Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Poplar Mountain Part 27 by Dellani Oakes

The brothers talk about their relationships with the sisters.

"Then why didn't one of them city dudes snatch her up?"
"It takes a real special man to get through the walls that girl done built up round her. You done that. You're the man sharing kisses."
"But you're the man...."
Will's frown prevented him saying anymore. He apologized with a shrug.
"I'm also the one been courting for over a year. It took awhile to get Patty to say yes. She may be warming my sheets now, but it was damn near six months before we got anywhere close. Not till she saw the foundation and walls for that house did she let me do more than just kiss her. Build your woman a house." He smacked Lucius' chest with the back of his hand. He winked, chuckling at his brother.
Lucius had to laugh. Will's logic was flawed, but funny. What he said about Patty was consistent with what he'd observed. His brother nearly went crazy waiting for Patty to be his. She wasn't a loose woman anymore than Dollie was. The difference was they'd been dating longer. It had taken a firm commitment on Will's part to get any further with her.
"Is Dollie mad at me?"
"She's more upset than mad. She thinks you're the one who's mad."
"I was. I was furious. What do I have to do for that girl before she believes I want to marry her cause I love her, not cause I want to...."
"Lucius?" Dollie's voice broke into their conversation.
"Up here, Dollie."
The two women joined them, faces pale in the dark. Patty and Will disappeared, leaving the other two alone. Lucius put his arms around Dollie, holding her close. She shivered, resting her head on his chest.
"I'm sorry. I just get all flustered. Patty said I need to tell you why it makes me so upset. I owe you an explanation."
"Dollie, you don't...."
"I do. I had one other beau shortly before we came here. He's one reason we came, to get far away where he couldn't find me. He was a hard man, Lucius. I didn't know it at first. He was charming, handsome and he seemed so sweet. But talk turned to—sex," she whispered. "We'd hadn't even really dated, only gone out in a group, and suddenly he's acting like we're practically married. He started to pressure me, nearly hit me once or twice, and shook me hard a couple times. He scared me so. I told Papa and he called the police, but the boy said it was my fault, that I led him on...." She shivered, snuggling closer. "I didn't want there ever to be a time like that again. He scared me so bad...."
Lucius held her close. "Dollie, I'd never hurt you. You have to believe that."
"I do."
"But you got to understand a thing or two about men. Fact is, we can't help but think about taking the woman we love to our beds. There's no more beautiful way to express how much you love someone."
"But it's not always about love, Lucius. That other boy didn't love me. He never pretended to. He just wanted to dishonor me and move on."
"Some men got sex on the brain so bad, they don't know nothin' else. And seems the more pure and sweet a girl is, the more they want to defile her. It's like they want that power over her or something." He took her gently by the arms, gazing into her fathomless brown eyes. "You got to believe me when I say that I love you more than my own life. Yes, I want to make love to you. And no, I don't much want to wait till we're married, but I'll do my best not to pressure you, Dollie. I can't promise not to think about it, though." He smiled.
Dollie laughed nervously, placing her hands on his chest. He could see her blush, even in the semi-dark.
"Lucius, the fact is, I don't know—anything...."
"I know enough for both," he promised.
"I don't have any idea how to please you."
"Darlin', just being with me will please me. I can take care of the rest." His voice dropped into the deep, melodic range that set Dollie's body aflame. "When you finally say yes, it will be beautiful."
"Will you tell me—what to do?"
He kissed her by way of answer. Her arms snaked around his waist, holding him close. She rubbed her chest against his, wiggling her hips eagerly. The motion was pure torture for Lucius, but it felt good at the same time. He held her even closer, his hands getting familiar with the curve of her breasts and her plump derriere. Lucius found himself glad that Dollie didn't know much or she might have let go long before he wanted her to. His excitement was obvious.
"What is that?" Dollie asked, rubbing her hips against his. "That wasn't there before."
Lucius nearly choked, laughing at himself. He knew exactly what that was, but wasn't about to tell.
"You'd best ask your sister. And we'd best get you down home." His fingers wound in her hair, holding her face close to his. "I love you, Dorothea Belloit."
© 2019 Dellani Oakes 

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