Tuesday, June 05, 2018

I Wish I Had Done It Differently

I lead a small writing group through the Council on Aging called Fun in Writing. We meet every Wednesday afternoon. Each week, I give the members a prompt to write a short piece from. I decided that I had all these kicking around, I might as well use them for something. This piece goes back to October 29, 2008. The prompt for that week was I Wish I Had Done It Differently.

"I really wish I had done it differently," the young man said softly. "But it seemed the only way. I had to cut it off. It was getting to be too much."
"You did the best you could," his father answered, patting him on the shoulder. "Were there any repercussions?"
"No, it was pretty cut and dried at the end. Oh, there were tears at the beginning, but by the time we were done, it got easier."
"Good. I'm glad it went well. So, what's the plan now?"
"Start over, I expect. Shrug this one off, try to pick up where I left off a few years ago. I can't let this get me down, you know?"
"I know son. It was like that for me too. But when it's over, it's over."
They nodded in agreement, taking a sip of the warming beers in front of them.
"So, how did she take it?"
He chuckled uncomfortably. "She didn't do too well. I thought she was going to cut my ears off a time or two, but she left me some dignity anyway."
"That's good. And how did you handle it?"
"Took it like a man. I let her cut and yank at me some - felt like being hit by a bulldozer a few times. All in all, I think it turned out pretty well."
His father ran his fingers over his son's newly shaven scalp. "Feels like she did a good job anyway. So, what did you do with the hair?"
"Donated it to Locks of Love," his son replied proudly. "I gave over twenty-four inches!"
"Excellent! Well, next time go to a professional and you won't be quite so uncomfortable."
"Oh, Mom didn't do too badly, but I think you're right. Next time I'll do it differently."
© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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