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Poplar Mountain Part 34 by Dellani Oakes

"Yes," he admitted calmly. "Yes, we are." His blue eyes twinkled. "I love you more than life, Dollie."
"Me too. And I'll marry you just as soon as we can without shocking everyone."
"I'll be mighty proud to make you my wife."
Will stopped singing and clattering around in the kitchen. He came out wiping his hands on his jeans. Dollie excused herself to go to the privy. She'd have preferred her civilized bathroom, but that wasn't an option at the moment.
"I got to get back to my place and get my suit. You set here?" Will asked Lucius.
"For now. I feel stronger now that I ate. I think I'll be fine. Got Dollie with me."
"That's what I'm afraid of, brother. You're stronger and you got a taste of what married life would be like. She's a pretty girl and you're a man ain't had none in how long?"
Luke muttered something that his brother didn't hear.
"What's that?"
"Reckon I know how long a dry spell it's been, Willem. Don't need you tellin' me. Would it worry you less if we went on down to her place? Her sister'll be there. Got me two women to watch over me and each other. That sound better?"
"Well, I was thinkin' of taking Patty home with me." He laughed at his brother's consternation. "I'm teasing you. Yes. And you'd be closer to Doc if there's a problem. Go get your suit and we'll carry it down with us."
Dollie drove her car with Luke's suit hanging in the back. Will drove Luke to the girls' dorm, helping him out of the truck. Luke didn't really need help, but it made his brother feel better. Dollie carried his suit into the apartment and set about ironing his shirt and creasing his pants.
Patty and Will had a soulful parting, with lots of hugs and kisses. Luke wished his brother would go. Having them bill and coo like lovebirds made him crazy.
"Luke, would you like a shower?" Patty asked when she came back in.
"I would," he agreed. After hours of sweating in his fever, he felt a little gritty. He'd brought clean underwear and shirt with the intention of asking. He was glad she'd invited him.
"You can use the student's bathroom," Patty suggested. "The girls have all gone home. There's no one here but us. You can take as long as you like."
"That suits me right fine," Luke agreed. He got his things together and headed down the hall to the bathroom. It felt kind of strange walking into a girl's bathroom, but he soon got over the strangeness. There was fresh soap and a couple of towels on a rack. Patty must have had this in mind all along. He started up the water letting it warm up while he stripped off his clothing.
Stepping into the shower stall, he pulled the curtain closed and let the hot water run over him. The soap smelled fresh like Dollie and his mind turned to thoughts of his beloved. Washing himself was torture. Finally, feeling slightly ashamed, he relieved himself as quietly and quickly as possible. Spent and embarrassed by his own weakness, he stood in the hot water a few more minutes. It felt wonderful on muscles sore from lying in bed the better part of twenty-four hours.
When he had finished bathing, he dried off and dressed in his underwear and t-shirt. Taking a shaving kit out of his bag, he went to the mirror and shaved carefully, trimming his beard. A couple days of neglect and it looked rugged. He neatened it up with scissors.
There was a tap on the bathroom door.
"I ain't quite dressed."
"That's okay, it's just me," Will said as he walked in. He looked very dapper in his blue serge suit with a white starched shirt and dark red tie.
"Don't you look too spiffy for a funeral."
Will struck a ridiculous pose like the men in fashion ads. He and his brother laughed loudly, the sound echoing in the tiled room.
"Feel better?"
"Little bit."
Will nodded. He didn't have to ask and wouldn't make his brother tell him. How often a man gave into his baser urges wasn't a matter for discussion.
"Dollie's got your suit and shirt ready. She said you forgot a tie, but found you one."
"Why's she got a man's tie?"
"Am I gonna ask? Don't matter. Fact is, she's got you one."
"I get all the soap?"
Will checked his brother's ears and neck carefully, wiping a little bit with his thumb. "Got it."
Lucius slipped on his jeans. Wearing only his t-shirt, he walked down the hall with his brother.
The women were dressed in dark dresses with their hair put up. Each of them had a hat with a veil. Luke's suit hung on the closet door, neatly pressed, the shirt starched. A blue striped tie lay over the ironing board. Dollie was giving it a sprucing up.
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Demon's Destiny, book one of the Dark City Guardians by TW Knight

Demon's Destiny is book one of the Dark City Guardians.
Garrett Duex Sabres is handsome, wealthy, brilliant and a demon with a split personality feeding on the living energy of humans. However, unlike others of his kind, Garrett chooses not to feed off pain and misery, he’s discovered a more palatable and just as potent source—sexual energy. Exploiting his charms, Garrett spends many evenings moving from one “dinner-date” to the next siphoning off small amounts from willing playmates. When Kay walks into Garrett’s life, his entire world is flipped around. Set in the world of the Dark Knights of Heaven.

