homes have been compromised."
"I hate to say he's right," Jasper grunted. "So, where do we go? Your place?"
"I live in an apartment complex. No. I still say the police station is the best place for her."
Aileen raised her hand, waving it. "We could take her to the nearest military base."
The men stared at her. Nadeya wiggled further away from her friend.
"Are you serious? Do I need to remind you that someone just tried to kill me?"
"I know, but we could drive down to Patrick Air Force base. There are some Army people stationed there. I know we could protect you."
"No. That's out of the question," Nadeya said. "I'm not running away, but I'm not going to walk into the lion's mouth either. Okay," she said to Joel. "Whether it's the best idea or not, it's my only option. Take me to your leader."
Joel burst out laughing. "Yes, ma'am. Who else wants to go?" He looked around the room. All the faces turned to him expectantly. "Okay, I'm guessing that's everyone. I can tell you though, Neil's not gonna talk to all of us. By the way, whose car is that out there?"
"I borrowed it," Jasper said, adding nothing else.
"Really borrowed or like stole—borrowed?" Joel asked.
"Police officer—duh. It belongs to an old girlfriend. We still hook up from time to time. She was happy to drive the Boss for a day or so."
"That is a sexy car," Aileen admitted.
"So's mine," Joel said, standing.
"Yeah, if you're gay," Jasper said.
Joel shot him a look. "You're gay," he snapped.
"Not a day in my life, little cousin." Jasper raised an eyebrow.
"Boys, enough," Vivica said. "Joel, your car is cute—just like you."
They moved toward the back door together.
Joel crossed his arms, frowning. "Why do women always tell me I'm cute? Men don't want to be cute."
"Then don't drive a car that looks like it should be covered in Hello Kitty stickers," Teague remarked, dodging out of his cousin's way as Joel took a swing at him.
"My car is not gay!" Joel yelled as he flung open the door.
"Okay...." Jasper held up his hands. "It's not gay. It's bi-curious."
"You can ride in the Pinto O'Death," Joel said.
"I'll ride with Joel," Aileen said. "Shotgun," she called as she walked out the door.
Nadeya followed her. Teague and Vivica walked toward the truck, bypassing the Pinto. Disgusted, Jasper followed them.
"Okay, I know it's lame," he grumbled, "But it was all I could get my hands on."
"That car's almost as embarrassing as Joel's," Teague said as his truck motor roared to life.
Joel started his car and purple neon lights flickered underneath.
"Jesus," Jasper remarked. "There is no expression sorry enough to describe that."

From Page 52

After breakfast, the men went outside for a smoke. None of them did it very often, but this seemed like the occasion to indulge. Not only that, they wanted to talk about their women.
"Teague, dude, you missed out not having sex with Nadeya," Jasper said. "I've had it good before, but da-yam!"
"I beat your record, cuz," Joel said.
"Record? Which one is that?"
"Getting into Aileen's panties. She said it took you a week."
Teague chuckled. "She'd like to remember it that way. I think it was about three days."
"Still beat you," Joel replied, proud of himself.
"You did, cuz. That's very cool."
"She did it because she feels sorry for you—having that gay car and all—" Jasper teased.
Joel smacked him. "I'm sick of you guys making fun of my car! Some people find it hot."
Teague and Jasper eyed Joel's car, raising dubious eyebrows.
"Nope. Sorry. No, they don't." Teague replied.
"Pretty sure that's a no," Jasper added.
"What is wrong with my car?"
"The color," Teague replied.
"The purple neon underneath," Jasper added.
"Spinners." Teague nodded adamantly.
"Spoiler." Jasper snapped.
"Name!" they bellowed together.
"I love my car," Joel said. "Nothing you two say will change that."
"I'm surprised Aileen still went to bed with you after she saw that," Jasper said.
"Not funny!"
Vivica came to the door. "You're going to wake the neighbors," she said calmly. "What's all the shouting about?"
"Joel maintains that his car is, in fact, hot," Jasper said. "We maintain that it's not."
"Really? You're talking about a car after having some of the best sex of your life?" She rolled her eyes with disgust and went inside, slamming the door.
"Good thing you got that sex already," Jasper intoned. "Cause I'm pretty sure you won't tonight."
"Wait until she tells Nadeya and Aileen," Joel said, eyes wide. "You'll be in deep shit—both of you."
"I'll be deep in something," Jasper countered. "But it won't be shit." He rose, heading toward the door. "Y'all coming?"
"Not yet," Teague replied, throwing his cigarette butt at Jasper.

