Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fantastic Blog Hop Summer Splash!

It was a dark and stormy night—actually, it was the middle of the afternoon. I was brainstorming, once again, how to get more publicity for my books. Short of stuffing them down various throats, (which I immediately dismissed) I was fresh out of ideas. Then it hit me—like a big yellow bus!
I decided to ask a few of my friends who are also struggling with sales, and committed to self-preservation (promotion) and we'd put together a blog hop and share all our work with all our fans.
And so the Fantastic Blog Hop was born! Of course, we had no idea how to go about it, nor did we have a name. But thanks to KarenVaughan for the name and Crimson Kildare for the FBH bus logo, we had a beginning.
It was very hit and miss the first time. We did get a few more followers on our blogs and might have made a few sales, but we had an interesting experience and decided to do it again.
Our next round was even more complex. We had more authors and that meant more work. Our third attempt, we decided to do a Facebook event. It was a lot of fun! We chatted with other authors, readers, friends and family. We made new friends and gave away a few books. We also broadened our readership a little and made a few sales. Each time has increased our visibility a little more.
So, here we are again. Although our numbers have grown, our participating authors have dwindled a little. Things come up, folks get busy. But we're back and we're going to have a great time with our friends—new and old—at the Fantastic Blog Hop Summer Splash!

The event begins this evening at 9:00 PM Eastern time on Facebook! You can drop by now and join or pop in tonight and tomorrow for some bookish fun!

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