Tuesday, March 07, 2017

I Love Dialogue from We Are the Champions

Asher Wilkinson is an actor in an improvisation group that performs at a local club. He's not been having a very good night and, in a fit of anger, admits he'd fantasized about a three-way with one of the actresses, Katie and his then girlfriend, Sallie. Katie is now engaged to his friend, Riker. Misunderstandings ensue.

Alone, Asher headed out to the parking lot. Riker met him there, leaning against Asher's car, smoking. Sensing trouble, he stopped a yard away, readjusting his bag to get it out of his way.
"So, you're lusting after for my fiancée."
"One time, that's it. Before you two were even together."
"I was with Katie the whole time you and Sallie were together."
Raising an eyebrow, Asher spread his hands, sauntering closer. Pent up sexual tension, an argument with the women and another with Hansel, he was spoiling for a fight.
"Didn't say that," he replied. "Before you got with Kate, I had her—first." Asher shoved his friend's chest, knocking Riker back a step.
Riker's knuckles went white, his fists clenched. "You're a liar! Katie would have told me if she'd made it with you."
"Like you told her all about Manky Marissa?" Asher laughed, taunting the other man.
Riker led with his left, his swing wide and badly timed. Asher ducked, grabbing Riker's arm as it passed over his head. A short scuffle followed and Riker was face down on the hood of Asher's car.
"Never attack me in anger," Asher growled.
Riker wriggled, trying to get free. "When the hell else am I gonna hit you, f**khead?"
"You're my friend, which is why I'm not breaking your arm." Asher leaned close, his mouth an inch from Riker's ear. "I'm not apologizing for screwing Kate. I'm not apologizing for thinking of a three-way. I am apologizing for wanting to break your neck for being a f**ktard. Got it?" He pressed Riker's face onto the hood.
"Yeah, got it." Riker's voice was muffled from the hand and the hood.
"Don't come at me again. I can kill you." Asher let his friend up.
Riker wiped drool off his face. "You're f**ked up, man. Like totally crazy. No wonder you liked Marissa. Both of you are f**king nuts!"
"You wanna stop talking now," Asher said quietly. "And you wanna step off."
Riker knew better than to push his luck. He walked around the car next to Asher's, putting a ton of metal between them.
"This isn't over."
"Yes, it is." Asher got in his car and drove off. He saw Riker in his rearview, dialing his phone.
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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