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Imagine being taken away from your family, friends, job and everything you love ~ His Soul to Keep (Dark Knights of Heaven Book 1) by TW Knight

Where fallen angels battle Hell’s demons, find their lost souls, and discover love while hunting for a prophecy that holds the key to either their redemption or their destruction.

At twenty-eight, Cassidy Long is happy with her life. She has a job she loves, a great family, and a future open to possibilities. That all changes after she discovers she is the vessel for the immortal soul of an angel cast out of Heaven, and the only way to break the bond is by her death. Spirited away, Cassidy finds herself in the middle of an eternal war and falling for her angel.

Rail is captivated by Cassidy immediately, but fears it’s only the connection to his soul fueling his interest. He’s vowed to never fall in love, but fate has different plans. The more he fights his growing feelings, the deeper in love he falls. Cassidy not only holds his soul, but his heart. Now, he will fight Heaven and Hell to protect her.

Heaven abandoned them, but they did not abandon their calling. Once they were the Watchers, teachers, and mentors to human kind. Now soulless and exiled from Heaven, forced into an endless war, some will fall while others rise to find their destinies. They are the Dark Knights of Heaven. 

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Imagine being pulled out of your world. Imagine being taken away from your family, friends, job and everything you love. Cassidy Long knew how it felt and was trying to make the best of it. Never mind that she had been rescued from a real live monster by the most gorgeous man she had ever seen.That man literally swept her off her feet and brought her to his world to protect her. After a few days of frustration and little to do, Cassidy finds the courage and energy to stand up to Rail and his brothers, trying to convince them she can help them in their search for others like them. As she finds her voice, she finds love in Rail , the fallen angel who's soul she holds. Will their love get them through the terror they will face together? Will their love endure all the dark secrets Rail keeps from Cassidy?

I could not put this book down! The story was so well written that I found my self laughing, sobbing, cursing and holding my breath (and that was in just one chapter). Three cheers for T.W. Knight. You have written one of the best books I've ever read! Please don't make us wait too long for book 2!

To Ends of the Earth: High Plains to Patagonia by Nelda Bedford Gaydou

On the road to seek work in the cotton fields of Texas, an old Ford Model T truck breaks down and forces a change of destination that ultimately leads the protagonists to the Argentine Patagonia. Follow the anecdote-driven story of a devoted couple who spent their childhood in the U.S. Southwest during the Great Depression, met and married during World War II, and together undertook a lifelong journey of adventure and service. 

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Review of To the Ends of the Earth by Nelda B. Gaydou

Stories of lives well lived is the way that you can summarize the book. To do so would rob you of the intriguing vignettes that dot the landscape as the author shares the trials and travails of the Bedford family from the United States southwest to the Argentine Patagonia at the bottom of the world. Along the way the author sprinkles history in such a captivating way that the reader is seeing the events play themselves out and learning of the interlocking world in which we live without even realizing it.

To the Ends of the Earth: High Plains to Patagonia by Nelda B. Gaydou is the story of a period in American religious history which transformed the evangelical world. It is the story of two people who met, fell in love, responded to God’s call, moved to South America, raised a family, and in between impacted countless lives. This is a story as only an MK (missionary kid) can tell it with love and deep insight into the relationships that brought about the events as nothing else could have done. Although on the surface this is a chronology of a family and their ministry, first in the United States and later in Argentina, in reality it is the story of the love that develops between people as they get to know each other, and, in spite of the differences of language and culture, how that love can transform them and the world around them.

Dellani Oakes has done it again ~ The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani Oakes

Teague McMurtry spent the last six years of his life in the Army. Finally having enough of killing, he comes home, thinking he's put the nightmare behind him. When he meets beautiful and sultry Vivica Rambo, he thinks his life is taking a turn for the better.

Little does Teague know that he's been targeted for death by a violent biker gang led by Vivica's psychotic older brother. Now Teague must put his skills to the test to protect himself and the woman he loves. 

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Dellani Oakes has done it again. In her book Ninja Tatoo, Ms. Oakes gives us a run for our money in this action packed, adrenaline rush, romance novel . . . Kudos to Dellani Oakes for once again bringing us a romance novel worth its weight in gold. ~ M. Moran Bishop

Good book by a Great Author!

