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The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 35

"Awesome," he nibbled her neck seductively. "Now come up and give me my birthday dessert on a kinky, round water bed."
Laughing, she raced ahead of him, calling over her shoulder. "Last one up has to be on the bottom!"
Morgan strolled behind her, watching her dash up the stairs, shedding clothing as she went. When he got to the top, she was lying on the duvet in her underwear, grinning at him.
"I won!"
"No, baby, I've been the winner since we met." He flopped on the bed beside her, holding her close. "Top or bottom, I don't care as long as I'm with you."

The next morning, Tanya woke with a smile. Her dreams had been full of Morgan. He lay beside her, watching her. His smile flashed across his handsome face.
"Good morning, future Mrs. Doctor Fellowes."
"Good morning, future Mr. Doctor Fellowes."
He scooted closer, fingers drifting toward the sweet spot on her spine. "I wonder how people handle things like that."
"We wait until someone sends us a Christmas card and find out, I suppose."
"I suppose." He kissed her.
Tanya moved closer, ready for their usual wake up routine to begin. Morgan put a finger to her lips.
"Hold that pose." He scrambled out of bed and walked to the wall to the left of the bed.
Tanya watched as he grabbed the frame of a picture, sliding it aside, revealing a small wall safe.
Spinning the dial, he concentrated on the combination before turning the handle. The safe door swung open. He reached in and pulled out a small black velvet box before shutting the door.
"I had this last night, but my timing was thrown off by the party." Smiling, he approached the bed.
Flipping open the lid, he sat beside her on the bed, holding the box toward her. "I had a fancy speech all planned, but I actually liked the spontaneity better. Would you like to hear my fancy speech?"
She grinned up at him. "Well, you went to all the trouble of preparing it."
"Tanya, you're an amazingly talented, intelligent, beautiful and seductive woman. Over the last few months, I've gotten to know and admire you more than any woman I've ever met. Would you do me the honor of being my wife?"
Tanya was in tears. He slid the box across the sheets until it touched her hand.
"Oh, Morgan! Yes!"
He took the ring out of the box, placing it on her finger.
"It's beautiful!"
The cushion cut ruby was at least two carats. It sat in a platinum Tiffany setting with a scattering of diamonds pressed into the metal. Morgan slid it on her finger. Tanya wanted to stare at the ring, but his kiss put an end to that.
He made love to her gently, slowly, savoring her body. Their union transcended anything they had yet experienced.
"I didn't think it could be any better," Tanya sighed afterward.
"Me either, but we manage every time."
They spent the day together at her house, packing her things. They could have called his family and had it all packed in a matter of hours, but they wanted the first trip to be just the two of them. They could set an official moving day anytime they wanted.
That evening, Tanya fixed a special meal in Morgan's kitchen. Their kitchen, she amended. Morgan worked with her, cutting vegetables for the stir fry, with medical precision. She had to laugh at how carefully he diced the celery and carrots, adding them to the pile.
"You do that like it's a surgical procedure."
He chuckled, never realizing that he did that. "What the hell?" He slapped the meat on the board, hacking it mercilessly.
Tanya got a fit of giggles. She wasn't able to stop until he washed his hands and kissed her. Dinner was somewhat late after that. They officially initiated the kitchen by making love on the counter. They went to bed early, because the next day was court. Both of them had taken the week off so that they'd be able to focus on the case, and not be called in to the hospital.
Dressed conservatively, they met Caden at the courthouse. He and Morgan had set aside their differences, in order to get this case won. Caden was, unarguably, the best young lawyer in the city. Only a few older lawyers were better than he, and only because they had more years behind them.
When Caden, Morgan and Hal walked into the courtroom together, Vanessa's lawyer paled slightly. One Caden Perrine he could handle, but he was suddenly seeing double. Caden and Hal were as close to identical as they could be. They even dressed in the same style and color suit—navy blue Savile Row with a pale gray pinstripe. Caden wore a stark white shirt, a dark red and blue striped tie and sported a blue handkerchief. Hal's shirt was white as well, but his tie and handkerchief were coordinating shades of blue.
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