Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 34

Tanya and Hal meet for the first time, though they've been talking to one another, planning Morgan's birthday party.
"All part of the deception," Tanya laughed, giving Hal a hug.
"Well, you had me totally fooled," Morgan nuzzled her neck. "Do I still get dessert?"
"Later," she promised solemnly.
"Cool," he nibbled her neck.
"So, are you going to cut the cake?" Davida asked him, as she wielded the silver cake cutter in front of Morgan.
"Wouldn't miss it!" He flexed his fingers. "Stand back while I perform an emergency cake-ectomy!"
He walked to the table and saw his cake for the first time. It was in the shape of the Operation game board with each piece marked. The nose even lit up. Laughing happily, Morgan sliced the cake with expert skill while Tanya and Molly served ice cream and Davida gave out forks and napkins.
"Did we really fool you?" Davida asked him.
"You most certainly did. I had no clue any of this was in the offing."
"Don't expect it next year," she fanned herself lazily. "I worked so damn hard, it's gonna take me a two whole years to recover!"
Morgan looked up at her solemnly, determined not to laugh. "Well," he said. It was as far as he got because he burst out laughing.
"Is something funny, little man?"
"No, no, nothing."
"I didn't think so."
She strutted away from the table, Duke's eyes following her every movement. He wandered casually over to Tanya.
"Psst, introduce me to Davida."
"Are you sure? She's a little much to take, even in small doses."
"She's a whole lot of woman, all right," Duke sighed. "Wow!"
"Don't pull any lines on her," Tanya warned. "She's a black belt in Karate."
"I'm a black belt in Aikido. No problem."
"She's awfully tall," Tanya warned.
"That's the heels. T. Seriously?" He indicated himself, seven feet of blond haired giant. "Besides, height doesn't matter when you're horizontal."
"She's a good bit older than you."
"Older women dig me. I make them feel young. And she's not old, she's just right."
"How do you know you're going to get that far with her?"
"Cause she wants me," he whispered.
They met Davida by the punch bowl. She stared somewhat blankly at Duke, but didn't seem upset. In fact, there was a modicum of real interest there. Tanya wasn't overly surprised to see them leave together, after the party was over. She hoped they had a good time together. Davida could do much worse than Morgan's nephew, but wasn't sure she could do a lot better.
When everything was picked up and put away and all the guests had gone, Morgan took Tanya in his arms, kissing her deeply, lingeringly.
"Thank you," he said. "That was the best party I've ever had. You made it great."
"I'm glad you liked it. I had so much fun trying to fool you. We did, didn't we? Really fool you?"
"You did indeed. It was great." He nuzzled her neck, holding her from behind. "I had a different day planned, but I couldn't have done anything better."
Tanya wiggled around so she was facing him. His kiss lit fires in her that she never wanted to go out. "Time for dessert now," she giggled, untucking his shirt.
"Yeah, in a minute," he said, his tone serious.
"You're putting off sex? Are you sick?"
"No," he smiled. "I have something more important to do."
"Something more important than sex?"
Morgan nodded slowly, his gaze holding hers for a moment. "I need to ask you something."
"Okay," she sounded worried, so he kissed her reassuringly.
"Tanya, you are the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you more than anyone. I look at my life, and can't picture it without you in it. So, Tanya O'Toole, I am hoping that you will agree to be my wife."
"Oh, Morgan! Yes!" She kissed him happily. "I want that too, more than I can possibly tell you."
"And I have another question for you. Would you like to move in here with me? I hate waking up alone, or not knowing where my socks are. All this switching back and forth, I hardly know whose underwear I've got on. I want you with me, not across town."
"But Gran's house?"
"Keep Gran's house. Let Hal rent it. He needs a place closer to work. He'd be thrilled."
"Are you sure? It's a big step."
"The only thing I'm more sure of is the fact I want to marry you. I love you, Tanya. Please?"
"Yes," she smiled, kissing him. "I want that too."
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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