Sunday, June 05, 2011

Meet Matthew Munson!

I met Matthew very recently in one of the Facebook groups. After looking at his site, I asked him to do a blog interview for me. I was delighted when he agreed.

When did you start writing?

I was comparatively young - ten or so. During my teenage years, I wrote quite a bit of sci-fi stuff, mostly around Star Trek (yes, I was ... still am ... a geek!), and am just grateful that none of my work from that period can be found!

What gave you the idea for your first book?

Have you ever heard of the TV series Spooks? It's about MI5, the British Security Service, and it's still on now - and it's an awesome show. That inspired me to write "Treachery and Lies", a book based on MI5. It's still languishing in production hell as it's only really a first draft and needs a hell of a lot of work to make it suitable. I'll get round to it one day.

What genre do you write?

Well, I'm partial to a good thriller, as you've probably guessed from my previous answer! However, I do like a bit of fantasy, although mostly combined with "real world" activities - I haven't developed the broad themes to create an entire fantastical world. Yet!

What do you do to keep yourself focused?

Check my bank balance on a regular basis! I can't afford to give up work entirely, but as I get odds and ends in and see my savings slowly - too slowly - go up, it reminds me of the end goal; a career as a full-time writer.

Do you stay with one project or do you work on multiple projects?

Multiple! For instance, I just finished my latest manucript this morning, but had already started jotting down notes for a sequel, got two blog posts written up and writing my column for a newspaper. I find it easier to flit between projects - and I love the sound of deadlines as they go whooshing past (thanks, Douglas Adams!).

What is your writing process?

I just knuckle down and get it done. I must confess, I don't hold much truck with people who claim they never have any time to write; you MAKE time! I hold down a full-time job and am studying sign language, but I still write every day; it may only be 500 words, but I write. You just have to manage your expectations, park your bum on the seat and WRITE!

What is the theme of your novel?

The one I've just finished? Well, it's called "Fall From Grace," and that empitomises it for me; an angel's fall from grace and a human's similar journey - and how they recover from that.

Do you consciously use symbolism in your book?

Not a huge amount; I research my books really heavily, and that research often gives me clues as to where to go. Of course, depending on your beliefs, Fall From Grace could be one long symbol, drawing as it does a couple of references to the bible!

What is your latest release?

Fall From Grace! It's being published by Inspired Qill ( ) in the Autumn; Sara and her team are phenomenal, they're working on it so passionately that I'm confident in leaving it with them to prepare.

What other books do you have published?

It's still early days; I've had a short story published by Phil Hill Press and a few pieces published in fiction magazines.

Where are your books available?

Ask me that again in three months when Fall From Grace comes out - check out my website ( for regular updates.


Just reviewed said...

I read and reviewed Matthew's book. It is really well written, kept my interest and quite unique and different from other Science Fiction Books. A definite must read fran lewis

Eden Baylee said...

Matthew is a sweetheart, and I'm always happy to learn more about him!

Love his advise about just parking your bum in the chair and writing! Yup, it's that simple, but sometimes we make it more complicated than it has to be.

Nice interview.


Dellani Oakes said...

Oh, Matthew, would love to read & review your book!

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