Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Love Dialogue from Kara

Kara and Jason have known one another for years, but just started dating recently. For fun, they decide to go to the beach. While there, Kara sees her gay friend, Adam, who is a lifeguard. He insists on catching up, so they take a short stroll down the beach.

"Kara?" Jason called after her.
She didn't realize they had walked quite so far from him, giggling like a couple little kids.
"He's gonna murder me. Run to him, like the wind!" Adam pushed her away.
Kara lost her balance, arms flailing, nearly falling down. Adam caught her, setting her on her feet as Jason ran up.
"Sorry, sometimes I forget how strong I am and how delicate she is. I really wasn't going to hurt her. I swear."
Jason gave Adam a funny look. "It's cool, dude. Kara, you want a drink?"
"Yeah, I'd love one. Crap, that's the one thing we forgot."
"It's okay, I'm going down to the vendor. Do you need help with your sunscreen?"
"I'll get it," Adam volunteered. "I am a professional." He flexed his fingers.
Jason blinked, eyes narrowing. "Okay." Shaking his head, he walked away from them. He turned, walking backwards.
"Still love Coke?"
"Almost as much as I love you," she answered, blowing him a kiss.
"Subtle," Adam quipped, putting her lotion on.
"I thought so. He's not sure what to make of you."
"It's cool if you tell him about my preferences, doll. I don't mind."
"I won't unless he asks."
"Trust me, he's going to ask."
"How do you know?"
"Because I would. I may prefer dicks to chicks, but I'm still a guy. He won't be happy until he knows exactly where I fit into the picture." He was busily putting lotion on her chest without really thinking about it, when Jason walked up. "Oh, my God! I'm a dead man."
Jason stood over them looking down at Adam's hands on her chest. Kara as laughing so hard, she could hardly sit up. Adam sat there with his hands on her breasts like they were stuck with glue. He couldn't move.
"I'm so embarrassed. I swear, this isn't what it looks like."
"Yeah? It looks like you're feeling up my lady friend."
"Trust me, I wasn't." Adam wiped his hands on her chest, rubbing them on his pants to get the rest of the lotion off. "So before this starts an argument or you proceed to remove my private parts painfully through my anus, let me introduce myself." Adam put on a silly voice, acting like a girl. "Hi, I'm Adam and I'm gay. Trust me, I'm more interested in you than I am in her. Oh, that didn't come out right either. Help me, Kara."
"Adam and I were on swim team together. He was my bedroom buddy." She explained about their relationship.
Before she was finished, Jason was laughing. "Oh, now it all makes sense. I was getting this weird vibe from you, man. I thought—well, who knows what I thought. I don't even know."
"Her breasts and other parts are safe from my ravaging," Adam assured him. "There were times when I wished I didn't prefer men. Did you notice that sexy mole she's got on her...."
"Okay, Adam. He doesn't have to know you saw me naked."
"What? Before I did? No fair. Now I'm jealous. So," he looked at Adam. "It didn't do anything for you?"
"Maybe a flicker. It was disappointing as hell. There was this gorgeous girl naked in the shower and I didn't even want to fuck her."
"Oh, that's just sacrilegious, dude. The female form is to be worshiped and admired. This body proves the existence of God."
"And do you worship often?" Adam pulled a serious face, examining it like a scientific discovery.
"As often as possible. I believe in a full range of religious experiences, especially before breakfast and after supper."
"You're right," Kara fussed at Adam. "You're still a guy. I am here, you know. I haven't left and I'm not deaf."
"It's okay, sweetie. We're done now. Hey, are you going to the party at what's her name's lake house this weekend?"
"Which what's her name and what lake house?" Jason asked, taking a sip of his drink.
"Oh, that tacky one with the big lips and the fake tits. She works with Kara at the Pub."
"Trina's got a lake house? What party?"
"I don't know. All I heard was a big party out there. Pretty sure it's her. I could be wrong. Who knows with those things?"
"We've got other plans," Jason said, putting his arms around Kara.
"I don't want to be reminded about anything pertaining to work," Kara laid her head on Jason's chest, snuggling into his embrace. "I've got more important things on my mind."
"Okay, I'm going over there," Adam pointed to his tower. "And I'm going to pretend you don't exist. Do me a favor though. Don't hump her in public. That's such poor taste."
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

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