Tuesday, October 03, 2017

You Say It's Your Birthday? It's My Birthday, Too!

It's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! (No, I'm not telling you how old I am) It's my day, I don't have to share details. Anyway, to celebrate this notable day, I thought I'd share a few memorable moments from history. A lot of nasty things happened on my birthday – way before it was my birthday – If you'd like to read about it, click here
Granted, those events tend to be bloody battles, but this one has somewhat less horrific events chronicled. It appears that October 3 has been quite a day of note in history. Who knew? Certainly not I. 
Lots of famous people chose this auspicious day to be born (or to die) It's a long list. I find it interesting that 19 of these names are listed, at least in part, as authors. Pretty nifty. 37 of them are actors/ actresses, and theatre was my first major in college. In fact, it's quite the day for artists and singers as well. Overall, it's an artistically oriented birthday.
Then, of course, most importantly to me and my family, I was born. I was actually a couple of weeks early, so I should have been born on or around October 17. Instead, I decided to make an early appearance. You can't tell now, but I was tiny when I was born – only 4 pounds and 5 ounces, so if I ever brag I can eat my birth weight in chocolate or something, it's not a huge feat. My #1 son, who was very small at birth, actually outweighed me by 9 ounces.
With all this amazing artistry in my background, how could I be anything else but an author, artist, musician or actress? It was inevitable and I'm not sorry that I chose this vocation. I do wish it paid better.... I find it interesting that several of the people of note, are also educators or talk show hosts. Am I just a living, breathing combination of all my birth data? Who can say?
According to the astrological calendar, I am a Libra – the only non-living astrological sign.  I've always wondered why they did that. They have a fish, a scorpion, a virgin, twins – and scales. Really? Either it's really important, OR, and I'm just spit balling here, they got near the end of the calendar and shrugged their shoulders.
We need something here, Bob,” one astrologist said to the other. “We've used up the good stuff. What do you think?”
Well, we haven't used the scales of justice yet. Let's squeeze it in here between the virgin and the scorpion. Badabing!”
And so Libra was created. I know that some of you will say, “It's Lady Justice, therefore a person.” Let me ask you something. Do you ever see Lady J on any of the jewelry, signs, banners or birthday cards? You do not.

In closing, I think it worthy of note that three members of my family are Libras: My #1 son was born September 24, my granddaughter on September 28, and me. We all love music, we're artistic, and we all argue very well. (That's a characteristic of Libras, in case you were wondering) We also love balance in life and love to bring joy to others. To that end, I decided to put my books on sale. I can't lower the price on all of them, because my publisher controls those prices, but I can on the ones I self-published. For a very short time, my e-books will all be on sale for only .99 cents, so be sure to pop over to Amazon and check them out!

While you're grabbing these books at an amazing discount, pre-order a copy of my newest book. It's on sale now for only .99 cents. The book goes live November 1, and the price goes up a week later, so get yours now! 

There is no better way to wish an author, artist or musician happy birthday, than by purchasing their work. So please, make my mumble mumble birthday a really fantastic one, and buy my books!

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