© 2014 Dellani Oakes

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I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 2

Fiona's character, Lexi, is a bit of a slut. Within the first four episodes, Lexi has sex with all four of her co-stars. Her scene with Dechlan goes well, then she has her scene with Cole. It doesn't go quite as smoothly, leaving him in a rather disturbed state. Fiona isn't much better. It wouldn't have been so difficult if she weren't interested in her co-stars romantically.

By some miracle, we got a satisfactory scene shot and Don decided to call it a day. Cole escaped as soon as possible and I wished I could. I could tell the Mongoose was going to get a workout tonight! Once I was changed and ready to go home, the guys met me by the car. We piled in and the driver headed to our condo.
I promised to take you out drinking and dancing,” Dechlan said. “It's Friday, we can cut loose.”
I don't want to go out-out,” I said, confusing them all. “Downstairs to the lounge, so no one has to drive. We all going?”
Dechlan looked at the other men, nodding somewhat resignedly. “Yeah. Is that okay?”
Yeah.” I smiled at him. “But don't think we're pulling a Lexi,” I said with a grin. “Just because I'm drinking doesn't mean I'm doing anything else.”
Got it. Loud and clear,” Hugo said. “No dicks allowed, you two.”
What about you?” Cole snapped.
My dick has not been involved in this bizarre quadrangle yet. Though he awaits his turn anxiously.”
Third person on the dick?” I raised a questioning eyebrow. “Men really do that?”
To make a point,” Hugo said. “In this equation, my dick is a free radical.”
I started laughing. “I don't think that means what you think it means. Free radicals aren't mathematical.”
So now you're a math genius? Contradicting the Asian dude? Everyone knows that Asians are superior in every way. Bigger intellects, bigger swords. . . .”
Smaller dicks,” Cole said with finality.
Just because you're Black doesn't mean you have me beat in that department,” Hugo sounded offended. “Black men don't hold a monopoly on penis size. They just want everyone to think that. They perpetuate the myth to make the rest of us feel inferior.”
Cole held up his hand, grabbing Hugo's wrist. He splayed their hands out palm to palm. His fingers were nearly an inch longer than Hugo's. Riveting the shorter Asian man with his bottomless black eyes, he tipped his head toward their hands.
You know how they say things are proportional?”
Hugo's eyes grew large.
You do the math. Genius.”
We pulled up at the condo and Cole hopped out of the car, heading up to his room without the rest of us. We thanked the driver and slipped him a tip.
I love driving you guys around,” he said as Dechlan handed him the money. “You have the most interesting conversations of any of my clients. See you Monday!” He tipped his hat and left.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe

Fiona Cartwright is an actress with her first TV series. From North Carolina, she is getting used to Florida, where the show is filming. She has four handsome male co-stars, and has a bit of a crush on three of them—most especially Australian actor, Dechlan Albright. She and the guys are out for the night and she's taking turns dancing with them.