This is a very well-written book which I enjoyed reading. I particularly liked the setting in small town Florida. It is filled with suspense from the very first page and has many twists and turns which keep you wondering as to how it will end. It is interspersed with intimate encounters between the protagonist and his girlfriend. The author has woven love, lust, intrigue and murder into this neat little package. Well worth the time to read. ~ Beingreal

Inspirational Motivation ~ Cross Stepping Your Way to Success: The Power to Transform Your Life One Step at a Time by Carolyn Bowen

When surfers hit the waters, they use a technique called cross-stepping, or moving their weight forward and backward to stay standing. Cross-stepping isn't just a good idea for surfers, though - you, too, can metaphorically use the same strategy of zig-zagging motions to achieve success. In "Cross-Stepping Your Way to Success," career coach Carolyn Bowen shows you how to zig-zag your way to success one step at a time. She examines grieving, life planning, owning your power, becoming health conscious, learning to love again, and more. With "Cross-Stepping Your Way to Success," you'll discover how to maintain your balance on the choppy waters of life! 

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In life, we all have bad days and times when things just seem to go wrong. The author helps us all to look at life from a different angle and helps readers to find a way to overcome are problems with great information. She takes readers step by step through a plan of making life better for ourselves and others. This is a great book that will inspire and give readers that boost they might need to begin again and be better to ourselves and others.

5 Star Review~ PS Winn

A Story Full of Hearts ~ Your Heart to Keep by Amanda Mackey

We don’t choose fate. It chooses us. Or so we are led to believe. Holly Jenkins is about to receive a new heart, thanks to a donor match from accident victim, Chloe McQuade. The victim’s boyfriend, bad boy Jax, is angry and grieving for his lost love. He hates everything and everyone, including Holly. It isn’t until he meets her that he realizes there is something about her he can’t explain. Could it be the beating heart of his dead girlfriend- the very one he owned, that calls to him? Is the intense pull towards Jax coming from Holly’s own emotions or are they Chloe’s? And why is she suddenly craving things she never has before? How do they decide what’s real and what’s not? Is fate at play or is it something more?

I think I left my heart inside this book after I read Jax & Holly + Chloe's story. From the first page, no, from the prologue up to the last page, I've got goosebumps, tears and livid fantasies that only Jaxon can relieve. Ha! But seriously, this story is full of heart, literally and figuratively. Why, my heart even screeched to a halt!

Jaxon might as well be my flavor of the month, my book boyfriend of the week, my boy toy for the day. He's such a sweet and loving soul. I was crushed when he almost went crazy after Chloe's death. I got angry with him when he got mad at Holly, I fell in love with him all over again when he and Holly started weaving memories together. I think I'll have him keep my heart, too.
Holly was also a revelation. While I was really clueless about the nature of her heart condition, this book opened my eyes about the people who suffer with Marfan's Syndrome. When she got her transplant, I thought I also had this sudden change of heart. Suddenly everything about her looked vibrant and at peace. She's a good sport, took each day at a time, grateful for the second chance at life, even though Jax was quite a jerk to her at first.
I love, love, love this book. Amanda Mackey had poured out her heart in this story. (See, I told you this book has a lot of heart!) She unknowingly found a spot in my favorite author list. Can't wait to read the other heartfelt and sensual stories she had penned!
5 Star Review by Claire Santos – Coffeeholic Bookworm

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The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 41