Curl Up with a Good Book ~ From Sea to Sea by Nelda Bedford Gaydou

From a three-week voyage of more than 7000 miles from New Orleans to Buenos Aires in 1964 through an eight-day, 3258-mile round-trip drive between Evanston, Illinois and Clovis, New Mexico in 2017, whether in their prime or in their nineties, the Bedfords have packed a lot into their life's journey. Follow their inspiring story of faith and service, set in fascinating times and places in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. 

Curl Up with a Good Book ~ The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani Oakes

Teague McMurtry spent the last six years of his life in the Army. Finally having enough of killing, he comes home, thinking he's put the nightmare behind him. When he meets beautiful and sultry Vivica Rambo, he thinks his life is taking a turn for the better.
Little does Teague know that he's been targeted for death by a violent biker gang led by Vivica's psychotic older brother. Now Teague must put his skills to the test to protect himself and the woman he loves. 

Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Cross Stepping Your Way to Success: The Power to Transform Your Life One Step at a Time by Carolyn Bowen

When surfers hit the waters, they use a technique called cross-stepping, or moving their weight forward and backward to stay standing. Cross-stepping isn't just a good idea for surfers, though - you, too, can metaphorically use the same strategy of zig-zagging motions to achieve success. In "Cross-Stepping Your Way to Success," career coach Carolyn Bowen shows you how to zig-zag your way to success one step at a time. She examines grieving, life planning, owning your power, becoming health conscious, learning to love again, and more. With "Cross-Stepping Your Way to Success," you'll discover how to maintain your balance on the choppy waters of life! 

Curl Up with a Good Book ~ Once an Angel: Hell wants to keep him. Heaven wants to save him by Amanda Mackey

Angel turned Demon, Nathaniel has been sent to Earth to tarnish pure souls, then banish them to Hell so Lucifer may recruit them into his army. What Nate doesn't expect is a chance meeting with Maya at a coffee shop in Mt. Vernon, Washington. He's drawn to her innocence and purity. At first he wants to lead her into temptation so she may join him in Hell but as he gets to know her, he realizes he also wants to protect her. With a deadline looming and the King of Hades claiming Maya for himself, Nate fights against his evil nature in a desperate bid to keep her safe.
Maya lives a simple life. Work. Eat. Sleep. Spending time with her best friend. When charming and stunningly handsome Nate ends up at the counter of the cafe where she works, she's left floundering at the intense affect he has on her. After agreeing to spend time with him, she soon discovers more to the sexy newcomer than meets the eye. Her world is turned upside down. Some things in fairy tales are real. 