The band had switched to a mellower, bluesy sound and they were playing a favorite song of mine. All three men stood up, but Dechlan was the least drunk and the best dancer, so I dragged him back out. Hugo and Cole didn't seem to mind. They continued to discuss their production companies.
Good tune,” Dechlan said, pulling me close. “Midnight in Harlem. I love this song.” He hummed along with the keyboards before the vocals started. As the frontman began to sing, Dechlan crooned along with him.
Dechlan is an old style actor. By that, I mean he can sing, dance and act—sort of like Fred Astaire, if Fred were six foot three and a half inches of blond, jacked Aussie. He did a tight spin, pulling me close as he turned.
You're a good dancer, Fi,” he complimented softly, his face by my cheek. “How many hours of lessons?”
More than I can count. You?”
Mum's a dance instructor. I partnered her once Dad left. I was fourteen.”
I lost my balance, which I think he did on purpose, and fell against him. My face nearly collided with his chin. His full lips twitched and he laughed.
Sorry. Just enough alcohol to make me clumsy.”
You totally did that on purpose,” I countered. “No way you're that drunk.”
Maybe I just want you to think I'm drunk so you'll take advantage of me,” he replied with a wink.
Wouldn't that work better the other way around?”
Logically, one presumes, but you're not drinking.”
And I'm not seducing you.” Not that it isn't incredibly tempting. Oh, so tempting.
Hm?” He pulled me close, his cheek next to mine, as another, slower song started.
Cole came up, tapping his shoulder. “My turn, Dude. You can't monopolize the dance time.”
Dechlan reluctantly handed me over to Cole. Hugo was too drunk to care, so I danced the next two songs with Cole. Next to Dechlan, he was the best dancer, but only on very slow songs, or very funky ones. Anything else, he was hopelessly lost. Hugo could dance if given specific instruction. I had no idea about Matteo. He never went out with us.
Humming with the vocalist, Cole also sang softly. He had an even better voice than Dechlan. He seemed to caress the tune, making it soulful and sad. His lips brushed my cheek and he pulled me close. If I'd had any doubt that Cole was interested in me, that one small action shattered it. Oh, the man was blessed! It was incredibly tempting to take him to bed, too, but I'd already told Dechlan no. I wasn't going to diss him and take up with one of the others. I'd go to bed alone with my Mongoose before I'd hurt their feelings.
After the second song, I decided it was time to go. If we hadn't had an early call the next day, I would have stayed out dancing half the night. Besides, Hugo was wasted. He needed to get home and get to bed.
We all threw down for dinner and the tip, before Dechlan and Cole helped Hugo outside. I drove the car up so they didn't have to walk him across the parking lot.
That was fun,” Dechlan said, spreading his long arms across the seats. His hand rested on the back of my neck.
I didn't mind, but it seemed like an overly intimate touch in front of Cole. I didn't need to worry. A glance in the mirror assured me that both he and Hugo were sleeping.
Yes, it was. You're a great dancer.”
I do other things great,” he offered.
I have no doubt you do,” I replied, pulling into my parking spot. “But how do you expect a girl to decide between the four of you?”
You could give us all a try,” he suggested with a smirk.
Oh, and how would I go about it? If I went with the most persistent, I'd have to bed Matteo first.” I wrinkled my nose. “If I went alphabetically, I'd have Cole before I got to you.”
Not if you went by last name. Albright comes before Wilson.”
Albright always cums first,” Cole said as he raised his head. And Wilson cums last. Which of us do you think makes a better lover?”
I giggled, glancing at poor, sleeping Hugo. “The one who cums at the same time. Chang and Cartwright, pretty close, alphabetically speaking.” I got out of the car, leaving them to figure out how to get Hugo upstairs.
You could do us all at once,” Cole suggested, not seriously, I hoped.
I don't have enough orifices,” I replied.
The men exchanged a look.
You've got enough for three,” Dechlan replied, winking at me.
He and Cole held Hugo between them, their shoulders under his.
I bite,” I reminded him. “And I gag. What fun is it if I bite down on your dick and vomit?”
The men chuckled, shrugging.
Merely a suggestion,” Dechlan said magnanimously.

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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J.P. Lane: I've got my marching orders

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Old Time Religion ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 5

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