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I Love Dialogue - Meet Big Earl from Bet on Love by Dellani

I recently had the lovely Danielle Zwissler on Dellani's Tea Time. We were talking about naming characters and she said she'd never named one after her husband, because he claimed that Earl wasn't a sexy name and all characters named Earl were always dumb, rednecks. So, of course, to refute that, I told her about my character, Earl Duchamps. He calls himself Big Earl – and he is both physically and in personality. He's also very intelligent, though he likes to act like a dumb redneck when it suits him. He's also dead sexy.
Gina is involved with Earl's cousin, Zane. When Earl finds out that Zane is a suspect in his ex-wife's murder, he drops everything and flies down with a lawyer in tow.

Even if she hadn't known, she'd have been able to tell that Earl was kin to Zane. Slightly shorter and stockier, he was nearly identical in looks. He had the same dark, wavy hair, penetrating eyes and smokin' hot good looks of his cousin. Had she not already fallen for Zane, she would have found him completely irresistible.
The man with him was considerably older. Tall, lean and tanned, he looked more like a rancher than a lawyer. His close cropped hair was steely gray, his eyes virtually the same color. Whereas Earl was dressed in relaxed fit blue jeans, boots and a T-shirt, the older man was dressed in a dark three piece suit and tie. He looked like he had just stepped out of Neiman – Marcus.
Gina waved when she got to the top of the escalator, smiling as she walked over. Earl was up in a flash, trotting over to her. He took her in a huge bear hug, kissing her cheek.
"Hey, Gina. Well, you didn't say you were beautiful over the phone! Dad blame, girl, my cousin is one lucky some-bitch! Set down, baby. Let's have some breakfast."
"I know a better place and they don't charge for parking. Do you have bags?"
"Just what's with us. I didn't give Bobby time to pack much. Auntie had all my uncle's clothing still. It's a tad outta date, but it'll fit Bobby pretty well. That's if he don't wanna go shoppin'." He laughed, punching Bobby in the shoulder.
"Robert Coulton." The older man came forward, extending his hand to Gina.
When she took it, he kissed her fingers delicately, smiling past her knuckles. "Please call me Robert. Delighted to meet you, Miss Gina." He didn't sound Southern, he sounded British.
"And I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Thank you for coming on such short notice. Zane could be in a lot of trouble."
"So I hear. Tell me all you know about the situation."
She led them out of the airport to the parking lot. Gina realized she didn't have her sunglasses, but Zane had a pair in the car which fit her fairly well. Slipping them on, she backed out of the parking place and headed to the gate. As they drove to International Speedway Boulevard, she told Robert and Earl what she knew.
"That's all I overheard," she concluded. "Not much at all, I'm afraid."
"And Zane didn't come back or call last night?"
"No. They can hold him for awhile, right?" she glanced at Robert.
"Yes. They can hold him for questioning for up to twenty-four hours before they charge him. Then they either book him or let him go. Depending upon circumstances, it could go either way."
"I think they are liking him way too much for this murder," Gina said quietly. "Don't they always look at the spouse first? Or ex-spouse in this case?"
"Indeed," Robert nodded. "Often the cliché is the right answer. Other times, it's not. I can't believe Zane capable of killing. Not even after what she did to him."
"Nope," Earl agreed. "Zane's got a temper to him, but he ain't a violent man. He'd more likely put his fist through the wall than he would hurt another person, particularly a woman."
They pulled up at Biscuits. Gina had driven there without really intending to, but she needed someplace familiar and welcoming. The three of them got a table in Kitty's section and waited for her to bring coffee. Kitty was much more subdued than she had been yesterday. Gina could tell she was curious about the men, but didn't want to seem too nosy.
"Where's tall, dark and sexy?" Kitty asked as she poured their coffee.
"Ran into some trouble," Gina said quietly. "This is Earl, Zane's cousin. And Robert, his lawyer. Gentlemen, my friend Kitty."
Both men stood when they were introduced. Kitty smiled, blushing slightly."Delighted to meet you, little lady. Big Earl Du Champs. Zane's cousin on his mama's side." He took her hand, holding it gently in both of his as he gazed into her eyes.
Gina could see that Earl might be louder and less polished than Zane, but he was no less handsome, delicious and charming. Kitty virtually melted. Robert kissed her hand and she almost fainted. Fanning herself, she took their order to the kitchen.
"She's a pretty thing," Earl said, staring after her.
"She's got a boyfriend."
"Hell, that don't make a difference unless he's got a ring on her finger and a foot in the door."
"He's got the foot in the door." Gina grinned at him over her coffee cup. "And other parts of him—other places."
Earl chuckled as Robert smirked. Gina's giggle made them both laugh.
"Well, can't win 'em all, huh?"
"I don't imagine you're hurting for female companionship," Gina teased.
"Well now, you'd be right there. I'm not. But it don't hurt none to spread the joy does it?"
"Depends upon what you use to spread it," Robert remarked candidly.
Earl's laugh was contagious. The three of them were still laughing when Kitty came back out with their food. She plopped in the booth next to Robert.
© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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