Poplar Mountain Part 33 by Dellani Oakes

His older brother burst out laughing. Continuing to chuckle, he lifted Dollie, taking the pillow away. He hit his brother right across the privates with it and left with Dollie clutched in his arms. He came back in a couple minutes later, grabbing her clothing. He returned once more to help Luke to the privy.
"I'll understand if it takes you a while." He winked as he closed the door.
"Not with you out there!" Luke bellowed back.
"Want I should go inside? Just you and the chickens?"
"Shut up. I got to pee."
"Yee-up! I 'spect you do."
Luke could hardly touch himself to do his business. He needed relief, and soon, but not with his brother outside. That was the kind of thing a man did in private. Actually, it was the kind of thing a half-grown boy did, not a full grown man. Embarrassed by his need, he did his business and washed up at the outside pump.
"She damn near kilt me with that pillow," he mumbled to his brother.
"I know. Why you think I pulled her off? You got to talk to the girl. You know Patty told her stuff."
"Thank God." He sat down on the bed. Will handed him his pants. "I had this nightmare that we'd get to our wedding night and she wouldn't let me do nothin' cause she was scared."
"Got to admit, it's a bit of a surprise for a girl," Will said, helping his younger brother pull up his pants.
"I imagine so. I remember Uncle Wilt talkin' about it when I was about thirteen. Told me what to do and all. I sat there thinkin' I gotta do what? Girl will flat out kill me! Took awhile to get over."
Will laughed loudly. "Did he tell you the same way he told me? With a corn cob?"
"Shoot, yeah. I was powerful glad I wasn't put together like that cob!"
Both men laughed, slapping one another on the back. Will helped Luke to the kitchen table, settling him in his usual chair. Dollie was in the kitchen fixing breakfast.
"Where's Ma?"
"Down to the chapel. She set there most of the night. She and some of the family had a vigil."
"Wisht I coulda been there for her," Lucius said.
"She had aunts, uncles, passel of cousins, Granny Nation even come down the mountain."
"No kidding? Well, that's a miracle."
"She said she had to see for herself that the evil hell spawn was dead." His face clouded. "Said it right to Mama's face."
Lucius shook his head. "That weren't right."
"No, but neither's Granny."
They chuckled quietly. Dollie plopped a plate in front of Luke. As she turned angrily away, he captured her hand, halting her progress.
"Dollie, I do apologize. Never was my intention to upset you."
She nodded, obviously trying not to cry. She walked to the kitchen and got him coffee fixed just as he liked it. Will got his food next. She joined them a couple minutes later with her plate and cup. They said a silent blessing and ate their meals.
Will took the dishes to the kitchen and washed up. Luke and Dollie sat at the table with their coffee. He knew he needed to speak to her, but he felt awkward in front of his brother. Will started singing, creating enough of a sound barrier for Luke to speak more freely.
"Dollie, I know Patti told you some stuff and I'm glad. She can't tell ya what she don't know about." He took a deep breath. "It ain't my choice to wake up like that, it's a thing God's plagued men with since time began. Reckon Adam himself had the same problem. Men don't think the same way as women. We see a pretty woman and things happen. And waking up with the woman we love, well, our thoughts are gonna naturally go places they ought not to till we're married."
"Your mind just naturally goes right in the gutter?"
He chuckled softly, toying with his coffee cup. "Unfortunately, yes, Miss Dollie. Into the gutter and down the sewer like as not. By damn, you're pretty! I got to marry you soon or it's gonna half kill me!"
She put her hand over his, squeezing it comfortingly. "Girls get excited too. Course it doesn't show quite the same way." She blushed, ducking her head. "I didn't know what it was until today. When we were in the bed together...." She turned away, blushing a deep, brilliant red. "I wanted.... I wanted you," she whispered. "And that... !"
Luke brought her hand to his lips, kissing softly. "Don't never lose that innocence," he begged quietly. "It's one of the things I love most about you. Just do me a favor, darlin'. Unless you're gonna follow through, don't go beatin' me with a pillow again. Damn near made me explode."
Dollie blushed more, stifling a giggle. It burst forth, almost hysterical. "Oh, dear God! It did? Goodness, men are strange."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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Red River Radio Presents What's Write for Me with Uvi and Mark

What's Write for Me – Wednesday, September 25 4-6 PM Join us when we welcome two authors of historical fiction. I didn't plan it that way, it's a happy accident, which will totally rock!
Uvi Poznansky

Uvi Poznansky is a USA TODAY bestselling, award-winning author, poet and artist. "I paint with my pen," she says, "and write with my paintbrush." Her romantic suspense box set, Love Under Fire, made the USA TODAY bestselling list, as did her medical thriller box set, Do No Harm; and her romance box set, A Touch of Passion, was the 2016 WINNER of The Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Awards.
She worked first as an architect, and later as a software engineer, software team leader, software manager and a software consultant (with an emphasis on user interface for medical instruments devices.) All the while, she wrote and painted constantly, and exhibited in Israel and California. In addition, she taught art appreciation classes. Her versatile body of work includes bronze and ceramic sculptures, oil and watercolor paintings, charcoal, pen and pencil drawings, and mixed media.

Mark Richard Beaulieu

Mark Richard Beaulieu is an expert on one of the most powerful and misunderstood queens of Europe. She lived in the 12th century — Eleanor of Aquitaine. Mark is an accomplished author, collected painter, award-winning photographer, and innovative patent-holding software technologist. He trained as a studio artist and holds an MFA from UC Davis, and a BFA from Trinity University in San Antonio. The Eleanor Code is his six-book historical fiction series on Eleanor’s life. She was the Queen of France, the Queen of England, a leader in the disastrous Second Crusade, and originator of the controversial courts of love. Her progeny occupied every major throne, making her the grandmother of Europe. Mark completes his story of Eleanor of Aquitaine’s life this year with the publication of ‘The Legacy.’ Author of The Eleanor Code Series about Eleanor of Aquitaine.

