Friday, November 09, 2007

I am interested in finding out what music people listen to when they write. For that matter, do you listen to music when you write? For me it's a given. I must have music playing whether anyone else in the house likes it or not. Cause I'm the MOM, that's why! I have a very loud fan in my computer, actually it's several fans and sounds rather like a jet taking off when I boot the sucker up. However, mood is created by music.

Certain types of scenes require specific music. For a battle scene, it has to be something heavy and driving: Metallica, Pantera, Rammstein, to name only a few. Love scenes need something mellow: Dido, Jeff Beck, Santana - also only a few of the things I have on my Rhapsody lists. Many of my stories have a particular song as a focal point. Sometimes the pacing and mood set depends on what I've been listening to. I have one fight scene that was written while listening to "Crazy Benny" by the Safri Duo. As I read, I can hear the piece of music in my head because the leaps, strikes and pauses reflect the cadence of the music.

So what I'd like to know is what kind of music do you listen to when you write? Please feel free to post replies. I am always open to trying new groups, so I look forward to finding out what you have to say. To get us started, I've included a short list of bands below.

Aside from those listed above:

A Perfect Circle
Alan Parsons Project
Alice in Chains
Black Sabbath
Blue Man Group
Crystal Method
And that's just part of my A-C list!


the Face said...

I also need music when I write or the passage just ends up just bored ramblings. If I can't actually listen to the song, like when I'm in school and writing while my Spanish teacher is rambling on about a department store in Arizona when the chapter lesson is on family relations, then I'm thinking about it in my head.
Actually, I'm such a freak that I have playlists on my iPod for my main characters - especially of my Nanowrimo.
For my character, Edward, I have heavy music with bitter/angry lyrics because Edward is a bitter guy who has a little bit of anger issues (snorts, a little?!). That playlist has Metalica, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, certain songs from Muse, Atreyu, etc. Then my other main character,

Valerie has a playlist completely opposite from his. Hers is full of oldies, ballads, love songs, funny songs like "One-Eyed One-horned flying purple people eater" and happy songs. Then I have the playlists for certain moods I need while I write.
It's hard to write a fight scene or depressing scene when "Bubbly" or some other cheery song is playing.

Bruce Woodworth said...

Hey Dellani! I tapped into your blog after reading your musical interests on your NaNo page. Cool! I also love Satriani, Steve Vai, Carlos, Zappa, Manson, and of course, Metallica and my all-time favorites ... the number one band in the world, AC/DC!!!

I have to admit, tho, for writing, I'm into non-lyrical stuff (elevator music!) I especially like Mike Oldfield and that type of new-age stuff. It helps me to concentrate on my own words.

Working out? I have about 20 of the hardest rocking AC/DC songs on my iPod, and that's all I listen to. Working on one of my old cars? The Blues: Stevie Ray, Eric, B.B., Jeff Healy, Bloomfield, Hendrix, Benoit, etc. etc.

It's all good...

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