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I Love Dialogue - Extra! From Conduct Unbecoming

I've mentioned these scenes a couple times recently, and I thought I'd share them. They aren't something I want to share over the air, but these are fun scenes. 

Caution: Contains Guy Humor. If you are easily offended, do us both a favor, and don't read it.

From Page 36

"Did you miss the part where we were shot at?" Teague asked.
"Wasn't cops did that," Joel countered. "Look, I know we're small town, but she's safer with us than here, isn't she?"
"No one knows she's here," Teague countered.
"But she's known to be with you and Jasper. 'Cause I know he rode in like Fucking Tonto to save the day, flashing his badge."
"The shooter was long gone," Jasper said.
"Maybe, maybe not. Point is anyone with a laptop and the right access codes could find you. Your homes have been compromised."
"I hate to say he's right," Jasper grunted. "So, where do we go? Your place?"
"I live in an apartment complex. No. I still say the police station is the best place for her."
Aileen raised her hand, waving it. "We could take her to the nearest military base."
The men stared at her. Nadeya wiggled further away from her friend.
"Are you serious? Do I need to remind you that someone just tried to kill me?"
"I know, but we could drive down to Patrick Air Force base. There are some Army people stationed there. I know we could protect you."
"No. That's out of the question," Nadeya said. "I'm not running away, but I'm not going to walk into the lion's mouth either. Okay," she said to Joel. "Whether it's the best idea or not, it's my only option. Take me to your leader."
Joel burst out laughing. "Yes, ma'am. Who else wants to go?" He looked around the room. All the faces turned to him expectantly. "Okay, I'm guessing that's everyone. I can tell you though, Neil's not gonna talk to all of us. By the way, whose car is that out there?"
"I borrowed it," Jasper said, adding nothing else.
"Really borrowed or like stole—borrowed?" Joel asked.
"Police officer—duh. It belongs to an old girlfriend. We still hook up from time to time. She was happy to drive the Boss for a day or so."
"That is a sexy car," Aileen admitted.
"So's mine," Joel said, standing.
"Yeah, if you're gay," Jasper said.
Joel shot him a look. "You're gay," he snapped.
"Not a day in my life, little cousin." Jasper raised an eyebrow.
"Boys, enough," Vivica said. "Joel, your car is cute—just like you."
They moved toward the back door together.
Joel crossed his arms, frowning. "Why do women always tell me I'm cute? Men don't want to be cute."
"Then don't drive a car that looks like it should be covered in Hello Kitty stickers," Teague remarked, dodging out of his cousin's way as Joel took a swing at him.
"My car is not gay!" Joel yelled as he flung open the door.
"Okay...." Jasper held up his hands. "It's not gay. It's bi-curious."
"You can ride in the Pinto O'Death," Joel said.
"I'll ride with Joel," Aileen said. "Shotgun," she called as she walked out the door.
Nadeya followed her. Teague and Vivica walked toward the truck, bypassing the Pinto. Disgusted, Jasper followed them.
"Okay, I know it's lame," he grumbled, "But it was all I could get my hands on."
"That car's almost as embarrassing as Joel's," Teague said as his truck motor roared to life.
Joel started his car and purple neon lights flickered underneath.
"Jesus," Jasper remarked. "There is no expression sorry enough to describe that."

From Page 52

After breakfast, the men went outside for a smoke. None of them did it very often, but this seemed like the occasion to indulge. Not only that, they wanted to talk about their women.
"Teague, dude, you missed out not having sex with Nadeya," Jasper said. "I've had it good before, but da-yam!"
"I beat your record, cuz," Joel said.
"Record? Which one is that?"
"Getting into Aileen's panties. She said it took you a week."
Teague chuckled. "She'd like to remember it that way. I think it was about three days."
"Still beat you," Joel replied, proud of himself.
"You did, cuz. That's very cool."
"She did it because she feels sorry for you—having that gay car and all—" Jasper teased.
Joel smacked him. "I'm sick of you guys making fun of my car! Some people find it hot."
Teague and Jasper eyed Joel's car, raising dubious eyebrows.
"Nope. Sorry. No, they don't." Teague replied.
"Pretty sure that's a no," Jasper added.
"What is wrong with my car?"
"The color," Teague replied.
"The purple neon underneath," Jasper added.
"Spinners." Teague nodded adamantly.
"Spoiler." Jasper snapped.
"Name!" they bellowed together.
"I love my car," Joel said. "Nothing you two say will change that."
"I'm surprised Aileen still went to bed with you after she saw that," Jasper said.
"Not funny!"
Vivica came to the door. "You're going to wake the neighbors," she said calmly. "What's all the shouting about?"
"Joel maintains that his car is, in fact, hot," Jasper said. "We maintain that it's not."
"Really? You're talking about a car after having some of the best sex of your life?" She rolled her eyes with disgust and went inside, slamming the door.
"Good thing you got that sex already," Jasper intoned. "Cause I'm pretty sure you won't tonight."
"Wait until she tells Nadeya and Aileen," Joel said, eyes wide. "You'll be in deep shit—both of you."
"I'll be deep in something," Jasper countered. "But it won't be shit." He rose, heading toward the door. "Y'all coming?"
"Not yet," Teague replied, throwing his cigarette butt at Jasper.

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