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Poplar Mountain Part 32 by Dellani Oakes

Will leaned over next to her, whispering in her ear. "He's a man, Dollie. He can't help it."
She playfully smacked him as she carried the empty cup out. Luke settled more comfortably in the bed. When she came back in, Dollie arranged the blankets, fluffed his pillow and turned out the light before joining him in the bed.
He might be sick, but he'd have to be half dead before her presence in his bed didn't excite him. Now that his fever was down and he'd slept, his body reacted to her closeness in a most embarrassing fashion. He turned on his side, facing away from her so she wouldn't know.
Dollie lay on the other side of the bed, carefully away from him. She could have slept in one of the other beds, but she wanted to be near Luke in case he needed her. It was silly, really, but she knew she'd worry if she wasn't right there. Oblivious to the effect she had on him, she went to sleep.
The fever tea contained an herb that made him sleepy. Luke was grateful for it because he didn't think he'd have fallen asleep otherwise. Dollie's body lay temptingly close. He wanted her more than ever now. The breeze from the open window wafted her perfume toward him. Groaning slightly, he buried his nose in the blanket so he wouldn't smell her. Finally, he fell asleep again.
Several hours later, he woke to birds singing and the sunshine streaming in the window. He lay facing Dollie's side of the bed. She lay next to him, spooning against his body as he held her in his arms. He became of aware of her soft body cuddled next to his as various parts of him rose to the occasion. Mortified by his predicament, he lay very still not wanting to disturb her or call attention to the fact that he had a painful erection that was pressing temptingly against her buttocks.
Slowly, he moved his hips away from her. She wiggled toward him in her sleep. Cursing mentally, he brought a knee up in font of himself to keep her from backing up any more. She woke with a start, jumping slightly. He used her confusion as an opportunity to move his arms and scoot back a little more.
Dollie yawned. Stretching, she rolled over, smiling. She lay with her hands under her cheek, eyes fixed on his. Her full lips twitched, pouting slightly.
"Good morning. You look better." She touched his brow. Her hand was cool and soft.
Lucius touched her hand, holding it to his cheek. He turned his head, kissing her palm. Dollie felt a thrill run through her from her head to the soles of her feet. The exciting tingle scurried back up her spine, lodging in her belly. Unsure what to think, she suddenly felt awkward.
Luke could tell when the apprehension hit her. Her eyes dropped from his face. Pushing his luck, he kissed her palm again, slowly, sensually, watching as another shiver went up and down her back.
"I suppose I shouldn't really be in your bed, Mr. Henry."
Lucius laughed softly. "Reckon not, Miss Belloit. I sure don't mind. You're a damn sight prettier than Will." He leaned on his elbow, gazing down at her. "When we're married, I can wake up to you every day."
"I can't wait."
"Me neither."
He bit his lower lip in an effort to remind himself that he had an untamed beast in his bed—himself. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her. It was a compulsion so strong, he had to close his eyes. Groaning slightly, he flopped on his back.
"Luke, are you all right?"
Dammit, she was too close. He wasn't sure how long he could control himself.
"Dollie," he groaned. "You got—to get up out the bed now."
"Are you ill? Do you need something for a fever?" She hovered over him, face half an inch from his. He felt her warm, moist breath on his skin. It was torture.
"No. I'm fine. Just please, Dollie. Get out the bed." His voice sounded strangled even to him.
"Are you sure? Should I....?" She touched him again, her hands moving over his body.
"Dammit, woman!" He snapped as her hands pressed his chest and drifted lower. "You ain't my wife! Get out the bed!"
She hopped back, yelping, nearly falling out. His grip on her wrist was all that kept her from tumbling to the floor.
"I'm sorry. Dollie, I'm sorry! Forgive me for yelling." He held her close.
Dollie was too startled by his abrupt behavior and her near fall to protest immediately. She trembled, hands pressed to his chest. Something was different about his body but she wasn't quite sure what it was. Suddenly, realization entered her mind. With another yelp, she pushed away, launching herself from the bed.
"Mister Henry! How dare you? I never!"
Lucius clutched the blankets to him. "I know, Dollie. Why'd you think I told you to get up?"
"But—that—thing!" She pointed at the bulge under the blanket that refused to go down.
"Can't help it," Luke sighed, covering his eyes with his right forearm. "I'm a man. And that thing's got a mind all its own half the time. My apologies, but I can't tame it. Only one can, that's you."
Her pillow hit him in the face. She pounded his body with it repeatedly. Instead of making him less excited, it made him more so. He tried to tell her, but nothing he said made a lick of difference. He was too weak to get out of the bed and leave. Her behavior had excited him to the point he thought he'd explode. Thankfully, Will came in.
© 2019 Dellani Oakes 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Poplar Mountain Part 31 by Dellani Oakes