They set up their chairs and huddled close. Tanya was glad she'd brought the extra clothing. Even sandwiched between Morgan and Erica, she was chilly.
Erica hadn't told them what type of music was on the program, so they waited. Caden was somewhat impatient. He didn't like sitting around doing nothing. Morgan contented himself with seeing how much he could get away with in public. His hands grabbed and fondled Tanya under her bulky clothing. Finally, he slid his left hand between her legs, under the long hem of her jacket. She quit slapping his hand away, resigned to the fact he was going to continue groping—possibly doing something even more embarrassing.
An announcer walked onto the stage to polite applause. He smiled, standing by a microphone center stage.
"Ladies and gentlemen, so glad you could join us tonight. We've got a great turn out. These concerts in the park are sponsored by the Fellowes – Perrine Arts Foundation. I'm told that two of the foundation's members are here tonight. Dr. Morgan Fellowes and Mr. Caden Perrine. Gentlemen—" He held out his hand, inviting them to stand.
Reluctantly, Caden and Morgan stood and waved. There was loud applause until they sat down.
"Without further delay, I'd like to introduce tonight's band. Give a warm city welcome to Madonna of Blues!"
The band had taken up positions while the MC was speaking. As they were introduced, the drummer did a fancy drum beat, the bass joined in and the guitar picked up the melody. There was no front man for a moment. Then, a tall, imposing figure walked onto the stage. At first Tanya thought it was a man, then a loud, clear alto filled the air. Not only was the singer female, the entire band consisted of women.
Their opening song was Bang Bang Boom Boom by Beth Hart. The vocalist did an amazing job belting out the jazzy melody. Their second song was Rolling in the Deep by Adele.
The entire program was a mixture of old and new blues tunes. Some were covers from other bands, the rest were original songs written by the band. They played Allman Brothers, Buddy Guy, Beth Hart, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Billie Holiday. Jonny Lang and dozens of other rhythm and blues bands. As an encore, they played Rain Dance Maggie by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. When that wasn't enough, the singer conferred with the band.
"Okay, one more song," she conceded. "Then it's time to go. We've got a choice for you. We could sing Santeria by Sublime...." There was scattered applause. "Or, we can invite Dr. Fellowes up here to join us in singing Heart of Stone. What do you say, Doc?"
This was greeted with thunderous applause, cat calls and cheers. Morgan wanted the ground to open and drag him under. Ending up in hell, would have been preferable to going onto stage with the band.
"Bring your friends. All of you come up!" She waved, beckoning to them.
The crowd exploded once more, in applause and cheering. Knowing there was no avoiding it, Morgan stood, holding out his hand to Tanya.
"If I have to do this, you have to. You, too," he said pointedly to Caden. "And you," he tapped Erica's nose. "This is your fault."
The four of them walked the short distance to the stage. There were no steps, but security guards lifted the women on stage. Morgan gave Caden a leg up, but swung easily onto the stage on his own. The crowd cheered again.
The singer greeted them, shaking hands. "Carol Osborn," she said to each of them.
She was a big woman, Tanya noted. At least six foot two, she was of a height with Caden and Morgan. Her broad shoulders were muscular and she had large hands. Tanya felt tiny and delicate in comparison. The men introduced the women and waited.
"Will you play drums for us, Dr. Fellowes?" the woman asked.
"Sure. What's she gonna do?" He pointed to the drummer.
Roadies brought out another drum set. Laughing, Morgan took his spot next to the band's drummer. He quietly introduced himself.
"What about you three? Play or sing?" Carol asked.
"Caden's a good guitarist," Erica said.
"I'm not that good," he hastened to say. "I strum and hum."
"We need a strummer and a hummer."
"I can sing," Tanya said quietly. "Not nearly as well as you...."
"Great! Get the doctor a microphone," Carol told a roadie.
Erica, in the meantime, was trying to drift into the background. Carol saw her.
"You're not getting away, Blondie." She winked at Erica. "Surely you can do something."
"I play a little piano," Erica admitted.
"Think you can handle this one?"
"Yeah. I know the song well."
Carol led her to the keyboard and took the center microphone again. Tanya had gone to stand by the backup singers, but Carol called her over.
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 40

