Sunday, December 09, 2018

Red River Radio Revisited – Dellani's Tea Time with CD Gorri, Amanda Kimberly & JM Robison June 11, 2018

It's officially summer and time to kick back and relax by the pool, on the beach, or wherever the mood takes you! Not hot enough for you? Well, our two authors can certainly turn up the heat. All our ladies are known for spinning a great yarn, whether it be werewolves, dragons, witches, or warrior queens these ladies have it all.

First, please welcome CD Gorri. She is a fantasy author whose books include Wolf Moon, Charley's Christmas Wolf, and The Dragon's Valentine.

Second, please welcome Amanda Kimberley, author of Forever Bound, Salem’s Trial by Judge, and a non-fiction title Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy.

Both CD and Amanda are in an anthology: Wicket Nights of Summer.

Our final guest is JM Robison, author of historical romances, The War Queen and The Foes Between us. This is JM's second visit to our show, and we're delighted to have her back!

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