"Believe me, I don't intend to. But I do intend to marry Dollie as soon as we can, decent like. Don't want nobody thinking it's a have-to."
The doctor nodded, hands in his pockets. "Well, sir. You take it easy the rest of the day. Sleep and keep that hand elevated. Will, you make sure he does everything I said."
"I will, Doc. He'll behave if I've gotta sit on him."
The doctor laughed as he saw them out. They were a little surprised to see that chapel was ending and everyone was heading down to lunch at the dining hall. Will drove his brother down to see Dollie and tell her about Luke being sick. She and Patty said they'd be up to see them soon.
"We'll drive up in my car," Dollie said excitedly. "You haven't seen it yet!"
"I'd like that a powerful lot," Luke said quietly. "I love you, Dollie."
"I love you too." She kissed him. "You're burning up!"
"I know. Doc give me a shot and told me to drink a lot of water and Ma's soup."
"Good advice."
The men left, driving slowly up the mountain to their mother's house. Will helped his brother to bed and got him a glass of cool water from the kitchen. He and Luke had saved up money to buy their mother an electric refrigerator after the county had decided to wire houses in the district and supply them with power. Electrical lines came up the mountain from the school. Will and Luke wired the house themselves.
Lucius drank the water and sank back on the pillows with a sigh. Still feverish, he fell into a deep sleep. When his mother got home, she prepared a fever tea for him and forced him to drink every drop before she was satisfied.
The family took turns sitting with him, waking him from time to time to drink something. Rachel made chicken soup. When Dollie arrived, she spoon fed him a bowl of the hearty, rich broth. Afterward, it was time for another cup of fever tea. She persuaded him to drink that too, though he made awful faces over it.
"You look dreadful," Dollie said quietly, taking his hand. "You're so hot."
"I'm better than I was this morning. At least now I don't feel like I drank a gallon of Granddaddy's brew." He flopped on the pillow. "Only half a gallon," he muttered, trying to laugh.
"You rest now, Luke. I'll be right here." Her hand felt cool on his feverish brow. She washed his face with a damp cloth.
He fell into another deep, fever induced sleep. When he woke the next time, it was dark in the room. Someone lay in the bed beside him, but it didn't feel like Will's body. The person was too small and soft to be his older brother. He shifted restlessly, having lain in one position too long. The person next to him moved closer.
Leaning up on her elbow, Dollie smiled down at him. Her face was mostly in shadow, though enough light came in from outside for him to see her smile. Her hand on his face felt wonderful.
"You feel better," she murmured. "Your fever broke. You've soaked your sheets."
It was then he felt a cool breeze from outside and shivered. His pajamas and pillow were damp. His hair stuck to his head. He tried to get out of the bed, but became dizzy and light-headed. He flopped on the bed like a rag doll.
"You lie there and I'll get Will. We'll get the bed changed."
"Where are the boys?" He looked around at the empty room.
"Doc and Mrs. Starbuck are keeping them for the night. The girls are down with Patty at our place."
"Why? I'm not contagious."
"Oh, I know, but your mama thought you could use some quiet. We thought if the boys got a special night out, the girls should too. Tomorrow will be a hard enough day...."
Luke had forgotten that tomorrow was his father's funeral. He rolled on his side as Dollie went to the bedroom door. She put on a robe before opening the door and calling softly to Will. The older Henry brother came in, smiling. He held a pile of clean sheets and a chair. He helped Luke into the chair and gathered up the damp sheets that Dollie had stripped.
Together, they made the bed with fresh sheets and Will even gave Luke a different pillow, leaving his to air by the window. Dollie went out to fix a cup of fever tea and Will winked at his brother
"Boy, I can tell you're sick as a dog. Got a beautiful woman in the bed with you and can't do shit."
Luke groaned, sitting heavily on the edge of the bed. "Don't remind me! My own body betrays me. Nothin'...." He sighed as his brother laughed. "You wait till it's your turn," he griped.
"Here we go," Dollie said as she carried in the tea. "Drink it all," she admonished Luke as he took the first sip.
"It tastes horrible, Dollie."
"I know, but you need to take it all."
"I'd drink it a whole lot better if it tasted as good as you."
Dollie giggled, blushing. "You ought not to say things like that, Lucius Henry."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Poplar Mountain Part 30 by Dellani Oakes

