Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 4

Matteo, the fourth of Fiona's co-stars, has caused some trouble. He vandalizes the apartment that he and Cole were sharing, so Cole is staying in Fiona's spare room.

Cole tapped on my door the next morning, right before my alarm went off. We had all planned to go do some sight seeing today. I really wanted to sleep in, but this was our first real opportunity to get to know the place which would be our home for the next six months or so. If we were lucky, it would be our home for years. I liked it here. It was a small city, picturesque, it bustled along at its own pace, not too fast, nor too slow. The beach was nicer than it was up in Daytona, and the people we'd met were friendly. They were excited to have movie people around, provided we didn't interrupt the ebb and flow of city life.
Cole knocked again, jiggling the doorknob. “You awake?”
Yeah. . . .” I groaned, rolling on my back with one hand over my eyes.
Wake up, Sunshine, Open up your sleepy eyes for me!” he sang happily.
Do not sing Chicago songs at me! God, I feel like I'd been drinking all night.”
Time to get up, baby doll. Breakfast is ready. Your man is waiting and you promised to go see the sights today.”
I hate you,” I called after him. “You're one of those damn perky people and I want you to stub your toe!”
I rolled out of bed and dragged my tired ass to the bathroom. Once I was ready, I went to the kitchen.
Dechlan poured me coffee, Hugo buttered a muffin and Cole shoveled eggs and grits onto my plate. They were all eating at least twice what I was. Despite the fact that I didn't want to be awake, the food was good and the company was better. I couldn't deny that these men were something really exceptional, especially Dechlan. He poured me more coffee and gave me a kiss when he served it.
Are you always this grumpy when you wake up?”
I don't know. I leave myself alone in the mornings. I am not an accurate barometer of my moods.”
He kissed me lingeringly, rubbing his lips over mine when he'd finished. “I guarantee, when you wake up with me, I'll put a smile on your face.”
Yeah? How do you plan to do that?”
He whispered in my ear, “I'll stroke you until you cum.” He nipped my earlobe and licked the little indentation below it.
How did he know that drove me insane? Because he had his tongue down your throat, his hands on your boobs and his cock on your hooch last night. And because, though we've done nothing specific yet, he's catalogued my hot spots to use later. I know he has, because I've done the same with him. Just like I know that if I run my index finger up the inside of his forearm, he'll wiggle—just like that. Smiling, I took a sip of my coffee.
You don't play fair, Miss Cartwright.”
Nor do you, Mr. Albright,” I said, shivering. He'd done the same thing to me and I found it excited me as much as it seemed to excite him.
Enough!” Hugo said. “I am suffocating on the pheromones! I'm happy you've finally admitted your love and all that happy shit, but my blue balls don't appreciate it.”
Dechlan kindly moved away from me and we apologized to our friends.
They are talking about the repairs on my room,” Cole said. “It's going to take a long time. I feel like a third wheel here, so if you don't mind, Fi, I'm going to switch with Dechlan. He can have this room—or share that one.” He pointed to either side of the apartment. “As you see fit. We can do that later today, if you like.”
Thanks, Cole. I didn't want to put you out.”
He took my hands. “I'm not put out and I'm not upset. A little disappointed, but you'll be with one of the two best guys I know. Now, we need to find Hugo a woman so his balls don't explode.”
Don't remind me,” Hugo groaned. “My arms are getting tired!” He lowered his head dramatically to the counter top, raising his arms with the wrists bent at odd angles. He had double jointed fingers and he contorted them they looked like broken twigs.
Zombie Predator Number Four,” Dechlan said, swatting Hugo's hands aside.
I was Number Five,” Hugo said. “But thanks for remembering.”
Dude, those hands haunted my dreams! That double jointed shit is freaky.”
Hugo bent his fingers, holding his arms ahead of him, waving them at Dechlan, mere inches from his nose. Dechlan yelped, jumping off the bar stool. He nearly fell on his ass, but Cole caught him.
I totally hate that,” he said, eyes wide. “Honest to God, hate that! My sister used to do that and back me into the corner or, worse yet, the cupboard below the stairs.”
Like Harry Potter?” I asked.
Oh bother Harry Potter! It was the creepiest place in the house. There was a ghost in there!”
Are you sure that it wasn't just another sister going after you in mime makeup?” Hugo asked.
Don't make fun. It was traumatizing.”
It's freakish and creepy, Hugo. Stop,” I said calmly, trying to get Dechlan to settle down.
He continued to wave his hands at Dechlan.
If you don't stop, I'll kiss him again,” I threatened. “And I'll fondle him.”
You wouldn't!”
I leaned closer to Dechlan, making a fish face. The men burst out laughing as I reached for him, with completely normal fingers. One hand dropped as if I were going to grab his dick. Hugo released his fingers and pouted.
You need a woman, mate,” Dechlan stated rather unnecessarily.
Thank you for pointing that out, Dechlan. I hadn't figured it out yet.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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