Friday, September 28, 2012

The Ninja Tattoo Makes Its Debut!

My newest novel, The Ninja Tattoo, makes its debut from Tirgearr Publishing

Teague McMurtry thinks that the most dangerous time in his life was serving in the Army in Afghanistan. Little does he know that something far worse awaits him at home. Teague's been targeted for death by a deadly gang. The man who kills him will earn the coveted Ninja Tattoo, showing that he's attained the gang's hierarchy.

Teague must put all his training and ingenuity to the test to protect himself and the woman he loves.


  Teague sat up in bed, listening, trying to decide what had woken him. His door opened quietly, and he had his gun out, pointed at the door as his cousin stepped in, closing it behind him.
"What the f***?" Teague whispered. "Are you insane?"
"I knew you wouldn't shoot until you saw me," Jed said, putting a finger to his lips. "That wasn't you, was it?"
The sound repeated, faint but distinct—glass tinkling against the hard, marcite floor. Teague put on his boxers and jeans quickly, following Jed out. Closing the bedroom door quietly, he locked the knob before pulling it shut. Vivica hadn't stirred and Teague hoped they wouldn't wake her. Joel was waiting for them in the living room. He motioned that the sound had come from the side door facing the street. There were three directions of approach, from the Florida room on the front of the house, the living room or the kitchen. Teague took the kitchen as it afforded the most cover. He was the only one without a vest, wishing he'd thought to grab his when he had the chance.
Jed came up from the other side and Joel faced the door. As they watched, an arm came through the hole in the small, glass pane, snaking around to unlock the deadbolt. Teague's impulse was to shoot first and then ask questions, but Joel was in charge as senior officer. He didn't want to, but he bowed to his cousin's judgement. Joel concealed himself in shadows, waiting to see if there was more than one. A tall, bald man walked in, looking around as if he owned the place. He shut the door behind him, getting his bearings. Jed came up behind him, pressing his gun to his head. Instead of fighting, the man held up his hands, clicking the safety on his weapon, he spun it on his finger, handing it butt first to Joel without being told. His face was up against the wall, cuffs on wrists before he spoke.
"Where's McMurtry?"
"Which one? You got three of us," Joel replied.
"Ah, the cop cousins. Where's Teague?"
"Why do you want him?" Jed said, spinning the man around to face them.
"Because I have a message for him," he said calmly. "Someone is trying to kill him."
"Yeah, who?" Jed asked.
The room exploded in loud, masculine curses and disbelief.
"Reach into my right front vest pocket. My ID is in there. You can check me for other stuff, but that's my only weapon. My name's McCaffrey. I'm a fed."
A number of things happened very quickly. Joel checked the man's ID, ordering Jed to release him immediately. He did so after a thorough pat down. They holstered their sidearms when the lights blazed on, dazzling them all. Vivica stood in the doorway, a pistol in her left hand, her right on the switch. The men blinked against the glare, shading their eyes as Vivica stared at the man in disbelief.
"Mac? What the hell?" She collapsed, weapon clattering to the floor.

The Ninja Tattoo is available now from Amazon, Smashwords and Tirgearr Publishing.

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