The doctor examined his hands carefully, nodding, frowning and tutting. "This one's infected," he muttered. "Where were you fencing?"
"By the bull."
"You've got a mighty fine infection, young man. You need a shot. Should help set you to rights. I think you got something off that piece of wood in your hand. I'm gonna take that out, then I'm giving you a shot of penicillin. You can take that, can't you?"
"So far as I know. Ain't never had it before."
"That's right. You're outrageously healthy." He chuckled. "Except for the occasional cut and a sprained wrist, I hardly see you."
Luke started to sit up. Doc pushed him back down.
"You stay put, boy. I can do this fine with you lying there. Give me a minute to get things together. Will, you okay with blood?"
"Does it make you squeamish?"
"I birth cows and sheep, Doc. Don't reckon it bothers me more than most men."
"Can you stand to help me get this splinter out?"
"Yes, sir. Want I should sit on him?" He chuckled.
The doctor smirked, his pale blue eyes twinkling. "That won't be necessary."
Doctor Starbuck bustled about getting everything together. Lucius gladly lay on the table, waiting. Will washed his hands carefully as instructed by the doctor, and waited too. When everything was ready, the doctor came over. He turned on a bright light, focusing it on Lucius' hand. He cleaned the skin with soap and alcohol and brought out a syringe full of clear liquid.
"I'm gonna give you a shot to deaden the pain. That's a biggun and deep. I'm gonna have to cut on you and you sure don't want to feel it. It'll need a couple stitches. Will, hold his arm still for me, son. This is gonna sting some."
Will did as he was told, holding his brother down as the doctor gave the shot. Lucius cussed loudly, glad the doctor's wife was at chapel. Embarrassed, he apologized.
"Son, if I'd got that shot in the thick of my thumb like that, I'd sure say that and more." He draped sterile cloth around the hand and asked Willem to hand him instruments as he needed them. "You could have a great career in an operating theatre, my boy," he complimented when they were about halfway through the procedure. "You've got a steady hand."
"Got to as a jeweler," Will replied.
"I imagine you do at that. Almost done," he told Lucius.
Lucius felt a tug and a trickle of warm liquid. The doctor dabbed at his palm with gauze, coming away red. As he watched, the doctor prepared a needle and thread. Will leaned around to look, earning a nudge in the ribs.
"Give me room, boy. If you want to see, come on the other side."
"This is pretty neat, Luke. He's sewing you up slick as can be. Not even Mama makes such little, precise stitches."
The doctor beamed. "Shouldn't leave much of a scar. See?" He pointed to the wound. "I use little, bitty stitches close together. It heals better and leaves less scar tissue. That way, his hand won't lose mobility."
When the stitching was done, he bandaged the hand and gave instructions on how Luke was to care for it, when he could use the hand and so forth.
"I hope you're remembering that," Luke told his brother. "I feel like I've been nipping at Granddaddy's stash."
The other men laughed. Doc took out another syringe.
"I'm gonna give you a shot of penicillin, Luke. It'll help that infection. I drained some puss outta there where it festered. Got to give it in the bum. Roll over and drop them pants."
With his brother's help, Luke rolled up on his side and pulled his britches down. This needle hurt even more than the one in his hand. The medication stung as it went in, leaving a lingering tingle of discomfort. Easing his pants back up, he favored the left cheek where the medication went in.
"If he isn't feeling better by tomorrow, you bring him back down. Meanwhile, lots of fresh water, light meals—some of Miss Rachel's excellent chicken soup. She knows how to treat a fever better even than me. And rest."
"I ain't contagious, am I Doc?"
"No, I shouldn't think so. You don't need to worry about the family. Or that beautiful girlfriend of yours." He winked, nudging Luke.
"How do you know about me and Dollie?"
"Son, you kissed her in front of God and everyone yesterday. Reckon the whole county knows by now."
Luke chuckled. He'd forgotten about that little slip up. "Reckon so."
"Better make an honest woman of her soon or you're gonna rupture your spleen. Since that's a real messy operation, I sincerely hope you don't."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes

Emma, Dangerous by Dellani Oakes – Part 62

Sam gets cut in the fight with Hempe. A nurse in the lock down wing stitches him up, thanking Sam for taking the monster out. He shows Sam a...