Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Best Medicine by Dellani Oakes – Part 37

"He wrote it about me! Everyone knows that."
"Point of clarification, Judge Morse," Caden interjected politely. "Dr. Fellowes didn't specifically write the song about Miss Leahy. He wrote it as a result of a difficult breakup. They were no longer together, at the time."
"Was it in any way addressed to her? The note this came from?" He asked Morgan.
"No, Your Honor. Her name wasn't on it."
"Is she mentioned by name in the song?" He held up the sheet with the lyrics, reading through them quickly. "Doesn't look like it to me."
He frowned at Vanessa. The feral attitude she'd shown was gone.
"Young lady, you don't present a very strong case. The fact it got to this point, is a waste of everyone's time and money. You don't have a legal leg to stand on. Your lawyer saw dollar signs, because Dr. Fellowes is from a rich family. He thought he could get you a settlement out of court, if you threatened to kick up a fuss. What you need to realize, my dear," his voice softened. "You can't scare them. They have more money than God. They, and a few other families, built this city up from nothing. In fact, a member of one of those families is acting as his lawyer. Did you really believe you could pull this off?" This last sentence, he directed at the lawyer.
The young man, wisely, said nothing.
"This is over. It's done. You get nothing," he told Vanessa. "As for your lawyer, you don't get paid, son. Your client is covering the court costs. If I could think of a way to have you disbarred for this, I'd do it." He banged his gavel.
In stunned silence, they all watched the judge leave.
Vanessa smacked her lawyer with her hard sided pocketbook, as soon as the door closed behind the judge. "Idiot! You said we could win!"
"I'm sorry, Vanessa!" He followed her as she stormed out.
The others could hear her voice screeching in the corridor. Her voice diminished as they walked away.
Heavy doors swung shut. Hal started to laugh. Caden joined him. Morgan grinned, putting his arms around their necks.
"Caden, thank you." He exhaled sharply. "I wasn't sure that was going to fly."
Caden grinned, clapping Morgan on the shoulder. "I play to win. You'd already planned to donate the money, we just had to bring it to the judge's attention, make it all pretty and legal."
Morgan turned to Tanya, taking her hand over the low wall that separated them from the rest of the court. He kissed her fingers.
"Thank you for being here."
"Of course."
The men passed through the gate, joining Tanya. She gave the brothers each a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you both. Caden, you're amazing. If I ever need a lawyer, I'm calling you."
He grinned, hugging her. "If I ever need a radiologist, I'm calling you."
Morgan hugged Hal. "And if I ever need an orthopedic surgeon, I'm calling Dr. Hal."
Hal jabbed him in the ribs, laughing. "Stop that. Go kiss your girlfriend."
"Fiancee," Morgan corrected.
"Her too," Hal teased. "Celebration dinner on me?"
"I was thinking on me," Morgan said. "I'm the rich one."
The brothers laughed. They were both just as wealthy as Morgan. Not only did they have impressive practices, they were from another old family.
"I don't care who pays," Tanya said. "I want a good meal, great company and lots of alcohol!"
They trouped out of the courtroom, chatting happily. The judge was just leaving his office. Vanessa had cornered him. Despite her lawyer's intervention, it looked ugly. Bailiffs watched the action, especially the one from Judge Morse's courtroom.
"You're a bad judge," Vanessa railed. "I need that money! I'm not fabulously wealthy like Morgan. I don't have a hundred years of money in my pocket."
"I strongly suggest you restrain your client," Judge Morse said to the lawyer.
To the man's credit, he tried. Vanessa was strong and angry. She took a swing at the judge, which the lawyer intercepted, taking most of the blow to his face. Blood sprang from his nose and lip. Hal jumped into action, as the bailiff led the judge away. Another grabbed Vanessa, but it took three to fully subdue her.
"Lock her up," the judge said as he went back in his chambers.
"This is your fault," Vanessa screamed, lunging at Morgan.
The bailiffs carted her off. Tanya was sure they'd be sporting bruises and scratches before they got her contained.
Hal bent over the downed lawyer, examining him with a penlight. "You need your nose set, buddy. She broke it good."
"By doze? Da bidge broge by doze? Dezuz."
"Come on. We'll take you to the hospital," Hal said quietly, helping him up.
"Why are you helbig be? I dried do zoo you," he said, as Morgan put a shoulder under the lawyer's arm.
© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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