Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Love Dialogue from Love, Death and Pizza

Brock Parnell has been wrongly accused of murdering Tack Carmichael, a man he's hated (with good reason) since they were teenagers. Stress from his arrest, caused him to have what was apparently a heart attack, and he's now in the hospital. Strangely, the female prosecuting attorney, Adrianna Hasselhoff, has taken an interest in him and is visiting him.

"Could you get me some decent coffee?" I turned pleading eyes on her. "I can eat all this miserable food if I have a good cup of caffeine."
"I'll see what I can find," she patted my shoulder and kissed me on the forehead. "How do you take it?"
"Light, extra sweet. I use Splenda," I added quickly so she wouldn't bring it loaded with sugar. "Bring packets, I'll sweeten it."
"No problem. I'll be right back. Your folks will be up soon. We talked about it last night before they brought you up."
"Thanks, Adrianna."
"My pleasure," she smiled and walked out.
Damn, that woman had a sexy walk. I enjoyed watching her down the hall as she headed toward the elevator. My view got blocked as the door swung closed, but I watched long enough to get a good taste of what I was missing.
"Dammit." I bit my knuckle and tried not to cry. “Dammit!” I pounded on the bed with a clenched fist.
Jake the orderly walked in about that time, grinning. "You okay, Mr. P.?"
"Regretting the fact I'm laid up, Jake." I gazed down the hall where Adrianna was still waiting for the elevator.
Jake held the door open, also admiring the view. I couldn't fault the kid, she's a gorgeous woman. I had no claim on her, but I admit I was a little jealous. I mentally kicked myself for getting possessive when I hardly knew her.
"Yeah," I groaned. It hurt just looking at her.
"Oh, shit. You didn't have your episode when you two were gettin' busy, did you?"
I gave a caustic laugh and tried to gag down some toast. "No, thank God. I was being arrested for a murder I didn't commit," I told him. "Where are my bodyguards?"
"At breakfast. The nurse told 'em you weren't likely to go anyplace considering you can't even get up to take a piss by yourself. They sent me up to sit on you in case you feel like taking a stroll out of the hospital."
A barking laugh escaped me, but it made my chest hurt. "Fuck, Jake, do I look like I can even stand up?"
"Not so good. If you were healthy, you'd give me a run. Even if you're my dad's age, you look in pretty decent shape."
"The way of the Ninja, Jacob."
"Ah so," he bowed to me. "So who do they think you killed?"
"Tack Carmichael."
"No shit? My dad knows him. Real douche bag from what my old man tells me."
"Not a nice man, no."
"So, did you whack him?"
"I just told you I didn't. What are you, the secret weapon? We'll send in Jake the Orderly and wring a confession from him?"
Jake laughed, his white teeth flashing in the morning sun. "No, just curious. I get the impression from the news that he wasn't well liked."
"You got the right impression."
"So why do they think you did it?"
I picked at the rest of my food and shoved it around on the plate absently. "I had a thing with his wife awhile back. They think I killed him so I could have her."
"Is she hot?" His eyes widened excitedly. He picked up my unused fork and snagged a bite of the eggs.
"Almost as hot as my wife, in a brassy, artificial way."
"Damn! Why'd you have a thing with her when you have a lady that hot at home?"
"I wasn't with Adrianna yet. I was lonely and it seemed like a good idea at the time. When you're drunk and horny and a hot woman throws herself at you, are you gonna say no?"
Jake snorted derisively. "Doh!"
"I rest my case," I said, spreading my hands.

© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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