"Not for us," Morgan said. "Sarducci's—piece of cake. And Caden can get a table at Moskva any time he wants."
"Or there's the curry place on Third," Caden said.
"Not in a curry mood. Um, Szechuan on Seventeenth?"
"Tanya, preference?" Morgan thought to ask.
"None. I couldn't get a table for a year, at any of those places."
"Call Erica."
Caden dutifully did as Morgan suggested.
"Mongolian grill," she stated. "I made reservations for six o'clock, so get it in gear."
"Why so early?" Caden asked her.
"There's a concert in the park. We're going."
"Really? Why? I hate those things."
"You won't hate this one. Trust me. Hurry up!"
Tanya changed into brown, brushed denim jeans, her boots and a warm sweater. On Morgan's advice, she brought her jacket, scarf and gloves along. He dug around and found jeans and a sweater. Caden changed when they got back to his townhouse. Morgan and Tanya waited in the car. A few minutes later, Caden came out of the building with a beautiful blonde.
Smiling, she hopped in the front seat. "Hi, I'm Erica. You must be Tanya."
They shook hands.
"The men have been closed mouthed," Erica continued as Caden started the car. "Haven't told me a thing about you."
"Same applies," Tanya replied. "I'm a doctor at the same hospital as Morgan and Hal."
Erica grinned. "Caden teases that I specialize in spa days and having my hair done. I'm a professional shopper, and style consultant for several Hollywood stars."
"No kidding? Can you say who?"
Erica dropped the names of several big stars.
"They always dress so beautifully. Do you do that?"
"They don't hit the red carpet without consulting my baby," Caden said, kissing Erica's hand.
"You do an impressive job. I have enough trouble getting dressed in the morning. Do you find yourself analyzing people you meet?"
"I do. I look at some women and think, Oh, honey. No. You look great, by the way. Brown is a good color on you. I'd look like whipped topping on a mud puddle. Brown is so not my color."
"Did you ever meet Vanessa?" Tanya asked, wishing she hadn't when the men got very quiet.
"Once," Erica replied. "It wasn't pretty. Talk about needing an entire Style Mulligan. That girl—wow! There have been clothes and hairstyles created since 1985."
Erica continued to trash talk Vanessa for a couple more minutes, but soon tired of it. Instead, she complimented Tanya on her taste, and offered to take her shopping for winter clothing.
"The weather closes in quickly. I doubt that your clothing will be warm enough. Have you ever spent a winter here?"
"No. I usually came in the spring or summer."
"You'll decidedly need some things. We'll go shopping."
"I don't know if my budget can handle high end buying," Tanya admitted. "I'm still paying school loans."
"Shopping?" Morgan perked up. "You don't have to worry. Any wife of mine will have the budget of a queen."
"We're not married yet," Tanya pointed out.
"Details." Morgan waved the protest away. "Erica, take her shopping, and charge it to me. The stores have my account information."
"Morgan, are you sure?" Tanya mentally calculated the outfit Erica was wearing. It was nearly a thousand dollars worth of clothing, not including jewelry, purse or shoes.
He leaned over, kissing her. "I'm positive. Erica's right, you need warmer clothing, and she has the in at all the shops. She can get you sweet discounts, as well as find you clothing you like."
"I paid about half of the retail cost for this outfit," she bragged. "The stores know me, and I swing a lot of business their way. To have a future Mrs. Fellowes shopping with them—they'd be so flattered, they couldn't see straight. They'd practically throw clothing at you."
"Wow, be nice if they'd done that when I was poor, and needed a new pair of shoes, and a suit for my interview here." Tanya shook her head, finding it hard to believe that stores would shower a rich person with gifts, while gouging a poor one for every cent. "I have a lot to learn about being rich," she sighed.
"I'll teach you," Erica said, winking. "The guys don't know how to spend money, but I do."
They had a pleasant dinner and headed to the park. Erica had packed lawn chairs in the trunk of Caden's car the day before, without telling him. They each took a chair and headed into the park. It was starting to fill up, but there was a space marked Reserved. Erica walked right to it.
"Being the fiancee of a high powered lawyer has its perks," Tanya said.
"Somewhat, but more the fact that his family, and Morgan's, donated the land and funds to build this complex. I can pull a few strings. My step-dad sits on the board, my mother organizes everything and the guys have prestigious last names."
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

Set in the world of the Dark Knights of Heaven ~ Demon's Destiny, book one of the Dark City Guardians by TW Knight

Garrett Duex Sabres is handsome, wealthy, brilliant and a demon with a split personality feeding on the living energy of humans. However, unlike others of his kind, Garrett chooses not to feed off pain and misery, he’s discovered a more palatable and just as potent source—sexual energy. Exploiting his charms, Garrett spends many evenings moving from one “dinner-date” to the next siphoning off small amounts from willing playmates. When Kay walks into Garrett’s life, his entire world is flipped around.

Set in the world of the Dark Knights of Heaven 

To Buy Demon's Destiny

What an amazing story!! It was one that I couldn't put down! T.W. Knight has a wonderful way of keeping the story line flowing with just the right mix of tension, Love and comic relief. I look forward to the next book in Dark City Guardians series!

5 Star Review

I read Demons Destiny [Dark City Guardian]. I enjoyed the book. It was an easy fast read that kept my attention. I enjoyed the characters and their interactions. Looking forward to book #2.

5 Star Review

Benji’s childhood was marked by strong family ties and sheer love of life ~ King of the Hill by Nelda Bedford Gaydou

Ten entertaining biographical stories set in Dickens County, Texas portray rural life during the Great Depression. They reflect the straitened circumstances, strong work ethic and close sense of community of the time, as well as the resilience and ingenuity of that generation. Despite the difficulties, or perhaps because of them, Benji’s childhood was marked by strong family ties and sheer love of life.

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Meet Author Nelda Bedford Gaydou

Nelda is the author of delightful biographical books about the Great Depression, Post World War II and early 1960's. Her stories include King of the Hill – Set in Depression Era Texas, From Sea to Sea – takes place in 1964 and follows the journey of the Globe Trotting Bedford family. Her third book, To the Ends of the Earth which chronicles the life of missionaries who travel from Texas to Patagonia.

