Thursday, January 10, 2019

First Meeting from Love in the Pink by Dellani Oakes

Ryder Bradley is working his way through college as a DJ, who does all manner of events, including wedding receptions. He's not expecting to meet the woman of his dreams at her sister's wedding.

My confidence at being able to handle the mother faded a little, but I didn't let it daunt me. I ate a quick meal in the kitchen and headed out to the stage again, ready to take requests. I found the she-beast pawing through my CDs.
"Excuse me, ma'am. What do you think you're you doing?"
She had the decency to look alarmed that she'd been caught. However, I noticed she'd used my pen to scratch out my list and write her own. I sauntered over, keeping my distance, but using my size to intimidate her. She was short, plump and dressed in an unfortunate shade of purple that made her look like an eggplant. I hoped her daughter had done that to her on purpose.
"You're not playing the choices," she stated. "This other tripe is unacceptable." She gestured regally at the list. "And while I have your attention, what was that you played when my daughter came in?"
"The theme from 2001," another female voice said behind me.
I turned around to see the maid of honor. She was a stunning brunette with a knockout figure and dancing brown eyes that sent a shock right through me.
"I thought it was fantastic, Mom. Emmy liked it too. She said it made her feel like a queen."
Mom was about to burst a blood vessel. She spluttered and fumed for a few more minutes, while the maid of honor and I watched. Then, like a firework whose fuse burns out, she sputtered one last time and stepped down off the stage with the help of the best man.
The maid of honor held out her hand to me. "Cerise Lafayette," she introduced herself.
I wanted to laugh, but didn't dare. I could tell that she hated her name and I wasn't gonna go there for anything. She was gorgeous, with a curvy figure like her sister's. I'm not a rude man. I wasn't going to totally alienate a beautiful woman—especially when she backed my playlist.
"Ryder Bradley." I kissed her hand. "Excuse me one second." I went back to the microphone. "I hear some of you folks want to dance," I said, grinning as I cued up another tune. "This is a personal favorite of mine, I hope you enjoy it!" I started Criminals by the Revivalists start playing.
Cerise's lips twitched, her dark chocolate eyes taking me in. She arched an appreciative eyebrow. "Is it really a favorite?"
I turned off the microphone. "Yeah. You like?"
"First time I've heard it. I approve. I came up here to make some requests. That's if you have them."
"I have virtually everything. Rattle 'em off."
She gave me a long list of tunes, most of which meshed with the bride's choices, and deviated sharply from their mother's. I wrote them down on a clean piece of paper, nodding with each addition. I had them, twenty in all.
"I'll happily play each of these."
"Thank you. I happily anticipate each one."
I kissed her hand once more, hoping it wasn't my imagination that she let her fingers linger on mine before flashing another stunning smile at me. She walked down the steps, with me hovering like a helicopter, to see her safely to the ground. She smiled up at me, letting her long eyelashes drop slightly before joining the best man in a dance.
©2019 Dellani Okaes

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