Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Love Dialogue - Beach Babe Excerpt 3

Although they've been filming on the beach all week, Fiona and her three friends decide to spend time at the beach for fun. Growing up on the coast of North Carolina, Fiona needs the beach, just as Dechlan does. It's not easy on a girl when she's surrounded by the three sexiest men on the beach!

I watched the men with hungry eyes. They were all so handsome and well built, I couldn't keep my eyes off them. And what is there about hot, sexy, wet men that just drops a girl's defenses to absolutely nothing? I was eye humping the hell out of all of them, remembering details about seeing two of them naked. I could only imagine with Hugo, but based on what his wet, clinging board shorts revealed, it was equally as luscious as the other two.
I made myself stop looking, but it was so hard. They'd taken their skim boards to the water and were riding the shallows. Hugo wasn't very good, so Dechlan was giving him pointers. Cole wasn't bad, but Dechlan, who'd grown up around the water like I had, was exceptional. Wiggling and wriggling on my lounger, I watched with mounting heat in my loins. God, he's gorgeous! If I needed an eliminating factor, the reason to choose one man over the others this was it. Dechlan was a water child, just like me.
Cole and Hugo jogged up the beach, their approach followed by desirous female eyes. They probably had no idea that these men were actors, they just knew they were ridiculously handsome and jacked. Every woman on the beach stared as they wandered over and picked up towels, revealing their superb anatomy to all eyes. Admittedly, I did my share of looking, until Dechlan wandered out of the waves.
The ocean rippled around him, his slow strides like that of a sun-drenched water god. His blond hair clung to his head, dripping with crystalline drops of water. A scattering of hair covered his chin, catching the water and sunbeams, making his face appear to glow. Those rock hard abs went on what seemed forever, with an enticing treasure trail of curly, caramel colored hair. His board shorts rode low on his hips, clinging to his sinuous thighs and taut ass. He smiled, waving slowly at me, and I melted, my insides turning into liquid need. How could he do that to me with a smile and a wave? Because I had seen that Adonis-like physique naked. I had clung to him in very real lust, without any fulfillment. Lexi got her Oh, God moment, but I didn't! It was pure torture watching him.
My eyes weren't the only ones that drifted over to Dechlan. Every woman, who moments before had been ogling Hugo and Cole, snapped their heads around. Jaws dropped, sunglasses slipped down so that a better view could be had. Hands shaded eyes and phones snapped pictures as he headed up the beach. I don't think he even noticed. He was too intent on me.
The lustful eyes grew angry as he dropped down on my lounger with me, lying on his side. He smiled as he raised closed eyes to the sky. His handsome face relaxed into lines of pure bliss.
They all watching?” he mumbled without opening his eyes.
Oh, yeah! You bastard, you did that on purpose.”
Every sit up I do, every weight I curl, ever lap I swim, it's for that moment when I can use this hot, jacked body to make every woman drool and wish I were in her bed, aroused, taking her hard,” he said in a smug tone.
I shoved him off the lounger. He landed on the sand, laughing loudly as he picked himself up. He ran back to the water, did a shallow dive and rinsed the sand off himself. He didn't do a repeat performance, but there were still plenty of eyes and cameras on him.
Wait until he's famous,” Cole said. “All those women be like, I saw his ass at the beach!” He laughed loudly, taking a sip of his water.
It doesn't bother you that he did that?”
What? No. We all do it, but we take turns. If we all did that little act it would do one of two things—make every woman die from heart attacks, or completely lose its impact. It's hot when one of us does it, it's boring with all three. Two of us get 'em interested, then the third guy brings it in for the win.”

© 2015 Dellani Oakes

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