Good read with a strong female lead ~ Chance - A Novel: Psychological Thriller (Sydney Jones Series Book 2) by Carolyn Bowen

They took her lover. Getting him back could be the last thing she ever does…

High-powered Atlanta attorney Sydney Jones never backs down from a case. So when her bodyguard and boyfriend is accused of murder, she’s determined to fight for him in court. Instead, the charges are suddenly dismissed, and he vanishes without a trace…

Suspecting CIA involvement, Sydney takes on a lawsuit with Chinese Black Society ties and finds a startling connection to her missing man. But as she digs deeper, she discovers that someone may kill to keep the secret.

Will this dangerous cat-and-mouse game reveal the truth or put a bullet in Sydney’s head?

Chance is the second book in the Sydney Jones psychological thriller trilogy. If you like fearless heroines, page-turning action, and shocking twists, then you’ll love Carolyn Bowen’s gripping story. 

To Buy Chance

Review of Chance by Carolyn Bowen

Good read with a strong female lead

Chance is a gripping psychological thriller that takes the lid off the underbelly of Atlanta, Georgia, the various cultures at play, the sleaze, the Chinese mafia. Adding to the intrigue, the involvement of the CIA. Meet tough, no-nonsense lawyer Sydney Jones, her beefy bodyguard-lover Walker and washed-up rock star Roxanne who attempts to lure Walker back to her side and ends up accidentally dead for her trouble. I particularly enjoyed the complexity of Sydney’s unexpected and unwanted pregnancy.

The narrative has a strong forward drive that makes for very fast reading. Written in third person personal, the story flits seamlessly from character to character in a fluid jump cut style, an approach that takes a moment to get used to but works well. Bowen’s pastiche of character-led vignette’s adds to the tension, lending a sense of urgency. Sacrificed is the deep point of view of the contemporary thriller – this technique applies especially to psychological thrillers – and Chance is light on dialogue and long action scenes, again, key drivers of the thriller genre. Nevertheless, Bowen has deployed a narrative style that captures the reader and keeps them turning the pages until the very end. Well written with good plotting and pacing and enough intrigue and twists to keep you on your toes, Chance will keep you guessing, waiting for the pay off at the end. Recommended to those after a lighter read in the thriller genre. Chance will also appeal to those after strong female leads.

Review by Isobel Blackthorn

A tortured soul's road to recovery ~ Pain by Amanda Mackey

Life is sweet in The Sanctuary—until Lillian Harris is thrown the curveball of her life.

Lillian is perfectly happy cocooned within the lofty perimeter fence of The Sanctuary. Her Sanctuary—a vast oasis for rescued lions, tigers, and elephants. The animals are her world. So when Lillian’s dad tells her a nineteen-year-old criminal who’s fresh out of prison is coming to The Sanctuary as part of a rehabilitation program, Lillian is more than a little apprehensive. She interacts with animals more than humans—and definitely not criminals.

Justice Armstrong is more arrogant than a Silverback, but something darker lurks behind his eyes…

It isn’t until Justice swaggers toward her from the parole officer’s car—pierced, confident, and more than a little hot—Lillian knows she has her work cut out for her. His stare has the power to rob her of all thoughts. His words, although crude and nefarious, bring a part of her to life she never knew existed. How is this criminal suddenly turning her world upside down?

He has the power to drag her to the dark side....

Pain is his drug of choice, a vice he can’t survive without. Then he meets Lillian Harris. Little miss hellcat. Fiery, strong, and all woman. She challenges him at every damn turn, and watching her tame those fierce big cats makes his need for her that much stronger. He wants to do things to her…wicked things. She makes him crave pain in a whole new way.

When a teen with a dark past bumps heads with a feisty rescue worker, will it be love over lust—or a matter of life and death? 

To Buy Pain


I have not read such a raw and emotional story in awhile and I’m so glad it was this one. I cried, actually cried for the boy that Justice was in this book. Beautiful ending too.

Loved this book!

5 Star Review by Caryn

Loved this beautiful story

This story had me gripped from the beginning to end. I could not put it down. It's been one of my favourite recent reads. The characters are wonderful, especially Justice. My heart was just rooting for him the whole way throughout. Beautiful story.

5 Star Review JByrne

A Tortured Soul's Road to Recovery

Pain, by Amanda Mackey, describes a tortured soul's road to recovery. The setting is the Sanctuary, an animal preserve operated by Lil and her father. A paroled convict named Justice, who's led a life of unthinkable horrors, comes to the Sanctuary to start live over, and learns valuable lessons about life - and himself. Each protagonist's story is told in first person, giving the reader an intimate view of the character. Full of surprises and highly recommended.

5 Star Review by John A. Miller

Old Time Religion ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Part 25

Obi took a moment to compare the sisters. Frankie had dark brown hair, and blue eyes. Though their coloring was different, they clearly were...