Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Love Dialogue from Beach Babe

Fiona Cartwright and Dechlan Albright are working in Florida on a new television series. Since they're living in a relatively small town, word has gotten around quickly that there are celebrities present. It doesn't take long for folks to start recognizing them, even at the grocery store.

We got everything we needed for the meal and went to the cash register. The cashier looked up at us and smiled wide.
I just saw your picture on Facebook. Your picture doesn't do you justice,” she simpered at Dechlan. “You're so much dreamier in person.”
Thanks,” I snarled, feeling the spark of jealousy that was totally uncalled for. All I could think of was how Gator had cheated on me, or flirted with, every woman he met.
Thank you. May we get our groceries now? I believe we're attracting attention,” Dechlan said in a politely neutral voice. He didn't flash his smile or pose and preen like he sometimes does. “Rory, why don't you take Fiona to the car?”
I wanted to protest, but more women were gathering at the counter, eyeing him. Kyle shoved him after us.
We got this, bro,” he said calmly, grinning at the girls. “Sorry, ladies, you'll have to make due with us nobodys.”
You were in the picture too, though, right?” the cashier said.
That was the last I heard as the doors closed behind us.
Guess we start sending out for groceries,” Dechlan mused with a smirk. “You okay, baby? I thought you were about to go off there.”
Gator flashbacks. He would have been all over that action. Thank you for not.”
Never. I have the prettiest woman in the world in my bed. You think I want anyone less perfect?” He nuzzled my throat and I practically purred.
Good answer, Mr. Albright.”
Thank you, Miss Cartwright. I'd spend the next hour or two convincing you, but family....” He shrugged, tossing his head at Rory.
And the subs would go soggy.”
Oh, subs!” He laughed, “True. I see now why we got the drippy things on the side.”
Always. Not everyone squeezes out the pickles.”
Nothing worse than a dripping—pickle.” He said it in such a way it sounded distinctly sexual.
Rory and I burst out laughing. Dechlan chuckled quietly as he leaned against the car. We'd forgotten that Kyle had the keys, since he'd driven over. I hadn't brought my spare. They were out soon after, with a male bagger in tow. He didn't seem the least bit interested in the men, though he gave me a once over—three or four times.
Oh, my fucking god,” he breathed. “ Eye Candy Super Model! Oh, my god!” He scrambled around for a pen and paper, after he loaded the groceries. Handing them to me, his hands trembling, he asked without asking.
It was so precious, I not only signed my autograph, I gave him a kiss on the cheek. My bright berry lipstick stood out like a badge of honor on his right cheek. Dechlan took a picture of us on the boy's phone and sent him back inside with a ten dollar tip. The men watched the boy walking back to the store.
Jizzed himself,” Dechlan declared as the boy adjusted the leg of his pants.
Yep. He'll remember this moment the rest of his life,” Kyle said with a smirk. “Damn, baby sister! I never thought of you as a sex symbol.”
But that boy sure does,” Rich added with a shift of his shoulders. “Dammit, you suppose Jessica Alba's brother feels like I do right now?”
Like you want to throttle him?” Kyle asked as he opened the car. “If she's got one, pretty damn sure he does.”
There wasn't a lot of talk in the car until we were out of the parking lot.
That was a strange experience,” Rory said. “Fame, eh? What's your opinion on that, Fiona?”
Not sure yet, Rory. I guess we'll find out. And that boy didn't think I was a sex symbol,” I said sternly, punching Kyle when he stopped for the light.
All for males turned to me as if they'd practiced it. Their expressions were identical, as if to say, Go on living in denial because you obviously aren't wise enough to live in the real world. My interpretation might be a bit cynical.
My darling Fiona,” Rory said in a patronizing tone. “You have six brothers and yet you continue to amaze me at how oblivious you are to the inner workings of the male mind. Shocking. Very. You lot are useless,” he chided Kyle and Rich. “Didn't teach her a damn thing about men. What were you thinking?”
Kyle laughed. Rich blushed. “Considering how we all are, we figured maybe she was better off not knowing.”
Now I'm very interested! How you all are? Hmm? I hear a story there.”
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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